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    Serving Cutlery - FAQs

    Upgrade Your Kitchen With Serving Cutlery and Spoon Sets

    Which are the bestselling serving spoons available on Pisarto?

    The bestselling serving and kitchen spoon sets on Pisarto are carved wooden spoon sets and spoon sets with Kalamkari motifs. Besides being stylish and easy to use, these sets are microwave and dishwasher-friendly, which ensures maximum convenience! Read More

    What are some popular serving spoon and serving platter sets available on the market?

    Some popular spoon and platter set you can check out include glass serving bowls and trays, ceramic platters with spoons, and matching wooden serving plates and spoons. All of these options are also available on the Pisarto website!

    What is the difference between a dinner spoon and a serving spoon?

    The main difference between dinner spoons and serving spoons is their design and size. Serving spoons come with longer handles and deeper bowls for ease of use. Rice serving spoons, ladles, slotted spoons, etc., come with different depths and differently-angled handles as they are used to serve specific food items. Besides that, another key difference is serving spoons are used to transfer food from multipurpose containers or utensils to individual plates and bowls while dinner spoons are simply meant for eating.

    Which is the best place to buy serving spoons for gifting?

    Pisarto has a wide collection of different types of serving spoons for you to choose from if you are looking for gifting options! From stoneware to wooden serving spoons, the website offers you excellent options that are sturdy, durable, and elegant. You can also shop for teaware and drinkware, serving platters, and more from the website. Plus, Pisarto also offers free shipping and has a convenient return policy to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible!

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