Oil Paintings


    Oil Paintings: A Fusion of Colours and Spectacular Effects

    Oil paintings are the oldest forms of art, which have now become popular all over the world. In this kind of artwork, regular paint is blended with a drying oil to create an innovative masterpiece, full of varied color schemes and magnificent effects. The addition of oil gives a luminous glow to these paintings, which are widely used to beautify homes, offices, and hotels. 

    The most special thing about oil paintings is their expressiveness and spatial features, which make even small details on canvas seem life-like. So, to offer you a painting experience that is realistic and unique, Pisarto welcomes you to discover rare pieces at their modern-style online art gallery. Our virtual art museum consists of beautiful oil paintings that you can shop to give a fresh outlook to your room. 

    Discover an Exquisite Range of Oil Paintings on Pisarto

    Depending on your taste and preference, you can browse the latest collection of oil paintings on Pisarto. Buy one or more of these artworks to add a distinctive aspect to any interior or exterior design. Below are some of the different forms of oil paintings on canvas available for you to choose from. 

    • Landscape Oil Paintings

    Capturing the essence of lofty mountains, boundless forests, calm water bodies, and other natural sceneries is the central element of such paintings. They also depict different countryside and city views, adding a vibrant and colorful factor to the surroundings and lending your space a warm and refreshing ambiance.  

    • Abstract Oil Paintings

    This category of paintings portrays shapes, colors, forms, and effects, resulting in a unique and philosophical artform. Abstract paintings are one of the most popular forms of art seen in the modern era as they give artists the freedom to make a masterpiece of their own without any limitations to the concept behind it. Browse Pisarto’s online art galleria, and you are sure to be impressed with the wide range of artworks curated by experts from across the globe. 

    • Portrait Oil Paintings

    This kind of art has a human-like personality and mood; a great example would be the world-famous Monalisa painting. These kinds of paintings have a deeper meaning and are placed in your study room or creative space. Such human figurative paintings can also act as an inspiration, so you can hang them to boost positivity and motivation at work, at home, or a recreational area. 

    New Age Decor With Oil Paintings 

    Art is an integral element of decor that can add a lot of soul to an otherwise plain room. So, here are some tips you can use to enhance the ambiance of your home or office and add life to bare walls.

    Oil Paintings on Wooden Backdrops 

    You can cover the walls of your living room or bedroom with planks of reclaimed barn wood and mount your favorite modern oil painting on it. Make sure to consider opting for abstract paintings for such a setting as they pair well with the nature of wood. 

    Life-size Oil Painting as Centrepiece  

    A large oil painting is sure to set a calm tone when entering the living room of your house. You can consider hanging a beach or city landscape painting in contrast with the color of the walls to establish a serene aesthetic that also doubles as a centerpiece to the overall home ambiance. 

    Invest in Handpicked Oil Paintings Online at Pisarto

    Pisarto flaunts a wide array of oil paintings that are picked out by our in-house experts and art connoisseurs. The online platform is dedicated to ensuring the safe and smooth delivery of authentic oil paintings from numerous gifted artists worldwide. Whichever artwork you choose, whether it’s oil, watercolor, or an acrylic painting, you will be beyond impressed and want to come back for more. So shop from an eclectic selection of world-class artworks and adorn your spaces with creativity, inspiration, and life.

    Oil Paintings - FAQ's

    What things to know before buying oil paintings?

    Before you buy oil paintings, it is important to remember a few things:

    • Figure out what specific types you like‚ÄĒfor instance, decide whether you are looking for an oil painting on canvas or not. Some of the different types include oil painting scenery and rural scapes.
    • Do your research on where you want to buy framed oil paintings from.
    • Pick the right size for your oil painting on the wall and order accordingly.

    How to restore old oil paintings?

    You can restore any old oil paintings scenery easily. Here are some tips you could use:

    • Clean your oil pastel painting with a soft cloth and a solution of mild soap and water.
    • Apply a coat of non-yellowing varnish after cleaning to restore the colors of your oil painting flowers.

    Where can I buy oil paintings online?

    You can buy oil paintings online on Pisarto‚ÄĒone of India's biggest online art galleries offering a wide variety of collections of oil painting portraits, religious paintings, and more. You can also find abstract oil paintings to match your home decor. Here are some decor tips to keep in mind after buying a Radha Krishna oil painting:

    • Put up a digital oil painting in the living room for an elegant look and a conversation starter.
    • An oil painting landscape will go quite well with your bedroom or even a home office. This nature oil painting will add a cozy vibe to your space.

    How to clean and maintain oil paintings?

    The best way to clean your Buddha oil painting, landscape paintings, etc., is by using a soft cloth dipped in a soapy water solution. Here are a few easy tips you can use to maintain oil paintings at home:

    • Keep the piece away from harsh or direct sunlight.

    Do not use strong cleaning solvents near the paintings as the fumes can destroy the paint.

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    oil paintings Online with Price

    Oil Paintings Collection Oil Paintings Price
    Desire for Love
    Rs. 39,480
    Kone Sajano
    Rs. 76,495
    Snow Mountain
    Rs. 142,246
    Layered Soul
    Rs. 75,438
    Abstract Landscapes
    Rs. 148,408
    Mia Mitthu
    Rs. 36,520
    Mere Kanha
    Rs. 119,220
    Krishna Leela
    Rs. 119,220
    Moon God
    Rs. 25,028
    Deserted House
    Rs. 27,144