Contemporary, Modern Paintings


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    Dancing Together (3' 0" X 3' 0") ()
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    Lotus III (3' 0" X 3' 0") ()
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    Lotus II (3' 0" X 3' 0") ()
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    Lotus I (2' 0" X 2' 0") ()
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    Butterfly (3' 0" X 3' 0") ()
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    Dancing Fishes (2' 6" X 2' 6") ()
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    Deep Routed (2' 6" X 2' 6") ()
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    Leaf (2' 0" X 2' 6") ()
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    Reflection of Death (1' 0.8" X 0' 8.9")
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    Final Journey (1' 1.7" X 0' 10.9")
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    Compulsion of Life (0' 8.4" X 0' 11")
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    Cycle of Life (EK) (0' 8.4" X 1' 0")
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    Dead Colors (5' 3" X 3' 6.5")
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    Lost Paradise (5' 9" X 2' 1")
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    Alignment (3' 11" X 3' 3")
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    Deep Conversation (4' 10" X 3' 11")
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    Free Spirited Girl (3' 3" X 3' 11")
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    Human Tree (3' 3" X 3' 11")
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    The Duo (1' 5" X 2' 1")
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    Modern Art Paintings - A New Era

    Art is always a highly subjective matter, with each artist incorporating personal or era-specific elements that resonated with art lovers of the time. The same is true for today’s modern world where traditional rules of art have been thrown aside in favour of experimentation to take modern art paintings beyond any limits they have seen before. You can take a look at some of the latest paintings available in Pisarto’s latest collection. Read More

    Modern Art Paintings to Beautify your Home

    The modern art painting range by Pisarto features something that will surely strike everyone’s fancy. In this age of digital prints, these are some of the most popular modern art paintings you should take a look at:

    • Modern Indian Painting: This section is home to a wide variety of paintings that portray different stages of life, evolution, and more. Also featuring modern abstract art, you can find some beautiful pieces that are open to your gaze and interpretation. This also includes religious or mythological paintings, along with some beautifully done paintings of Indian religions.
    • Modern Figurative Painting: People-focused or figurative paintings often illustrate human life, aspects of emotions, and relationships in unique ways. This range by Pisarto offers you a look into some incredibly intricate people paintings.
    • Wildlife Modern Wall Art: If you hold great regard for animals and birdlife, this range will surely appeal to you. Presenting modern art acrylic paintings, oil paintings, and more, this offers multiple series of lifelike animals and birds in vibrant shades.
    • Landscape Modern Painting: Any collection of paintings will include some classic landscape pieces and you can find the same at Pisarto. Comprising a large assortment of rural scape, landscape as well as cityscape watercolor paintings, and more, our range is an instant peek into life from an external perspective.

    Modern Art Paintings for Your Modern Home

    Modern art canvas paintings make the best home decor items. Here are some recommended ways you can put your favorite ones to use:

    • If you are a religious person, put up a modern art Radha Krishna painting on your living room walls. This will bring some peace and harmony into your home.
    • Hang a figurative canvas painting in your home study or home office to bring about a piece of concentration and invoke deep thoughts.
    • A wildlife painting will tie your kitchen interiors together beautifully so find a clean spot around some shelves and put up your favourite one.
    • Lastly, a landscape painting will add to the look of your bedroom by coordinating pops of color in its multi-coloured canvas. Put up a large-sized one above your bed head post.

    Buy Innovative Modern Art Paintings from Pisarto

    Pisarto is India’s most loved CRISIL-certified online art gallery. With delivery services open all across the country, this gallery aims to supply every art lover with pieces that truly call out to them. From sculptures to paintings, Pisarto features exquisite collections from talented artists that you should check out right away. Get started!

    Modern Art Paintings - FAQs

    1. What are the different types of Modern Art Paintings?

    Modern art paintings are known for their avant-garde aesthetics and were made by progressive artists of the late 1800s and mid 1900s. The paintings were influenced by major art movements of the era and are responsible for the championing of a wide range of new styles. Eventually, the movements influenced artists to implement offbeat themes in the following art genres:

      • Impressionism was exemplified by painter Claude Monet‚Äôs landscape paintings that focused on the impossible task of capturing the temporal shifting of light. They also introduced non-naturalist colour schemes. Impressionism contributed to legitimizing the use of colours and paved a path for the abstract art of the 20th century.
      • Fauvism was developed by artist Henri Matisse with his highly influential paintings and focused on vivid and non-naturalist colours.¬†
      • Painter, Pablo Picasso, with his abstract art, introduced Cubism. He painted flat, splintered subjects featuring geometric planes as an alternative to Renaissance-inspired, rounded volumes and linear perspective shapes.¬†
      • With his artwork, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti founded Futurism. He glorified speed and technology in all his creations.
      • Expressionism was made famous by painters, JMW Turner and Van Gogh, and artist, Paul Gaugin in pre-World War 1 Germany. These modern art paintings popularized the idea of subjectivity in paintings and sculptures.¬†¬†
      • Sculptor Jean Arp and poet Tristan aimed to subvert the art establishment by introducing Dadaism as an anarchistic tendency.¬†
      • During the fashionable art movement of the inter-war years, writer Andre Breton introduced Surrealism. Artists used various methods - including dreams and hallucinations -- to circumvent rational thought processes for creating art.
  • Abstract Expressionism was popularized by painters, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko and consisted of a highly animated form and mood-oriented style. It expressed the emotional consequence of large areas of colour.
    • Artist Andy Warhol created Pop Art as a reflection of mass consumerism and popular culture.

    2. What are Modern Art Paintings?

    Modern art paintings originated during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. They showcased artists’ interest in reinterpreting, re-imagining, and rejecting the traditional aesthetic values of preceding styles and pouring their imagination onto a canvas to form modern art paintings. Artists drew inspiration from several art movements and implemented them in their various art themes. 

    3. Why are modern art paintings expensive?

    The price of the paintings are decided based on the artists’ value in the market. Art lovers look for quality signals before buying modern art paintings online or from an art gallery. Those signals can include curators’ review about artists, if their artwork was exhibited in art galleries or museums, or if influential collectors have shown interest or bought their art. 

    Some artworks cost more because there is consensus in the art world that those works should be sold expensively. Art caters to the market of unique objects, so it satisfies the scarcity among art enthusiasts. 

    4. What is the difference between modern art and contemporary art?

    In art, modern and contemporary are mostly interchangeable terms. People use the term ‚Äúmodern‚ÄĚ for describing artworks of recent times. But works of art made by living artists in recent times are considered contemporary. Contemporary and modern art paintings are from two different times. The modern art movement came to an end around the 1960s and was overtaken by the contemporary style of art, which was influenced by pop culture, politics, etc.¬†

    Modern art broke away from conventional forms of art. It emphasized the distinctive representation of subjects and was revolutionized by artists, Vincent van Gogh and √Čdouard Manet in the 1880s, who gave a new meaning to it. Contemporary art was influenced by social, political, and cultural reformations occurring across the world.

    5. Who is the father of Modern Art Paintings?

    Paul Cézanne, a French oil painter in the late 19th century, was the first artist of his generation to introduce an art form which was wholly deliberate. The depth and details in his paintings brought him closer to impressionism. His work became a catalyst for the modern art of the 20th century. Later, he was recognised as the father of modern art paintings worldwide.

    Cézanne did not want to paint like the Impressionists of his time because he thought their work was too loose and chaotic. The idea of painting classically structured work, like that of the Renaissance period, did not appeal to him either. So he found a balance between creating anchored shapes and figures and using bold and lifelike colours of the Impressionists. His earlier works were darker and roughly painted on canvases. 

    He experimented by making dark outlines around many objects in his paintings, which eventually became a staple in his later artworks. He gave up on depicting realism in his art -- this helped in displaying his unique style in his landscapes, portraits, and still life art. Therefore, in all his modern art, he disregarded the rules of colours and experimented with the approach of looking at subjects.

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