Paper Paintings

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    Paper Painting Faqs

    What are the paper paintings?

    Paper paintings are artworks that are made on paper. There are many types of paper over which paintings can be made. For example, thin paper-like cartridge sheets, glossy and thick paper, textured handmade sheets, etc. Some of the popular paintings done on paper were made from watercolours, charcoals, acrylic paints. Quite a few paintings even used pencils, pens, and ink.

    How to protect paper painting?

    There are a few tips that you could follow to protect paper paintings. The most obvious choice would be to frame your painting in glass. If you want your paintings to be unframed, then you can apply a layer of varnish or wax over it to set the colours and prevent them from smudging or damaging. You can also protect paper paintings by using a colour protective spray that would make them waterproof and weatherproof for a long time.

    How do you start paper painting for beginners?

    Beginners should follow the steps to start making paper paintings with ease:

    1. First of all, decide what painting medium you would like to use and choose a paper accordingly. A few examples would be choosing handmade sheets for watercolour and sturdy cartridge sheets for pen and ink.
    2. Do not be nervous with paints and try to paint intuitively if you are trying abstract art. 
    3. For realistic paintings, try to work the colours according to the subject of art slowly. 
    4. Start with primary colours or drawings blocks, and then work your way towards details.

    Who are some of the most famous artists in paper paintings?

    Here is a list of the most famous artist in paper paintings:

  • Albrecht Dürer
  • Dürer was a German painter who was mainly known for his paintings during the High Renaissance movement in the early 16th century AD. He is best known for his watercolour paper painting “Young Hare” that he made in 1502.

  • Pablo Picasso 
  • One of the well-known painters from Spain, Picasso, became popular during the early 20th century for his works on surrealism and cubism. He created more than 1000 paintings and over 10000 drawings in his prolific career. One of his most notable works would be the “Sleeping Peasant” that he made with watercolour paints and pencil in 1919.

    How to do charcoal paintings on canvas?

    Here are the steps that you can follow to create charcoal paintings on a canvas paper:

    1. Always choose a tight canvas as loose canvas makes it challenging to paint with charcoal. Always keep a few pieces of charcoal handy as it gets used very quickly. 
    2. Start with making loose outlines of your artwork with charcoal itself and work with light-handed and thin strokes. 
    3. Once you have an outline ready, fill in the body and details.
    4. Be alert while using charcoal and blow off the charcoal dust frequently.
    5. In case you end up making an error, use a putty eraser to clear some strokes. 
    6. When you are done with the painting, spray a generous amount of setting spray to avoid smudging.
    7. In the end, you can apply varnish to paper paintings to make them last longer. The varnish solution helps in keeping your wall paintings intact and protects the colour from natural elements in the long run.

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