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The hand-painted artworks at come in spectacular designs based on aptly titled subjects. If you are on the lookout for some artistry to adorn the walls of your rooms in any setting, this website can be your last stop. There are plenty of themes that can satisfy your palate. These paintings really speak from the heart. Even if you do not have a particular subject in mind, you can bag find the right painting by simply looking through the canvases displayed here. All the works presented on this site have been diligently curated by master craftsmen. So you need not worry about the quality or perfection of the pictures.

If you look into the categories provided you will find the subjects called abstract, Buddha, cityscape/ ruralscape, figurative, floral, Ganesha, landscape, modern art, multi-piece, religious and wildlife. The first title deals with the dreamy, emotional and ambient art that is as sweet as some lucid poetry. Wall Art, Dance of Dragons and Dance of Colors are the three sets of pictures that you will find here. Wall Art includes horizontal and vertical canvases whereas the other two are horizontally oriented. Another title to mention is the Figurative with various colourful images like the 3 Ballerinas, Relaxing Woman and Bond of Friendship. Most of the abstract paintings are also listed under the title of modern art which includes more metaphorical images. The wildlife paintings bring to life some of everyone's favourite animals like elephants, horses, and dogs. A bit more tricky are the designs in the multi-piece collection where different images are clubbed together to form some bold paintings that truly stand out in any arena. The landscape art is mind-blowing with settings of the sea, boats, rivers, farmlands, forests and sunset. Almost all of these same pictures are presented in the nature section. Similarly, the religious set groups together the Buddha, Ganesha, Ramayana and Saraswati paintings. Sketches from daily life and routines are highlighted under the broad title of cityscape/rural scape. This includes paintings of cities, marketplaces, harvest fields and labourers. If flowers are your interest, then the flower vase painting in the floral section can be just right for you.

Even a casual observer can be moved by the art collection curated at All the works emanate a charm that can be easily felt deep inside your heart. The fine craftsmanship and careful selection of the paintings give the website unique credibility that makes it stand out in the crowd. The theme-based grouping is a great help for all of those who are generally in a hurry with today's hectic pace of life. Your precious time will not be wasted by rummaging through all the pictures unnecessarily. You can straight away jump into your favourite section with the precise list of subjects given on the home page. And of course, you can easily flip from one section to another with the very user-friendly interface that is provided by the site. All this and more await you at pisarto Pisartoas you happily browse for the right picture.

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