Pablo Picasso once said, "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." We say the soul of a house lies in its décor and the people who call it home. What’s a house without its decor! A house becomes a home when the people who live there, give their own personal touch. That 'touch' can be a piece of art. We all know that a piece of art can straightaway alter the look of a home. Whether you want to hang a painting in the foyer to make the entry to your home more openhearted or hang a painting in the living room to match your taste, art has a way of bringing life, coherence, and elegance to the place you call home.

No offense, but traditional art galleries have an air of seriousness with their white walls and even serious-looking curator. The art buyer had no other option but to visit the art galleries to have a look and buy a painting. Not anymore!

Just like everything else, the art buying experience has changed and India is no exception. Online art galleries have become a new trend to look up to in India. is a new entrant and is all set to change the game. We at Pisarto recommend considering the following before you invest in art that 'stays' with you:

  • Start with the purpose, the ‘Why?’
  • Consider the room you are buying art for
  • Consider your budget
  • Buy because you love it!

We shall share more nuggets of art information in our next piece, so keep watching this space.