Decorative Wall Plates

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    Decorative Plates: An Affordable Way to Add Personality to Bare Walls

    Are you looking for an affordable way to spruce up your home? Then adding some personality to your bare walls using decorative plates is the perfect solution for you. And with a variety of attractive designs on offer, Pisarto is your one-stop destination for all things artsy. Take a look at our extensive collection of modern decorative plates and you'll surely find it tough to resist buying every piece! Read More

    What are the types of decorative plates?

    According to its utility, there are broadly two different types of decorative plates:

    1. Electrical switch plates

    The first kind of decorative wall plates are electrical switch plates. This kind of wall hanging is typically used to cover up electrical switches and outlets. You must choose the ideal configuration for your needs because they are available in many variations. For this, consider the number of outlets it'll be covering.

    1. Ceramic hanging wall plates

    The second kind of modern decorative wall plates is the one used as art for a space. They are available in various sizes and shapes and colors. And you can always bunch up these home decor plates to create a striking collage of contemporary taste.

    How to style your walls using decorative plates?

    Decorative wall plates, if used effectively, can lend a lot of personality to your empty walls. They act as a focal point of the space, bringing the room together. So, how do you go about creating an eye-popping wall accents using these decorative plates?

    1. Group ceramic plates together

    As mentioned earlier, decorative plates for wall art come in different shapes and sizes. So, whether it be a triangle, square, or circle, a shaped grouping tends to give the illusion that it is all one single piece of wall art. This is an excellent way of lending a touch of modernity to traditional decorative wall plates.

    1. Line them up in a row

    For sprucing up your kitchen or balcony, try lining up different decorative wall plates together in a row. You could do this on a wall or just by placing them on a shelf. You can always experiment with colors and patterns to produce eye-catching wall art. However, matching your decorative plate wall mounts against the color scheme of your kitchen may give you a coordinated look that is pleasing to the eye.

    A wooden shelf that matches the colour of the rest of the kitchen's decor could also be mounted. You can place the decorative plates on this shelf. For this look, choose larger plates with contrasting colors and designs so that they won't be drowned by the dark wood in the background.

    1. Contrast against a bold backdrop

    Yet another way of making the most out of wall hangings is to create a contrasting backdrop. For instance, you can always paint the back of a unit with a bold color to highlight the shape of your decorative wall plates. You can further accentuate this contrast by sticking to one color scheme for your wall art.

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