Calligraphy Paintings

Calligraphy art unites writing and symbolism. Traditional tools like pens and ink are used with brushes and paint to create the magic of calligraphy art.

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Calligraphy Paintings - FAQs

What is a calligraphy painting?

At its core, calligraphy is writing. Calligraphy art, on the other hand, unites writing and symbolism. Traditional tools of a writer and an artist, i.e. pens and ink are used with brushes and paint in unison to create the magic of calligraphy art. Calligraphy goes beyond communicating a fixed thought in words. The unique strokes that accompany each letter convey something metaphysical, something that breaks from the objective world into an artistic realm. Thus, calligraphy left many intrigued, encouraging artists to explore art calligraphy.

Abstract artists, today, have mastered the communicative power of line, gesture, and patterns to express ideas in an unconventional and appealing style. Taking a look at calligraphy art will reveal two tendencies - one that adopts precise patterns, grids, and geometric abstractions in general, and another that adopts impulsive forms, intuitive marks, and so on. While the structured elements portray control and stability, the fluid forms portray the dynamic human spirit and energy of the unknown.

How do you do calligraphy paintings?

Calligraphy paintings are sure to appeal to all art lovers. Calligraphy artwork, like other art forms, requires skill and practice. The first step to learning calligraphy art is to learn calligraphy in the language you wish to express yourself in. Calligraphy can be adopted for myriad languages from English and Hindi to Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

Begin by taking baby steps to master calligraphy. We recommend taking a professional course initially, after which self-help can let you get creative with your work. You could start with the alphabet and slowly form words and sentences to see how each letter blends with another. Once you have built your expertise in the field, blend calligraphy with acrylic painting, watercolour, or any painting technique you are comfortable with. You could take inspiration from existing calligraphy paintings or reach the depths of your creative mind to express yourself on canvas.

What can Calligraphy Painting be used for?

Calligraphy paintings are highly expressive artwork with bold usage of colours and techniques. Calligraphy wall art, in particular, can be used in homes as well as commercial spaces.

At home, calligraphy paintings can be hung in the living room on the largest wall, over furniture, to balance out the living room decor. It can also be hung in corridors or passages to add vibrance in an otherwise plain space. In a nutshell, calligraphy paintings belong to rooms that need a pop of colour or a touch of dynamism. In commercial spaces, these paintings can be hung in the reception to offer inviting energy for employees and visitors. Calligraphy paintings can also be hung in working spaces to keep up the positivity and motivation in the room.

Where can we find Calligraphy painting online?

Calligraphy paintings are available on Pisarto, a popular shopping destination for all art lovers. The website offers myriad paintings of different categories, sizes, and surfaces. If you are looking for specific paintings, use the filters in the main menu bar to select your preference to see a narrowed down list of paintings you would like. If you do not have a preference, simply scroll through the home page and explore collections to find unique calligraphy paintings.

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Calligraphy Paintings Collection Calligraphy Paintings Price
Shloka (SM)
Rs. 13,338
Pavan Putra
Rs. 31,478
Ganesha Calligraphy 1
Rs. 31,478
Rs. 31,478
Rs. 31,478
Radha Krishna
Rs. 31,478
OM Calligraphy 1
Rs. 31,478
Rs. 42,682
Om Series 1
Rs. 58,689
Om Series 2
Rs. 58,689