Buddha Paintings

Beautiful Buddha Paintings

The life and teachings of Buddha, the enlightened one, have been the foundation of Buddhism. Millions of people have followed his path to live peaceful, moral, and pious lives. Buddhist monks are revered around the world as flag-bearers of virtue, wisdom, and spirituality. From the time the great soul walked the earth, Buddha paintings and art have been created in reverence of his stature as a master. For centuries artists have tried time and time again, to depict, through Beautiful Lord Buddha paintings, the tranquillity that naturally flowed from his form.

It is a belief held by Buddhists and Hindus alike that Buddha wall paintings, in a home or office, are symbolic of health as well as prosperity. Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui also mention that keeping images of this exalted being in spaces of living or work will increase the flow of chi or energy to that place, thereby attracting fortune. It is the flow of chi in a home that harmonises joy and wealth. Featuring such paintings or art also has a protective effect by warding away worry and acts as a shield against negative energy. They are a symbol of purity and bliss, which will induce a relaxed state of mind. On Pisarto, you will find Beautiful Buddha paintings for your home and office, so keep reading to know more.

Do’s and Don’ts for Placement of Buddha Paintings

Buddha paintings are icons of faith so here is what you should know before owning them:

  1. If it is peace, happiness, and prosperity that you seek to welcome into your home or office, this is what you should do. Feature Buddha paintings prominently in the living room, while in the workplace, place them above the reception desk. In this way, everyone who walks through your doors may be blessed as well as calmed for effective interactions with you or your business.
  2. As the visage of the enlightened being is known to affect those who look at it by putting them in a state of emotional, as well as psychological well-being, you must make the most of it. Buddha paintings can be placed in the study of your home or at work, so you can enjoy a receptive frame of mind to assimilate knowledge and thereby gain success.
  3. Sometimes, we need protection from the ill will of others and Buddha paintings help greatly in this regard. By simply hanging up one of them right opposite the main entrance of your business establishment or house, visitors will experience mindfulness and blessings to carry out only positive intentions, as opposed to any harmful ones.
  4. Avoid keeping Buddha paintings locked away in a basement or dark area as it will block the healing and positive vibrations that they radiate. Instead, place them at a higher level, which signifies the importance and reverence you have for the Illuminated One, which will then have a protective, healing and uplifting effect on all those in your home or office.

Buddha Paintings Online

If you have a wall, then we have just the painting for it. You are in for a treat with our collection of Buddha oil paintings in a variety of formats and sizes. On Pisarto, you will find the best from all over the world and can order Beautiful Canvas Paintings, Paintings of Nature and other paintings within minutes or just take your own sweet time to find the perfect one. So, visit our website today for paintings of all kinds! 

Buddha Paintings – FAQs

1. Why invest in Gautam Buddha wall paintings?

Buddhism is one of the oldest faiths in the world, with millions of followers having found lasting peace after embracing the teachings of the divine entity. The Buddha is revered as the god of the gods, the ‘Enlightened One’ who sought nirvana or the breaking of the cycle of life and death. When he died, his body was cremated and the ashes, preserved in several places inside stupas. These relics are the earliest-known forms of Buddhist art. 

Buddha’s life was then shown in beautiful Hindu and Roman artworks between the fifth and first century BC, with icons such as the Bodhi tree, his footprints, the wheel of dharma, etc. being symbolic of his austere life. Today, beautiful Buddha paintings are collected by many art connoisseurs with the belief that they can shift the energy of their living or working space besides being exceedingly pleasing to the eye.   

2. What are the benefits of buying Lord Buddha wall paintings?

Lord Buddha paintings come with numerous benefits, as listed below:

  • According to ancient Chinese culture, Chi is the vital force that is part of every living being, giving it the ability to be alive and alert. There is chi everywhere, including your home or office. Buddha paintings are believed to regulate the chi of a place, bringing the owner prosperity and happiness.
  • They are the epitome of grace, peace, bliss and innocence. They are made by hand and show the Buddha in the most flattering light while upholding various art forms.
  • Gautam Buddha paintings are believed to have the ability to protect against evil or negative energy. 
  • They can be great stress-busters and introduce a relaxed mindset within the onlooker(s). 

3. Why should you buy Buddha images paintings from us?

Pisarto is a one-stop-shop for all your art needs. From vibrant oil paintings to monochrome charcoal sketches, our Buddha paintings selection is sure to impress. We bring to you a plethora of genuine, hand-painted artworks from upcoming and seasoned artists from South East Asia and India. Our easy returns policy, robust customer care service, safe and secure online transaction facility and all-India shipping are a few of the other features that make it worth your while. Our online art gallery features budget-friendly paintings that are curated by an expert panel. Browse through our vast collection of Buddha canvas paintings and other stunning artworks online at your convenience and order your favourite pieces in just a few easy steps.

4. Where can you place Buddha paintings?

No matter where you place your favourite Buddha paintings, they are bound to contribute to your emotional and psychological wellbeing. However, there are certain ground rules when it comes to the placement of religious or spiritual icons, as listed below: 

  • Avoid keeping Buddha paintings in the basement or anywhere dark or dimly lit. Placing them at higher levels is considered to be a mark of respect and can attract positive vibes.
  • Place them in your study or office to increase focus and channel positivity.
  • Buddha paintings for the living room or office can be placed overlooking the main entrance so that people entering the place are showered with blessings and become more mindful of their surroundings. This placement is also believed to ward off any sadness or evil and keep out intruders. 

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Beautiful Buddha Paintings Online With Price

Buddha Paintings Collection Buddha Paintings Price
Buddha 2
Rs. 42,000
Buddha 3
Rs. 28,000
Buddha 4
Rs. 28,000
Buddha 5
Rs. 28,000
Buddha and the Lotus
Rs. 7,000
Buddha Halo - Series 1
Rs. 4,520
Buddha Halo - Series 2
Rs. 4,520
Buddha Halo - Series 3
Rs. 4,520
Buddha in Harmony with Nature
Rs. 9,408
Buddha Mudra
Rs. 17,388