Vintage Iron Paper Weight (5in x 5in x 5in)
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    Unique Paperweights For Your Office

    What are some creative ways to display paperweights in home decor?

    A cute paperweight can add a colourful touch to your room while solid glass paperweights can improve your organisational systems. You can put together a set of multicolour paperweights together to form an attractive display or add papier mache weights shaped as bags of grains - like the ones you can find at Pisarto - to add a unique touch to your cooking or dining space! Read More

    How do you clean and maintain a Pisarto paperweight?

    You can use mildly concentrated rubbing alcohol solutions or wipes to clean and maintain the finish of Pisarto paperweights. Wipe the paperweights with a soft cloth - preferably a microfiber one - to get any smudges and fingerprints off of them and keep the original finish intact.

    What are the most popular types of paperweights for home decor?

    Glass paperweight, carpet-ground paperweights, papier mache weights, crown weights, and macedoine weights are all excellent options for decorative paperweights. You can use these as office paperweights or decor for your living and dining room tables. Some paperweights are multipurpose and come with attached pen stands or analog clocks for your study table. Similarly, dining room paperweights are often attached to small tissue holders for added functionality.

    What are the different types of paperweights available on Pisarto?

    Pisarto is one of the best platforms to shop for paperweights online in India. The different types of paperweights available on the website include a range of papier mache designs that add a rustic touch to your home decor. The intricate paperweight designs you can find at Pisarto serve as decorative figurines and offer the right balance of finesse and functionality. You can use these paperweights as gifts for your friends and family who are looking for minimal yet useful home decor!

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    Vintage Iron Paper Weight (5in x 5in x 5in)