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    Oggy Salt n Pepper Dispensers with Metal Stand
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    Happy Elephant Salt n Pepper Shaker in Tray
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    Asmi Earthen Salt n Pepper Shaker in Wood Tray
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    Ceramic Salt & Pepper Dispenser (4.5x5")
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    Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers to Spice Up Your Table 

    Sprinkling personality onto your dining table doesn't have to be challenging. The right pair of salt and pepper shakers can transform a simple meal into an enchanting experience. These table essentials have evolved into decorative details that complement the culinary journey from kitchen to table. 

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    At Pisarto, we value every detail. Our collection includes salt shakers that not only fulfil their purpose but also enhance the aesthetics of any dining setting, making each meal unforgettable. Discover our exquisite collection to find a piece that elevates your table decor.

    Features of the Designer Salt and Pepper Shakers at Pisarto

    Elevate your dining space with designer salt and pepper shakers on Pisarto. These shakers do more than just season your meal. They spark conversations and adorn your table with style.

    Uniquely Crafted

    Pisarto’s range includes designer shakers crafted to stand out as a masterpiece. From sleek, modern designs to those inspired by traditional motifs, each is a product of meticulous artistry.

    Indian Art and Theme

    The shakers feature motifs and patterns that celebrate the vibrancy of Indian culture. They bring a piece of heritage to your table, making every dining occasion a cultural feast.

    Aesthetic and Functional

    Designed with the perfect balance of beauty and practicality, Pisarto’s curated range of salt and pepper shakers is not only aesthetically pleasing but also engineered for ease of use. They enhance the visual appeal of your table while ensuring your spices are well-preserved and easily accessible.

    Fancy Designs of Salt and Pepper Shakers Online at Pisarto

    Pisarto offers a delightful range of salt and pepper shakers online, each piece showcasing unique aesthetics and innovative designs, such as: 

    Modern Designs - Metallic Salt and Pepper Holders

    These shakers boast a sleek metallic finish, perfect for modern homes. Their clean lines and silver accents offer a stylish complement to contemporary table settings.

    Whimsical Designs - Elephant-Themed Shaker Set in Wooden Tray

    Featuring a charming elephant motif, this set adds a playful touch to any table. The design captures the essence of whimsy and delight, making it ideal for adding a touch of fun to dining decor.

    Traditional Designs - Earthenware Shakers in Wooden Tray

    With its earthy tones and classic pottery style, this set embodies the warmth of traditional craftsmanship. It brings a piece of rustic charm to your meals, ideal for enhancing the homely feel of your dining space.

    Minimalist Designs - Ceramic Salt and Pepper Dispenser  

    These feature a minimalist camel motif, combining simplicity with elegance. The clean design and subtle artistic touches make it a versatile addition to any table.

    Buy Salt and Pepper Shakers in Artsy Designs Online in India

    Pisarto redefines your home and life with art. If you want to join this journey, skim through our unique selection of salt and pepper shakers. Choose something that makes a statement about your style and taste. Our collection also extends to other table essentials, such as tissue holders, cutlery, coasters and trivets, and more. Each item is crafted to transform your dining space into a gallery of functional art.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your table setting. Explore Pisarto today, browse our extensive range, and bring home the art that suits your lifestyle. Make your dining table a centrepiece of conversation and style. Shop now and experience the difference art can make in your life.



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    salt & pepper shaker Online with Price

    Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection Salt & Pepper Shaker Price
    Ceramic Salt & Pepper Dispenser (4.5x5")
    Asmi Earthen Salt n Pepper Shaker in Wood Tray
    Happy Elephant Salt n Pepper Shaker in Tray
    Oggy Salt n Pepper Dispensers with Metal Stand