Sunrise, Sunset Painting


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    The Inspiration 3' 0" X 2' 0"
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    Sunrise (2) 3'0" X 5'0"
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    Return of Horses at Dawn 1'2" X 1'8"
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    Natural Moments 3'10" X 2'10"
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    Evening Shades 3'0" X 2'6"
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    Sunset by the Sea 3'11"X3'3"
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    Sunset View 4'4"X2'9"
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    Fishing Village at Sunset 2'7"X1'11"
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    Sunrise, Sunset Paintings: To Cherish Mother Nature

    Sunrise and sunset last just for a few moments. Now, they can leave a lasting impression because of the beautiful art community. Many artists have immortalised the visual by creating gorgeous sunrise and sunset paintings. These artworks can be a beautiful part of your home, studio room or workplace decor. So, get ready to enjoy a calming skyscape with beautiful sunset paintings. Read More

    At Pisarto, we bring timeless masterpieces from world-class artists to help you accentuate your walls in an effortless and impactful way. Browse the fantastic art creations and classy sunset paintings available at our platform today.

    Charming Sunrise And Sunset Paintings in Various Settings

    Every place on the Earth is bestowed with beautiful visuals of sunrises and sunsets. Hence, it was natural for artists worldwide to capture the beauty through their distinctly styled sunrise and sunset paintings. Each subject of these paintings lent a special touch to the visual, making it a unique experience to cherish. Here is a list of some of the most popular kinds of these paintings.

    Natural Landscapes - There is something really calming about nature that radiates even through paintings. The visual of sunrise and sunset with landscapes such as beaches, mountains, rivers or forests in the foreground truly soothes the eyes. Mountain peaks and beach sunset paintings are ideal for living rooms and creative workspaces.

    City or Rural Settings - Whether you want to feel the authentic village energy as a remembrance of your roots or experience the fast-paced city life to keep you going, Pisarto is home to all such kinds of sunset paintings. Mesmerising skyscapes along with rural or urban settings are just right for your bedrooms and guest rooms.

    You can explore a diverse range of acrylic and watercolour sunset paintings at Pisarto to uplift the energy of your room. If you are confused about how to decorate them, explore exclusive ideas in the next segment.

    Room Decor Ideas with Sunrise and Sunset Paintings

    To enlighten you on how to liven up the empty walls of your room, here are some creative ideas you can experiment with.

    1. Aquatic Ambience: Beautify your space by painting the walls in pastel or light shades of ocean green. Then, go for an aesthetic sea view sun sunset acrylic painting to bring the magic of oceans and colourful sky, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere.
    2. Bright and Creative Aura: If you have a plain empty white or beige wall, opt for a bright orangish-yellow sunset painting from Pisarto—as colours like orange and yellow inspire creativity, enthusiasm and imagination.

    Buy Sunrise and Sunset paintings Online

    Pisarto bridges the gap between artists and art lovers. Our online art gallery works towards making art accessible to the common populace by housing highly artistic pieces from talents across the globe. Not just sunset paintings, you can shop for all types of artworks, such as sculptures, abstract paintings, human-figuratives, wildlife art, and so on.

    Apart from cloth and canvas painting, we also offer revolutionary digital prints from talented artists to bring life to your homes and offices. Spare nothing! Skim through each art piece and shop according to your room theme and furniture.

    Sunset Paintings - FAQS

    1. How to paint sunset paintings?

    The last light of day radiating through the clouds offers us reprieve from all the negative thoughts swirling in our minds. But to pour down the beauty of sunsets on a piece of canvas with acrylic or watercolours can sometimes seem challenging. 

    Even though art is highly subjective, and the style varies from person to person, sunset paintings are easy to make. At a beginner’s level, you can include basic mountain shapes, stars, and birds in your painting. Here is a list of detailed instructions you can follow to paint beautiful sunset paintings:

    1. Start by deciding where you want the sunset to be painted on the canvas. You can also refer to a photo or rely on your imagination. 
    2. With a paintbrush, apply a large stroke of liquid white oil paint or gesso to wet your canvas.
    3. Outline the details of skies, mountains, rivers, and other objects that you feel like including in your paintings.
    4. Start by painting light shades while slowly advancing towards darker ones. You can split your painting into the top, middle, and bottom sections to paint more conveniently.
    5. Carefully blend the colours to make the painting look soft and harmonious.
    6. Use a fan brush to dab in the shapes of clouds. You can use white or greyish shades for a stand-out effect.
    7. Finish by painting the background and foreground objects, such as houses, palm trees, ocean, etc.

    2. Why should you buy sunset paintings from us?

    Pisarto is an online art gallery which offers a vibrant mix of handmade paintings and artworks. Curated from across India and South East Asia, the online platform provides a variety of artworks for all art lovers. Ranging from sunset to landscape paintings, and from nature to cityscape paintings, the online platform makes a massive assortment of artworks available to you online. Pisarto is one of the sites that deliver original artworks from seasoned artists directly to your doorstep.

    3. What popular artists are known for their sunset paintings?

    Artists are fond of sunsets and their radiant shapes have preoccupied them for several years. Be it a pure play of colour or a symbolic abstraction; sunset paintings are always a delight to look at. The following are the artists who captured the essence of nature and approached the art type creatively.

    • Winslow Homer - Sunset
    • Vincent Van Gogh - Willows at Sunset
    • Edvard Munch - The Scream
    • Claude Monet - The House of Parliament, Sunset
    • Georgia O’Keeffe - Sunset, Long Island
    • David Hockney - Northern Sunset
    • Shepard Fairey - Evolve DeEvolve
    • Koen van den Broek - Sunset

    4. Where should you place Sunset Paintings?

    In India, Vastu Shastra lays out rules for building a house in accordance with its direction and position, thus helping in generating positive energy. So considering the importance of Vastu, we advise you to place or hang sunset paintings up on a western wall. Paintings and murals influence our psyche and vibrations. If you place acrylic or watercolour sunset paintings on a western wall, the artwork makes sure to evoke positive feelings in the surroundings. 

    5. What are the different colours you can use in Sunset Paintings?

    Golden sunsets evoke vibrant energy in one’s mind due to the colours and tonal shifts that they often feature. Make sunset paintings with acrylic colours look more dazzling and dramatic by following the suggestions listed below: 

    • For a simple, candyfloss portrayal of dusk, you can use bright colours, such as pinks, mauves, and oranges.
    • For creating a textured, muddy effect across the sky, you can use contrasting colours, such as blue and orange or violet and yellow.
    • Use gradient colours to make your sunsets look more natural. You can go from orange to red, yellow to orange, mauve to blue, and red to mauve.
    • To darken brighter colours such as red or orange, you can use the colour black in varying intensities.

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