Buddha Paintings

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    Buddha Paintings for Spiritual Peace

    Tough as it might be in the chaos of everyday life, it is important to find a few moments of solitude and peace. When we think of serenity, the first image that comes to mind is of Buddha—the great Buddhist leader whose teachings have paved the way for spiritual enlightenment across the world. Naturally, hanging up Buddha paintings or art in your house or workspace is known to add a calming atmosphere that can help you to remember to inculcate stillness into your daily life.

    Bringing you the most artistic of Buddha painting options, Pisarto has put together an extensive range for you to pick from. So head over to the collection and take a look at the serene art that awaits you! Read More

    Buddha Paintings for All

    Regardless of what your tastes in art are, Pisarto’s collection is sure to offer you the perfect painting for your interiors. With a large variety of mediums, sizes, and types, this Gautam Buddha painting range is suitable for all art lovers. Here are some Lord Buddha paintings you can check out:

    • Buddha Abstract Painting: Abstract art is known to have figures made out of vibrant colors and shapes. Applying the same exuberance to the poise of Buddha paintings, you can find such art on Pisarto in mesmerizing hues. The same is available on different surfaces, like Buddha canvas painting, paper paintings, and more.
    • Buddha Acrylic Painting: The quality of note that you will find in any acrylic painting is the life-like composition of the colors. The use of acrylics makes any painting come to life and you can find this on Pisarto. Featuring Buddha in different poses among monks, in deep meditation, or in nature, these paintings are sure to draw the onlooker in, instilling a deep sense of calm.
    • Buddha Face Painting: This category of paintings available on Pisato focuses mainly on the facial features of Buddha. With his eyes shut in quietude and peace reflected in his aura, these paintings are the very embodiment of tranquillity. From mild warms to bright colds, you will find your favorites in a range of colors.

    Buddha Paintings for Wall Decor

    Given the mindfulness and peace that every Buddha wall painting brings with it, they make for the ideal home decor. Here are a few of the best ways to put Buddha wall art to use:

    • Buddha paintings for living room fit the decor perfectly and set the tone for the rest of the house. Place it over your couch for the ideal view.
    • You can hang a Buddha acrylic painting in your bedroom, over the bed headboard, as it will make your place of relaxation even more comforting.
    • Any Buddha face painting can lend an aura of concentration in workplaces, so you can put one over your desk in your home office.

    Buy Buddha Paintings Online on Pisarto

    Understanding the need for art lovers to be in touch with true art, Pisarto aims to bridge this gap by offering doorstep delivery all across the country. In our CRISIL-certified online art gallery, you can find everything from paintings to sculptures by up-and-coming artists. In this day and age of digital art, shop for Buddha paintings and keep in touch with the tangibility that makes art special.

    FAQs - Buddha Paintings

    What does a Buddha painting represent?

    Buddha paintings are known to symbolize enlightenment and peace. Many also believe a Buddha painting represents protection against negative energy, and guidance by one of the biggest religious leaders of all time.

    What are the Vastu and effects of a Buddha painting?

    East, north, and northeast are the preferred Vastu Shastra directions for a Buddha wall painting. Buddha wall art is known to bring contentment and mindfulness if these directions are aligned. A Lord Buddha painting has many positive effects so you should definitely consider buying one.

    Where to buy a Buddha portrait?

    You can buy a Buddha face painting or portrait at Pisarto, India's biggest online art gallery. The gallery features traditional and modern Buddha paintings for your decor. You can find vibrant and soulful Buddha paintings for the living room.

    Do Buddha paintings spread positivity?

    Yes, Gautam Buddha paintings are known to spread positivity. The effect of a Buddha wall painting for the living room is surely noticeable as it fills people with harmony and a more optimistic outlook on life. This is one of the many reasons Buddha painting for walls is a must.

    What does a buddha painting symbolize?

    A Buddha canvas painting is widely known to symbolize positivity. Bringing a Buddha art painting home has a calming effect, offering you the insight to handle stressful situations rationally. Additionally, Buddha watercolor painting radiates innocence.

    Where can I buy Buddha paintings for my living room?

    You can buy Buddha paintings online at Pisarto, an online art gallery in India. The collection features Buddha acrylic paintings for a lively picture. You can also go for a Buddha abstract painting for a minimalist edge. All the Buddha oil paintings and more are available in various dimensions.

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    buddha paintings Online with Price

    Buddha Paintings Collection Buddha Paintings Price
    Peaceful Buddha
    Rs. 91,329
    The Monks
    Rs. 65,731
    Gautam Buddha
    Rs. 49,845
    Golden Reclining Buddha
    Rs. 40,000
    Rs. 34,898
    Atma Bodh
    Rs. 34,898
    Rs. 34,898
    Buddha Reflections
    Rs. 34,898
    Atma Gyan
    Rs. 34,898
    Rs. 27,700