Nature Paintings

Every true artist has been captivated and inspired by the magnificence and grandeur of nature. Nature paintings are also known as landscape paintings due to the depiction of natural scenery such... Read More


    Mesmerising Nature Paintings for Beautiful Homes

    Verdant greenery, picturesque sunsets, dense canopies, and beautiful hues of the sky are some of the most common elements in nature paintings. Claude Monet’s Water Lillies series, Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, and Thomas Cole’s Oxbow are some popular nature paintings that have stood the test of time while inspiring love for nature. At Pisarto, we have an exquisite collection of nature paintings, which make for great showpieces at home, and they are great for gifting as well.Read More

    Types of Nature Paintings

    You will be fascinated to know that both watercolor nature paintings and acrylic nature paintings are popular among art connoisseurs. Here are a few categories of nature paintings that are available on Pisarto:

    • Animals-Wildlife-Birds: Close up depictions of natural flora and fauna form an integral part of the wildlife natural paintings. Most of these artworks portray the bright plumage of birds and capture the innocence of animals beautifully.
    • Landscape-Cityscape-Ruralscape Paintings: The sky forms a crucial part of the cityscapes and rural scape paintings along with a majestic backdrop of cities. The composition of the sky in these paintings lends it a very realistic appeal.
    • People-Human-Figurative paintings: Known for their abstract qualities, landscape paintings include people feature depictions of a group of people walking through forests, men at the sea, or a tribal woman plucking flowers.
    • Indian-Abstract-Others - Pisarto houses an eclectic collection of abstract nature paintings that are unique in their approach and design. These paintings focus on natural elements but are open to interpretation.

    Nature Paintings for Graceful Homes

    A simple nature painting or a landscape painting can transform your home by adding depth to your interiors. Here are a few tips to help you position your nature paintings the best way possible:

    • Dark-hued nature paintings can act as the centrepiece on large, light-coloured walls. To add some charm to your living room and draw attention to the masterpiece, you can rearrange your furniture around the painting.
    • Small-sized nature paintings can be used to add vibrance to rooms and corridors. You could illuminate your art with a few lights placed in strategic locations for an elegant look.
    • Nature paintings usually leave the viewer with a soothing effect as the human brain responds positively to nature landscapes, instantly making one feel at ease. So you can easily place them in any room and feel warmth flood into your home.
    • Even stacking styles can make a huge difference to your walls. If you have a collection of nature paintings, place the biggest one in the centre and arrange other frames surrounding it.

    Buy Nature Paintings Online at Pisarto

    At Pisarto, an online art gallery, you can choose from a diverse collection of digital prints and nature paintings - from scenic backwaters to snow-capped mountains and pristine green meadows. The secure online transaction feature, country-wide shipping, and convenient return policy make it an ideal destination for art lovers looking to transform their homes. Browse our collection of artwork and buy an aesthetic nature painting online to liven up your home!

    Nature Paintings - FAQs

    What is Nature Painting?

    Nature paintings are artworks that feature natural elements such as water bodies, forests, mountains, wildlife, and more. They are often also referred to as nature landscape paintings. A nature scenery painting can take inspiration from reality with varied precision or can be entirely imaginary.

    What Kind of Nature Painting Looks beautiful?

    While art is subjective, beautiful paintings of nature frequently include the sky in the artwork as the weather plays an important element in denoting the emotion the painter wants to express. A nature canvas painting should create the perfect illusion of our Earth on a blank canvas. Nature paintings include various aspects of the environment, such as the sky, mountains, trees, fields, meadows, beaches, rivers, and oceans.

    What is The Purpose of Nature Paintings?

    The best nature painting pays homage to the living world. A nature art painting can also be made based on an examination of our natural surroundings with attention to detailed aspects of the elements. Scenery paintings are also known to start philosophical conversations about our connection with nature while lending a tranquil effect to the space.

    Where Do You Look For Best Nature Paintings Online?

    Pisarto features the best nature paintings online. You can choose from a mesmerizing array of nature watercolor paintings incorporating wildlife such as animals and birds. The nature acrylic paintings showcasing our rural and city landscapes at Pisarto are among the popular picks. Indian nature wall paintings are counted among our bestsellers and are loved for their beautiful depiction of our nature-rich motherland.

    How to Make Nature Painting?

    To paint nature, it is best to start with a simple nature painting. To paint an abstract nature painting, it is advised to draw from observation, so select a mood or a time you want to depict. Select the brightness and contrast range, edges and transitions, and temperatures for your painting according to the atmosphere you are going for. This will determine the base of your painting.

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    nature paintings Online with Price

    Nature Paintings Collection Nature Paintings Price
    Lake at Heaven - Baranti
    Rs. 25,028
    River Line
    Rs. 25,028
    Swan Soldiers
    Rs. 61,690
    Heavenly Downhill
    Rs. 46,884
    Sky Drop
    Rs. 25,028
    The Inspiration
    Rs. 25,028
    Tranquil Morning Rays
    Rs. 35,213
    The Protector
    Rs. 61,623
    Misty Morning Rays
    Rs. 35,213
    From the Nest
    Rs. 61,623