Radha Krishna Paintings


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    Govinda Delights 1' 2" X 1' 8"
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    Mere Kanha 3' 0" X 3' 0"
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    Krishna Leela 3' 0" X 3' 0"
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    Anand Sagar 5' 0" X 2' 6"
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    Musical Love - Radha Krishna 3'0" X 2'6"
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    Baby Krishna 1'8" X 2'6"
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    Lord Krishna 2'6" X 3'4"
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    Radha Krishna 1'6" X 1'6"
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    Bring Home Good Vibes With Pisarto’s Radha Krishna Paintings

    The eternal love story between Radha and Lord Krishna has been the subject of much adulation and continues to inspire and intrigue people for generations now. The couple’s undying and majestic love for each other can be interpreted as the divine unification of the individual self and the universal self. Today, Radha Krishna paintings are sought after as some of the most popular gifts. Check out Pisarto’s collection of Radha Krishna paintings and select a masterpiece for your home. Read More

    Radha Krishna Paintings To Beautify Your Home

    Pisarto has a wide collection of modern art. Radha Krishna paintings are extensively featured here in almost all prominent styles of painting, be it oil paintings or acrylics. Several of these Radha Krishna canvas paintings are vibrant and colorful, while others are monochrome with a tinge of old-world charm. Here are a few categories:

    • People-Human-Figurative: Mystic and colorful, these Radha Krishna paintings are popular for depicting Lord Krishna in varied colors. The abstract designs give the painting a unique finish.
    • Religious-Mythology: These paintings are inspired by the folklore associated with Krishna Leela. Some of the popular paintings include Lord Krishna stealing butter, cattle grazing in the meadows, or Radha listening intently to the flute playing Lord Krishna.
    • Indian-Abstract-Others: Abstract Radha Krishna paintings featured on Pisarto make for great modern home décor pieces. Interesting silhouettes and patterns mingle with traditional designs that lend it an authentically beautiful look.
    • Animals-Wildlife-Birds: Lord Krishna was believed to be a lover of nature and animals. There are several folklores surrounding him with animals, and you can choose to deck up your home with these paintings.

    Home Décor Tips for Radha Krishna Paintings

    According to the legends, Radha and Lord Krishna are considered the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu, respectively. Hence these paintings are considered very auspicious for your homes. Here are a few tips on hanging Radha Krishna paintings at home:

    • Radha Krishna paintings are said to be lucky for couples. So it’s a good idea for them to place these in the bedroom.
    • Several of the Radha Krishna paintings make for a great addition in spiritual corners or Pooja rooms.
    • Some beliefs dictate hanging Radha Krishna paintings in the North-East direction of homes to promote love and harmony.
    • A lot of these paintings are contemporary in design, and you can style them with other décor items such as human figurines and traditional wall art.

    Buy Radha Krishna Paintings Online at Pisarto

    Take a pick of your favourite Radha Krishna canvas paintings from Pisarto and welcome happiness and love into your home. Pisarto is an online art gallery headquartered in Mumbai, with some of the finest curated artworks in the market – allowing you to choose the most suitable paintings from the comforts of your home. So go ahead and choose from among the high-quality, modern, and minimal artwork and bring cheer and positivity into your abode. Buy your Radha Krishna painting today to increase positivity and redecorate your home.

    Radha Krishna Paintings - FAQ’s

    In which direction should we hang Radha Krishna Painting?

    Vastu tips suggest that you should hang the Radha Krishna painting in the north-east direction. Other tips also say that Radhe Krishna painting can be hung in any direction of your house. A Krishna wall painting is known to symbolize love and acceptance on a sacred level.

    Why should you buy Radha Krishna paintings?

    Hanging a Radha Krishna canvas painting in your home is a good way to have positivity and light energy in the interiors. Religious or not, any Radha Krishna wall painting is bound to act as a reminder of unconditional love and spirituality in its purest form.

    Where can I buy Radha Krishna Paintings online?

    You can buy beautiful Radha Krishna paintings on Pisarto. It is an online art gallery with versatile collections of Radha Krishna modern art as well as traditional forms of the same. Some of the varieties include Radha Krishna Madhubani painting in different mediums like acrylics, oils, watercolors, and more. 

    Things to keep in mind while buying Radha Krishna Painting?

    Here are some things to remember when you are buying romantic Radha Krishna paintings:

    • Keep in mind the size of the spot and buy a canvas Krishna painting accordingly.
    • You can also switch it up to modern art Radha Krishna painting, according to the rest of your interior decor.
    • Remember to hang the Radha Krishna painting in a Vastu-approved spot for maximum benefit.

    Which are the best Radha Krishna paintings for home decor?

    You can hang your love Radha Krishna painting in many ways as home decor:

    • Putting up a Radha Krishna abstract painting in the living room is a good way to liven up the room, while a Krishna abstract painting will add a religious touch to any room.
    • Go for a Radha Krishna oil painting for your bedroom for a calming effect.
    • You can also hang a modern Krishna painting in your home office. This Lord Krishna painting will surely help you focus better.

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