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    Digital Prints: A Lasting Home Décor Trend

    Digital printing, also known as digiprint, is the method of printing a digital-based image directly into a form of media. Digital printing services use professional high-volume or large-format inkjet printers that ensure each pixel is printed with precision and clarity. At Pisarto, we are proud of our impressive collection of digital prints that are sure to add an exceptional character to your space.

    There many benefits of investing in digital printing on canvas, some of which are:

    1. High-quality printing
    2. Lower cost per unit compared to oil paintings or elaborate charcoal sketches.
    3. Faster turnaround time compared to pencil painting or spray painting.

    Series of Digital Prints Online at Pisarto

    At Pisarto, we offer a beautiful series of digital paintings you can immerse yourself in and purchase online. Take your pick from:

    1. Vintage Cars: For people who love the golden age of the automotive industry, our digital prints of vintage cars will help you decorate the walls of your home with your interest without disrupting your neighbourhood.
    2. Portraits of a Sadhu (Hindu Monk): If you are one who practices ‘sadhana’ and wants spiritual discipline to be a part of your life, our series of portraits of a Sadhu will help you reconnect with the Divine.
    3. Traditional Indian Art: With a tradition widely celebrated and respected across the world, a place on the walls of your home is just another appreciation for our rich Indian culture.
    4. Varanasi Series: Our digital prints do justice in showcasing the enchanting beauty of the aarti and the ghats of Varanasi.
    5. Taj Mahal Series: The Taj Mahal is not only one of the most stunning sights in India but is also among the seven wonders of the world for a reason. With digital prints showcasing not just the majestic beauty of The Mahal but also The Darwaza, The Guest Pavilion, and The Courtyard surrounding the monument, you would not need to make the annual trip to Agra, but a daily trip to your living room to engage in its beauty.

    Turn Your Living Room To Your Favourite Art Gallery

    Due to the fast-paced modern life, you might not have the time to hop over to your favourite art gallery or museum to engage with an immersive painting or an alluring sculpture every week. But you do have the chance to turn your living room into an aesthetic escape.

    With all the enchanting digital prints available at Pisarto, you can add a bright and colourful contrast to an otherwise neutral corner of your living room. And when you host dinner parties, this corner can become a hub of cultural conversation.

    If you have a maximalist space, purchase a monochromatic digital print to help enhance the achromatic essence in your personal space.

    Buy Your Digital Prints from Pisarto Today

    Art has a way of moving us, and home without art is like a soul without a body. With the right piece of digital art, your home will embody your personality and will be a glimpse into your artistic expression. Whether you prefer your digital prints to be minimalist and modern or a loud and dreamy expression of colors and interesting strokes, Pisarto has something in store for everyone. Buy your digital print at Pisarto today!

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    digital print Online with Price

    Digital Print Collection Digital Print Price
    Blue Gray Abstract Art
    Rs. 6,863
    Cartoon Pop Art
    Rs. 3,875
    Gray Golden Tree
    Rs. 4,374
    Monalisa Pop Art
    Rs. 4,374
    Aesthetic Floral
    Rs. 3,124
    Geometric Black Golden
    Rs. 3,124
    Pop Art
    Rs. 3,124
    Decorative Pop Art
    Rs. 4,374
    Splatter Abstract Art
    Rs. 3,124
    Crowd of People Walking in the Market
    Rs. 4,500