Split Panel, Multi Piece Paintings


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    Dash of Love 2' 4" X 1' 6"
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    Natural Beauty 3'9" X 2'0"
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    Fall of a Season 12 4'6" X 2'10"
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    Fall of a Season 10 4'6" X 2'10"
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    Fall of a Season 11 4'6" X 2'10"
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    Metamorphosis 10 2'10" X 3'0"
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    Edge (8' 0" X 3' 0")
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    Yellow 4' 0" X 6' 0"
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    Multi Piece Wall Art: To Add Personality to Empty Open Spaces 

    Artwork that is tasteful and matches the aesthetic lends a positive impact on the viewer's mind. Whether you like the vibe of minimalistic pieces or prefer a large multi-panel wall art, your hunt ends with Pisarto. The online platform brings you a carefully curated selection of impressive artwork featuring different mediums and styles. Read More

    Get your hands on some of your favorite canvas multi-piece wall art or customize pieces as per your taste. Take a look at our fantastic artwork collection and walk away with an utterly captivating piece. 

    Four (4) Multi-Panel Wall Art for Your Living Room

    Awaken your appreciation for exquisite artwork and make the walls of your living room come alive with the help of Pisarto. Add artistic elements such a multi-panel artwork featuring the use of different painting techniques. Add a hit of your own style and taste by browsing through the gallery. Here are four multi-panel wall art pieces that would brighten up your living room. 

    • Wildlife Paintings: These multi-panel artworks are characterized by vibrant color palettes featuring nesting parrots, chirping birds seated among magical flowers, and fluttering butterflies in full bloom, among many other exotic creatures. You will be spoilt for choice with this multi-panel wall art category.
    • Landscape Paintings: These multi-panel wall pastel paintings feature cityscapes, such as the skyline from San Francisco or the night sky from a rural town. These are wonderful for spaces where windows are absent.¬†
    • People Paintings: Such pieces draw inspiration from human figures and faces. Pisarto stocks a variety of paintings in acrylic medium.¬†
    • Abstract Paintings: Find artwork that truly connects with your inner spirit with Pisarto‚Äôs selection. The gallery offers panel paintings that depict human life, figures shown with cracked faces.¬†

    How to Hang Multi-Panel Wall Art?

    It can be quite tricky to arrange wall art that features multiple pieces. Here is how we recommend you come up with an arrangement when hanging multi-panel wall art:

    1. Start by measuring the wall you wish to nail the multi-panel artwork to.
    2. Place the arrangement on the floor and make changes to your layout as desired.
    3. Measure the arranged layout and see if it matches the wall in question. 
    4. Make markings on the wall with tape or pencil, once the measurements match perfectly.
    5. Drill holes into the wall and place the pieces individually.
    6. Ensure each piece of the split panel wall art is synced with the previous painting's alignment.

    Shop from the Finest Selection of Multi-Piece Paintings and More

    If you are interested in finding unique multi-panel art pieces or simply add beautiful Indian traditional paintings to decorate the walls in your home, consider exploring the collection offered on Pisarto. The online art gallery curates handmade acrylic, oil paintings, and sculptures for art enthusiasts and lovers alike. 

    You can be assured that each piece is delivered safely, rolled in a tube to prevent damage during transit. You even enjoy free shipping on all products. So sign up right away and be prepared to be stunned.

    Multi Panel Wall Art - FAQs

    What is the difference between ordinary painting and multi-panel wall art?

    While an ordinary painting acts as a stand-alone statement piece, multi-panel wall art features multiple canvas paintings that form a larger visual layout. Single canvas paintings are better suited for walls that may or may not be crowded. On the other hand, multi-piece paintings are suitable for less cramped spaces and capture the viewers' attention instantly.

    Where should you display multi-panel wall art?

    Depending upon the dimensions of each canvas multi-panel art piece, it is recommended to find a room with plenty of breathing space to help balance the size and patterns featured in the artwork. It is also crucial to nail split panel wall art at eye level for the best visual appeal.

    Why should you buy multi-panel paintings from us?

    Here are a few reasons why you should shop multi-panel artwork from Pisarto:

    1. The platform brings you a carefully curated selection of paintings made in a variety of orientations, mediums and styles  

    2. It also allows you to shop for hand-painted artwork from some of the greatest artists from around the world. 

    3. The platform also offers free shipping anywhere across the country.

    4. The website also delivered their paintings rolled in a tube for safe transit, so you can be assured to receive the items in top-notch condition.

    What medium do most panel paintings use?

    One of the most frequently used mediums in split panel wall art featured on the Pisarto website is certainly acrylic. Acrylic paints tend to dry faster and are highly appreciated for their durability and vibrancy on canvas.

    Who are some of the most famous artists of multi-panel painting?

    Anuj Malhotra is one of the artists that has painted some of the most prominent multi-piece canvas wall art featured on Pisarto.

      Split Panel, Multi Piece Paintings are multiple pieces of art that together create a singular art piece and can be attached together or presented adjoining each other. A diptych is an artwork consisting of two pieces or panels, while a triptych is three pieces and polytych is 4 panels or more.

      When hanging two or more art pieces, treat them as one and hang them together as a group. Make sure they are spaced only a few inches apart, so they look together and not disconnected.

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      Edge (8' 0" X 3' 0")
      Metamorphosis 10
      Fall of a Season 11
      Fall of a Season 10
      Fall of a Season 12
      Natural Beauty
      Dash of Love