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Sublime Nature Paintings

Every true artist has been captivated and inspired by the magnificence and grandeur of nature at some time in their lives or the other. Before cities and manmade structures existed, it was at the mercy of nature’s forces that mankind lived. It is impossible not to be humbled by the imposing scale and breathtakingly stunning beauty of our natural environment, be it land, water or the skies. Our interaction and admiration of the planet we live on have inspired innumerable nature art paintings since time immemorial.  

Some of the best paintings of nature are priceless and are featured in prestigious art galleries around the world. This is not just because of their monetary value but their place in the history of humans as thinking, evolving and sensitive beings who are moved to create by beauty. The most beautiful nature paintings themselves are works of astounding beauty which continue to inspire generations of artists even today. Nature paintings are also known as landscape paintings due to the depiction of natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees and other such elements which are arranged in a coherent manner. We have a diverse collection of such paintings on our platform so read further to discover some intriguing facts about the history of nature paintings.

Fascinating Facts about Nature Paintings

Below are a couple of things about nature paintings that you would be wiser knowing:

  1. In nature paintings of any kind, the sky plays a major role and is always included in the view. Besides this, another aspect that is essential to such works of art is the artist’s accuracy in depicting the weather. These two things are what set the tone and mood of the work so the more realistic they are, the painting has a more solid foundation.
  2. There are two traditions that can be spoken about in length when it comes to nature paintings, these are the Western paintings and Chinese art. Both of them have a rich history that dates back to over a thousand years ago and are very unique in their own right.
  3. In the East Asian art tradition of nature paintings, the recognition of a spiritual element is present from its very beginning with references to Daoism and other philosophical traditions of the time. On the other hand, when we consider the Western painting traditions, it only becomes explicit with the dawn of Romanticism.
  4. While the earliest forms of art from around the world depict very little that can be considered as simple paintings of nature, there are ground-lines and also indications of mountains, trees as well as other natural features. The earliest ‘pure landscape’ painting, with no trace of human depiction, are seen in the frescos from Minoan Greece which date back to 1500 BC.
  5. One of the major differences between the Western and Eastern traditions of nature paintings is that until the nineteenth century, in the West, this genre was lower in the hierarchy. While in East Asia, the classic Chinese mountain-water ink painting was traditionally the most prestigious form of visual art.

Nature Paintings Online

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Coconut Palm Beside Seashore
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Cool Water
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Deer: Stag in Natural Landscape
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Evening Shades
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Fall of a Season
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Farm on the Foothills of a Mountain
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