Modernize Your Home With Phenomenal Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are believed to be invented in as early as 11th century AD by artists who accidentally mixed oil with regular paint and created a new style of art that is now celebrated by many. The style of painting was first popularized by European painters, including  Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Vermeer, and Vincent van Gogh, and become famous in no time.

The creation of now-famous oil paintings by notable painters has profoundly impacted the path of art history and will continue for years to come. That is why many are attracted to oil paintings for their expressiveness and spatial features that make even small details on canvas life-like.

Why Collect Oil Paintings?

Oil paintings have garnered praise around the world for the popular techniques used in them. These path-breaking methods focus on composition, layout, artistic conception and the use of colour.  Here are the list of other reasons oil paintings have become popular among art collectors: 

  • Oil paintings emphasize more on realism and expressionism and give a visual impact to non-living things so they look more life-like.
  • Apart from traditional canvas, the paintings are also made on fine linen or wood. This makes the paintings last for hundreds of thousands of years.
  • Many also consider famous oil paintings as an investment. That is because the paintings reflect the personal style and skills of prominent artists, all poured onto a piece of canvas. 

Tips for Enhancing Your Home Decor With Oil Paintings 

Oil paintings are antiques, and their relevance to art history is incomparable to other styles of paintings. But placing or hanging them in your home can sometimes be tricky. Here are some tips you can use to enhance the ambience of your home and bring the walls to life:

  • Covered with Reclaimed Wood 
  • You can cover the walls of your living room or bedroom with planks of reclaimed barn wood and hang your favourite modern art paintings on it. Consider opting for modern abstract paintings that will contrast with the colour of the wood. 

  • Bookless Shelves 
  • Instead of placing your books on shelves, you can spiff them up with your favourite collection of oil paintings. For example, if you have three shelves, place a Ganesha painting in the middle and follow with other pieces of art or indoor flower pots. As an alternative, you can opt for modern art Kirshna Radha oil paintings and follow up with interior decor items of your choice.

  • Bigger is Better
  • A large oil painting will make sure to set a calm tone for visitors in the living room. You can consider getting beach or landscape paintings to establish a serene aesthetic to your home ambience. You can also opt for abstract oil paintings that are in contrast with the colours of the walls. 

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    FAQs - Oil Paintings

    1.What are Oil Paintings? 

    Oil painting is an artwork style that involves mixing different pigments (colour element), binder (oil), and thinner (a mixture of pigment and oil). From thin glazes of turpentine to thick impasto (undiluted paint applied thickly on canvas), oil paints are known for their scope in layering and blending. 

    Oil paints allow artists to create paintings with greater richness, tonal transitions, and shades. Many artists also prefer oil paints for drying ability, opaque and transparent effect, and glossy finish. 

    2.How do you do an oil painting?

    Listed below is a basic procedure to create oil paintings on canvas -

    1. Stain the canvas with a thin wash of raw umber or burnt sienna to fill the white space on the canvas. That is because painting on top of white colour can sometimes be complicated. 
    2. Make a rough sketch of your painting, keeping the basic aspects of the composition. 
    3. Choose the required colours, mix them, and begin painting on the canvas.
    4. Correct any mistakes with necessary colours or use a damp rag to fill or remove unnecessary elements from your composition.
    5. Seal unused paint cans and clean your paintbrushes with turpentine to avoid crusting. 

    3.Who invented oil painting?

    The earliest oil paintings can be traced back to the 11th century, but the art style only became mainstream in the 1400s. Oil paints were continually improved with the refinement of linseeds, volatiles solvents (resins), and colour pigments. 

    The paints became an alternative to the pure-egg yolk tempera to meet the creative requirements of artists during the Renaissance era. The development of oil paints completely transformed artists' approach towards art, becoming instrumental in creating the now-famous Early Renaissance paintings, such as “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, “The Flemish Influence” by Jan van Eyck, to name a few.

    4.How long do oil paintings last?

    Oil paintings, if done on either linen canvas or wood, will last for years. Whereas, oil paints last for fifty-odd years on cotton canvas. The life expectancy of oil paintings can be extended by using a protective layer of varnish. To make oil painting last longer, consider applying a coat of varnish (a mixture of a solvent and a resin) that creates a good bond with the paint surface. 

    5.How do you clean an oil painting?

    There are three different ways to clean oil paintings at home.

    Removing Dust Particles With A Brush

    1. Keep the painting in a clean room with ample light to carefully view and clean the surface. 
    2. Place the oil painting on a flat surface to initiate the cleaning process.
    3. Use a soft brush to gently remove dust particles from the paintings. Do not opt for a feather brush as it might scratch the painting. 
    4. Start from one corner of the painting and move on the next. Starting from the middle will likely leave minute dust particles on your paintings.

    Cleaning With Saliva

    1. Use your saliva and dampen the end of a swab. The enzymes in your saliva will not harm your oil paintings and only break down dirt particles present on your oil paintings.
    2. Swipe the swabs over a corner to assess the paintings reaction to it and then continue with the cleaning process. 
    3. Start the process of dabbing from one end of a corner and move onto the next.

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