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    Office Paintings FAQs

    Which paintings are suitable for offices?

    Here is a list of paintings that you can consider hanging or placing in your office:

  • Buddha Paintings:
  • According to Vastu Shastra, these office paintings are suitable for your workplace because of the positive energy it spread across space. It is believed that the paintings help keep away negative emotions such as fear and anger. The serene posture of Gautam Buddha in various mudras (hand gestures) help re-direct energy flow throughout the body. 

  • Horse Paintings:
  • Horse paintings signify speed and success to a business, as per the Vastu Shastra. Hanging these office wall paintings on the wall help in improving productivity. Office paintings with brown and dark coloured horses symbolise perseverance, loyalty, freedom, power, and victory.

  • Water Paintings:
  • Paintings of water in the office space are believed to keep the positive energy flowing and prevent it from being “stuck” in just one place. The Vastu Shastra suggests that these office paintings can assist with the free flow of money by creating more blissful vibration in your space. 

    How do I choose an office painting?

    To choose the perfect office paintings, you can consider these following points.

  • As Per Your Industry:
  • Often, various industries have subtly been known to have preferences when it comes to office wall paintings. Consider the artworks that match the vibe of your organisation’s culture and what it stands for. For example, landscape or floral paintings are a common sight in the hospitality industry. Whereas, paintings of holiday destinations are best suited for travel agencies. 

  • Colours Speak:
  • The colour of the paintings speaks about what the brand or business stands for. Lighter colour office paintings are often better suited for a corporate environment, while brighter shades make for a pleasant atmosphere at media houses. The choice of colours depends on the vibe that company culture is looking to associate itself with. 

  • Take Collective Ideas:
  • Consider taking collective opinions of everyone in your staff as choosing artworks is believed to be subjective. What might appear as a masterpiece to one might not be pleasing for many. So, consider asking other’s opinions before buying office paintings.

    How can art be used in the workplace?

    Here are two main reasons why office paintings are essential for businesses:

  • Boosts Productivity:
  • Many studies suggest that art stimulates employees to work harder and smarter. The artworks are known to reduce stress and could even help bring up energy levels. Both aspects, when combined, boost productivity. 

  • Reduces Stress:
  • Office paintings with landscape or nature as the subjects have a calming effect on the psyche of the employees. It helps in reducing stress and increases the level of positiveness in their mood while working.

  • Enhances Communication:
  • Office paintings are believed to elicit an emotional response and pave the way to more interpersonal connection and open communications in the workplace. 

    Why should you invest in office paintings?

    According to Vastu Shastra, investing in office paintings is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the business. The paintings help in spreading positive vibes in the workspace and keeps away jealousy, hatred, and other negative emotions. Aesthetically, the paintings can leave a positive first impression on those visiting the office, which can prove beneficial to the organisation in the long run.

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