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We had been on the lookout for good paintings but had never been fortunate to find anything that suited our taste or that created a lasting impression in our minds of a meaningful depiction by the artists. Either the work was too tacky, abstract for our understanding or unaffordable, but www.pisarto.com was a blessing for us as it provided us with a variety of interesting painting techniques, tastefully created by artists who were clearly were passionate about their work and deserved due recognition. Being able to purchase quality paintings of our choice at our fingertips, thanks to the ease at which the website is laid out, is an attraction in itself, needless to mention that the professionalism displayed by Pinaki is noteworthy. He is a pleasure to deal with. This was the beginning of our journey in appreciating art and we proudly display the work on the walls of our office. We wish Pinaki and the team the very best in the days to come.




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