People Paintings


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    Mother and Child (MB) 1'3" X 1'9"
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    Final Journey 1' 1.7" X 0' 10.9"
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    Compulsion of Life 0' 8.4" X 0' 11"
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    Dead Colors 5' 3" X 3' 6.5"
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    Alignment 3' 11" X 3' 3"
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    The Duo 1' 5" X 2' 1"
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    Livelihood 2' 1" X 2' 11"
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    Cow and His Master 5'0" X 3'0"
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    The Mask 4'0" X 3'0"
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    Wandering Mind 2'6" X 2'0"
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    Divine Love -1 2'0" X 2'0"
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    Ranga Rang 2'1" X 2'7"
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    Three Generations 4'0" X 3'0"
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    Vendors (Delivery within MUMBAI Only) 3'0" X 2'0"
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    Life's Journey 3'4'' X 3'4''
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    Crack or Screw 3'4'' X 3'4''
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    Dancing Queens 3"11"X3'3"
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    People Paintings - Add Life to Your Decor with Pisarto

    Art lover or not, paintings often hold quite a lot of meaning for everyone. It symbolizes a part of your personality that feels closest to you. Some feel at peace with floral paintings. Others might resonate with human life in people paintings. It is the latter we shall read about in this article. Read More

    The idea behind this theme is to realistically depict scenarios and humans as seen in our day to day lives. In a way, it portrays different situations to recreate life on canvas accurately. Hence, they are a common fixture in homes, offices or any living spaces. Pisarto makes such paintings of people much more accessible online by putting together collections of the best art from talented artists across the globe.

    Which are the Best People Paintings?

    Pisarto's collection features many different types of people paintings, so there is something for everyone. Here are the different options you can find on Pisarto:

    • Village People Painting: These paintings typically reflect on rural, village scenes and everyday life in these areas. The paintings’ exposure to an unfamiliar environment for many of its admirers gives rise to new perspectives. Many of them can even be categorised as Indian traditional paintings due to their infusion of local styles.
    • Old People Painting: As the name suggests, these showcase the details and intricacies of life at an older age. These feature older people in casual to crowded settings and often aim to portray the difference between youth and old age.
    • Abstract Paintings: These are meaningful paintings made out of individual shapes and symbols. Many famous people’s paintings known in history belong to this type; they give an edgy feel anywhere they are placed.

    How to Decorate Your Walls with People Paintings?

    If you have any empty space on your apartment walls, people paintings are the best way to liven it up. Here's a quick guide to how you can get the best results:

    • With village paintings, you can go for a minimalistic vibe in your drawing room and pick out a painting that contrasts with your walls. The various colours in the painting can blend in with the furniture.
    • Place the painting with vibrant colours on neutral walls for a balanced look. For e.g., behind your working chair to create a fun atmosphere that will keep you motivated.
    • Abstract paintings fit anywhere and everywhere. You can put one of these on the space above your bed in the bedroom or even above your sofa to complete your living room interior.

    Buy People Paintings and More from Pisarto

    Pisarto is an online art gallery that makes shopping for paintings much more convenient. The website features a number of different pastel paintings, abstract paintings and more that will enhance your living space beautifully. From multi-panel wall art to people paintings, you can now buy art from up and coming artists at extremely affordable price ranges. There is no better place to find art online, so start looking!

    People Paintings - FAQs

    What things to keep in mind while buying people painting?

    You should remember to check for authenticity, the print quality, certificates and research the online gallery you are buying paintings of people from. Remember to read all the provided details carefully to get a clear idea of your chosen painting. Keep the size in mind to ensure it fits the intended spot, and then all that's left to do is choose the people painting that you love most!

    What are some famous artists in people paintings?

    Many artists chose to capture human subjects in their paintings. Some of them are Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many more. All of them had their unique painting styles and have stood the test of time, continuing to enjoy admiration.

    How to identify a good people painting?

    Focus on the identification and usage of colours, occupation of the canvas space and a strong point that sends a message to the viewers. A proper focal point that makes the purpose of the painting clear is important. Any good village people painting or similar should have an easy to understand divinity portrayed in colour co-ordinated, visually appealing ways.

    How to paint a perfect people painting?

    When it comes to art, especially your own, anything that feels authentic to you is perfect. You can take time to study some of your favourite paintings and pay attention to the details such as medium, surface, equipment, colour schemes and such for better understanding. With consistent practice and, if available, advice from experts, you can surely improve your skills and sharpen them to paint perfect people paintings.

    People Paintings capture men, women or children in some real-life environment or expressing themselves. People paintings transport us to the real world most times. These paintings transport us to the real world and sometimes depicts human interaction in their day to day lives. 

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