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    Decorate Your Home with the Best Digital Art

    Digital art is one of the trendiest ways to revamp your home! It goes with all of the best wall paint designs, adding a stylish and colourful touch to your space. Plus, digital art is both low-maintenance and long-lasting, which ensures great value for money. You can also get customised digital paintings for walls to add a personal touch to your interiors while preserving your favourite memories! Read More

    Learn more about Pisarto's digital art paintings by looking through the categories listed below.

    What are the Different Types of Digital Art?

    Digital art comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes, and the collection is always expanding. To help you get started, here are some of the wall digital painting designs you can check out:

    1. Abstract Art: A large abstract painting also Digital art can completely transform the look and feel of any room, as abstract art has a timeless appeal! Based on your preferences, you can choose bold colours or a more muted palette to complement the vibe of your room.
    2. Pop Art: Stemming from a popular movement in the 1950s, pop art aims to deconstruct different images you can find in pop culture. These paintings are usually vibrantly coloured and have a striking visual appeal. An added benefit of these is the fact that pop art can make for great conversation starters!
    3. Doodles: This is the ideal option if you want to give your room a unique flair! You can get a canvas print of bright, colourful doodles to upgrade your space instantly.

    Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Digital Art

    While shopping for digital art, consider the wall accent colour, and the size of the room. So that it complements the other wall decor you've already installed. These elements would assist you in making an informed choice when buying.

    Other factors to make before purchasing a digital painting include:

    1. Know why you are shopping for art: Are you shopping for digital paintings because you love art, or are you simply influenced by the trends? Make sure you know your intentions before making a purchase, as paintings can be on the pricier side. Therefore, it is crucial to understand why you are making that investment. This would also help you set a reasonable budget.
    2. Research and identify your preferences: If you are new to shopping for art, take your time to research the different kinds of digital paintings available. Look up the different colour schemes, abstract designs, and other motifs that are commonly used in these paintings. This will help you identify your preferences and put your finger on what addition you want to make to your space.

    Shop for Digital Art Online at Pisarto

    Head over to the Pisarto website to shop for a range of stunning digital art online! You can choose from a variety of paintings and other decorative things at Pisarto. This includes diffusers, bottle art, tea light holders, and more! Place an order today to get the home decor of your choice delivered to your house free of cost.

    Digital Art - FAQ’s

    Explore an Enticing Collection of Digital Art on Pisarto

    1. What are the benefits of choosing digital wall art over traditional art?

    Digital wall art offers several advantages over traditional art including:

    1. Convenience: Digital art is easily accessible and can be purchased online on platforms like Pisarto.
    2. Customization: Digital art can be easily edited and customized as per your preference.
    3. Affordability: They are often more affordable than traditional art as they are easy to make.

    Visit Pisarto to view our selection if you're searching to buy digital art online.

    2.  How can I find the best quality digital art?

    The best way to find the best digital art includes researching artists, reading reviews about the artists and the platform you are purchasing it from and investing in trusted sources, such as Pisarto’s online store. From abstract to simple digital art, we have them all.

    3. What are the most popular themes or subjects for digital art?

    The most popular themes or subjects for digital art prints include abstract art, landscapes and nature, pop culture references, portraits and figures, quirky quotes and typography.

    4. What is the best way to care for digital art?

    Listed below are certain tips to maintain and care for wall digital art.

    1. Display properly: Ensure that you display digital art on the wall at the perfect spot and clean the frames regularly to maintain their appearance and ensure optimal display quality.
    2. Handle with care: When handling physical prints of your digital wall art, be careful to avoid bending, creasing, or spilling liquids on them.
    3. Avoid moisture: Don't hang any digital wall art prints in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens, as moisture can cause damage to the artwork over time.

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    digital art Online with Price

    Digital Art Collection Digital Art Price
    Cartoon Pop Art
    Rs. 3,875
    Gray Golden Tree
    Rs. 4,374
    Monalisa Pop Art
    Rs. 4,374
    Aesthetic Floral
    Rs. 3,124
    Geometric Black Golden
    Rs. 3,124
    Pop Art
    Rs. 3,124
    Decorative Pop Art
    Rs. 4,374
    Splatter Abstract Art
    Rs. 3,124
    Crowd of People Walking in the Market
    Rs. 4,500
    Inner Dialog Series (Multi-piece)
    Rs. 6,988