Cityscape Paintings

Cityscape Paintings - A view into urban life

A close look at contemporary urban art will show how cityscape paintings are rising in terms of popularity. This phenomenon is not just restricted to the art scene in one city. Instead, it can be seen as a global art phenomenon. These vibrant city paintings are known to cover various aspects of urban life, including buildings, urban parks, city skylines, and city streets, to name a few. 

If one were to try tracing back the history of cityscape art, the path would likely lead to early Roman works. For example, the Baths of Trajan is known for its depiction of a birds’ eye view of the city. However, many of the cityscape perspectives would be reduced to backgrounds for views of portraits, right up till the seventeenth century. After a brief period of popularity in the seventeenth century, the golden age of cityscape paintings came in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. But with the gradual popularity of photography, the popularity of paintings did not hit a breakout moment. At the same time, prominent art pieces throughout the twentieth and twenty-first century came the art scene’s interest in cityscape paintings alive. 

Cityscape wall art - Movements Across the Globe

Almost every prominent culture in the world has left its mark on the cityscape art scene. Here are insights into some of the culture where cityscape paintings flourished. 

  1. Europe - This is where the origins of cityscape paintings first emerged. In the early and middle ages, many cities emerged across the European continent. However, it was regions like Venice, France, and Holland that evolved to become a budding ground for cityscape art talents. 
  2. Asia - Two countries where cityscape paintings flourished are China and Japan. However, this development only kicked in the nineteenth century. Prior to which, nature art paintings were in vogue. Today, cityscape paintings constitute a significant part of contemporary art in both China, Japan and other regions such as India, due to global art exposure. 
  3. America - A significant wave of change came about in the American cityscape art scene with the emergence of the Ashcan School school of thought. This art movement focussed on depicting everyday life in the early 19th century, especially in New York City. From that point, artists gradually moved towards cityscape abstract art. Finally, the art scene eventually made way to the current fascination for photorealism in cityscape paintings. 

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