Digital Art


    Digital Art: Where Creativity Meets Technology

    The advancement of technology has paved the way for a new form of painting called digital art. It can be scanned, computer-generated, or drawn using painting software on a laptop, tab or other electronic devices. Digital art has expanded the horizon of how art is defined and increased its accessibility to the world, making it immensely popular. Read More

    At Pisarto, we strive to get you the best masterpiece, be it watercolor paintings or digital art, to accentuate your space and give it a refined look. Browse our latest collection of digital artworks at Pisarto to level up the interiors of your room.

    Different Digital Art Paintings on Pisarto

    Despite being a new facet in the world of paintings, digital art has diverged into various unique genres. Below are some of the best digital art ideas curated by talented artists and delivered by Pisarto.

    1. Still Life: It is one of the best ways to complete your room without adding too many elements. A basic, creative still life digital art piece elevates the overall look of the space and adds that extraordinary aspect to it with its realistic-cum-artistic framework.
    2. Portrait: Upgrade your space by reminiscing the traditional form of art, i.e., sculptures, face paintings. They help you commemorate a person and depict the power, virtue, beauty, learning or other qualities of the individual, which acts as an inspiration when added to your room decor.
    3. Indian Culture: Stick to your roots, appreciate traditional art and celebrate history with these digital artworks. Explore the ranges, ghats, monuments, authentic craft digital paintings at Pisarto to convey a descriptive story of Indian culture in a very unique way.

    Revamp your Room with Digital Art

    Being the new wave in home decor, let us explore some innovative ideas that can help you beautify your homes with different digital artworks.

    1. Art Popping Decor: Add whimsey, intrigue and life to plain white walls by framing colourful digital art, which speaks for itself and gives your room a much-needed pop of colour.
    2. Mindful Space Decor: A modern and stylish way to illuminate your space is to add a cultural art painting. Keep the furniture minimalistic and simple to gravitate more attention towards the art, creating an innovative visual experience.

    Buy Digital Art Online from Pisarto

    Digital art is immensely popular these days, and is expected to broaden its reach more in the coming years. To let you experience this new art form, Pisarto offers an exquisite collection of digital paintings that you can shop online. We deliver authentic digital artworks and other paintings from world-class artists to all locations in India. So, shop your favourites now and get ready to revamp and accentuate the walls of your halls, living rooms, studio apartments and more.

    Digital Art - FAQ’s

    What is digital art?

    Digital art can be defined as artwork that is made using software, computers, or other electronic devices. Digital art has expanded the horizon of how art is defined and increased its accessibility to the world, making it immensely popular.

    How do you draw digital art?

    Digital painting has become a popular form of art in recent years. Once you understand the basics of digital art painting, you will be well on your way to excelling at it. Here are some tips to help you draw digital art:

    • Sketch out your idea on a piece of paper.
    • Scan your sketch.
    • Open the scanned sketch in whatever program you wish. Some of the most popular examples are GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, and Sketchbook. Furthermore, you can also directly sketch in the art program you are using.
    • Next, make layers, and outline the drawing. After that is completed, get the basic colors in and start shading and detailing as per your preference and expertise.

    Where can I find the best digital art online?

    Pisarto is the go-to platform to shop from a selection of some of the best digital art online. Our platform has some of the most exquisite artworks and is also India’s biggest CRISIL-certified online art gallery.

    What is the difference between digital art and normal art?

    The major difference between digital and normal or traditional art is that the former is developed using digital technologies. On the other hand, the latter is made using traditional mediums that have existed and been developed over time.

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    digital art Online with Price

    Digital Art Collection Digital Art Price
    Great Grey Owl in Flight
    Rs. 9,450
    Lord Shiva Temple - Tungnath
    Rs. 9,450
    Ancient Front Door - Jawhar Thane
    Rs. 9,450
    Ancient Front Door - Chopta
    Rs. 9,450
    Ancient Front Door - Wai (1)
    Rs. 9,450
    Ancient Front Door - Wai (2)
    Rs. 9,450
    An Old Architecture
    Rs. 9,450
    Old Wooden Door
    Rs. 9,450
    Ancient Front Door - Jawhar Thane
    Rs. 9,450
    Toucan - 1
    Rs. 9,450