Romantic Love Paintings

If one were to trace the history of love paintings, it could be traced back to the origins of art itself. Love is a powerful emotion that has inspired many artists to create beautiful paintings ... Read More


    Love Paintings - Depicting a universal emotion

    A universal and equally powerful emotion, love has inspired many artists to take a canvas and create beautiful paintings of love as they see it. Just like the people in the world, the interpretation of love is diverse, especially in modern art. Hence, any interpretation of love paintings brings a fresh perspective to cherish. Read More

    If one were to trace the history of love paintings, it could be traced back to the origins of art itself. That is how rooted the emotion is in the realm of art. Be it the renaissance or the swinging sixties, love paintings have only flourished with time, bringing forth abstract interpretations and bolder styles. 

    The collection of Love Paintings on Pisarto

    A glance through the collection of love paintings on Pisarto shall reveal a mix of both watercolours as well as acrylic/oil paintings. Featuring both mainstream and abstract paintings of love and other emotions, the range of paintings on Pisarto would catch anyone’s eye. So, whether you like works of Indian or international artists, indulge the inner art lover with you with paintings from Pisarto.

    Various Facets of Love Paintings

    Art is known to mirror life, and this stands true for love paintings too. There are various forms of love that one experiences in life in varying degrees. Hence, art is also known to explore and visually depict the emotions in an artistic and eye-catching manner. 

    Over the years, the realm of art has been witness to portraits, landscape and abstract paintings depicting various facets of multiple emotions. However, in this article, we shall explore the facets of love paintings that have been explored and admired throughout history. 

    1. Romantic Love - When one thinks of love, romance is the first thing that comes to the mind of many. With time, artists have explored various aspects of a romantic relationship. Be it physical embraces, the agony of heartbreaks or abstract depictions of romance, think of a theme, and artists have covered it. Woman paintings, in particular, have renowned for being a powerful interpretation of love from the female perspective. 
    2. Familial Love - This is the first form of love we have exposed to in life. The bond that we forge with our family is just as strong as it is complex, and numerous artists have been inspired to depict those bonds on canvas. From parents to siblings, some of the simplest acts turn out to create magical visuals in this facet of love paintings. 
    3. Friendship - This is a bond that is the most abstract of all. Friendships can form anywhere and anytime, making it unpredictable and special at the same time. This makes for it to become an interesting subject for artists to explore. In some cases, artists get inventive by exploring this emotion in minute details within scenery paintings too. 

    Buy Love Paintings on Pisarto

    To bring a piece of the warm vibes of love, explore the collection of love paintings on Pisarto. With shipping options available to all Indian pin codes, select your desired painting and have it delivered to you in a matter of clicks. 

    Apart from the paintings mentioned earlier, you can also check out the range of beautiful art pieces such as Buddha paintings, Village paintings, wildlife paintings and many more on Pisarto. So, go ahead and sign in now to get closer to the world of beautiful art. 

    Love Paintings- FAQs

    1.What are Love Paintings?

    Love, being one of the most powerful emotions, has found inspiration in many forms of art throughout history. One very popular medium that has visually explored and depicted the emotion are none other than handmade paintings. And it is these very paintings that we know today as love paintings. If we were to trace the origins of the very first love painting, our search would be futile as this art style is as old as the emotion of love itself.

    2.Where can you place Love Paintings in your house?

    It is believed that the most happy paintings including those showing love, such as couples in romantic poses or hearts, should be hung in the bedroom. Love paintings are said to really work wonders for a couple’s love life, as the colour palette exudes passion and intimacy. Consider placing a love painting right above the headboard of your bed. 

    3.Who are the best love painting artists?

    While there are several love paintings by famous artists, we are mentioning some of the most memorable ones below:

    1. Gustav Klimt: This Australian symbolist painter has left a remarkable mark in the history of art. Out of his many notable works, The Kiss continues to be remembered to this very day, more than 100 years after it was painted. The painting depicts a couple embracing one another with their bodies entwined in elaborate beautiful robes decorated in style. The man leans in to kiss his partner, with his hands running through her hair.
    2. René Magritte: This passionate surreal artist made a beautiful love painting known as The Lovers. The painting depicts a man and a woman with blindfolds covering their faces. The lovers cannot touch each other's skins or lips. In our opinion, this painting depicts that one falls in love with the soul, not the face.
    3. Jean-Honoré Fragonard: His stunning skills in the Love Letters, showcase a couple sitting in a lawn underneath a cloudy sky. It looks like the couple is lost in deep conversation as the man leans on the woman’s shoulder.

    4.Why should you buy Love Paintings from us?

    One glance through the collection of love paintings on Pisarto and you would be surprised to see our collection of mixed media, including watercolour, oil and acrylic. Another interesting element to Pisarto love paintings is that the gallery explores the emotion of love in both modern and abstract forms. Discover a vast gallery of love paintings images from Indian and international artists alike, only on Pisarto.

    5.Why to invest in Love Paintings?

    There are several reasons to invest in love paintings, some of which include:

    1. Stunning colour palettes: Undoubtedly, even the most simple love paintings have soothing colour schemes ranging from fiery reds to subtle greys. It is the different interpretations of love that result in diverse colour schemas in love paintings. So, no matter how you plan to design your bedroom, a suitable colour palette love painting shouldn’t be a difficult find.
    2. De-stressing mechanism: It has always been believed that paintings can help us feel different emotions. While some paintings can help reduce stress, others can release happy hormones in the body to evoke several feelings, love being one of them.

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    romantic love paintings Online with Price

    Romantic Love Paintings Collection Romantic Love Paintings Price
    Sisters Walking Hand in Hand
    Rs. 11,428
    Mother and Child
    Rs. 101,371
    Summer Blossom
    Rs. 55,754
    Untitled (SM)
    Rs. 55,754
    Whispers in the Womb
    Rs. 20,074
    Mother's Love
    Rs. 20,074
    Mother Daughter Bond
    Rs. 20,074
    Motherly Love
    Rs. 30,344
    Divine Love -1
    Rs. 34,898
    Divine Love - II
    Rs. 34,898