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    Vintage Brass 3 Compartment Tiffin Box I Dabba (6in x 5in x 11in)
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    Piro Vintage Brass Baby Chappati Box (4in x 4in x 5in)
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    Vintage Brass Chappati Box I Bread Box (9in x 9in x 4in)
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    Red Horse Figurine On Stand (12in x 3in x 12in)
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    Pressing Matter Vintage Iron Press (7.5in x 6.2in x 6in)
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    Cobalt Cody Piggy Bank
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    Musturd Max Piggy Bank
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    Rusty Roofus Piggy Bank
    Regular price Rs.789 Sale price Rs.710
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    Celebrated Ceramics Planter Bottles
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    Myriad Hues Terracotta Miniature Decor Vases - Set of 8
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    Simmering Sand Handpainted Terracotta Vase - Set of 2
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    Madhubani Terracotta Miniature Decor Vases
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    Handcrafted Terracotta Decor Vase Set (Multicolor) - Set of 5
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    Something's Fishy Terracotta Vase - Set of 4
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Handpainted Earthen Vases with Madhubani Tattoo Art
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Rustic Madhubani Vases - Set of 4 in Red
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Happy Elephant Vases - Set of 4 in Rustic Red
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Happy Elephant Vases - Set of 4 in Blue
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    Get Your Interior Right with Table Decor

    When it comes to home decor, a lot is on the line as the aesthetic of your whole house depends on it. Needless to say, the pressure to get it right is quite high. An easy tip you will never go wrong with is ensuring the table decor is elegant as it can often become the focal point for anyone who enters your home. With just a few trinkets, your table decor can steal the show in an instant!

    Putting together a classic collection of table decoration items, Pisarto's latest range aims to help you with just that. Read More

    Types of Table Decor Available on Pisarto

    No matter your home decoration taste, Pisarto's collection has something for you. These high-quality home decor showpieces will enhance your whole house. Here are a few that you should check out:

    • Figurines: Figurines are three-dimensional centre table decoration items that add an eccentric touch to any table. Pisarto offers a range of religious figurines along with additional figurines of body-positive statuettes, animal figures and more. These are all made of high-quality terracotta or iron materials so you can rest assured they will last a long time.
    • Sculptures: This category features abstract sculptures that will add some life to your table decor. You can also find these in sets of two or more to take your decor to the next level. These dining table decorative items feature colourful houses, quirky human figures and such. This collection consists of multiple handpainted products that will lend a homely feel to your table decor.
    • Charms: If your vision for your table decor is leaning towards the minimalistic side, these charms are just what you need. This category consists of small and aesthetic hanging charms that you can use with your table decor to create a certain vibe. Made of recycled fibre fill, felt, sequins and zari, these handcrafted and eco-friendly charms are a great choice for your table decor.

    Table for the Best Aesthetics

    Decorating your table is easier than ever with table decor items from Pisarto. From your living room to the dining table, you can now decorate it all! Here are some fun ways you can put this table decor to use:

    • You can use figurines as home decor items for the living room and place them on your table with some succulents. Balance it with a neutral-coloured candle stand for the occasional scented candle.
    • You can place your favourite sculpture from Pisarto as standalone items in the middle of your dining table. This will act as a chic statement piece.
    • Add some pretty charms to your bedroom side table decor along with personal items like photographs and other trinkets to create an intimate feel.

    Shop for Table Decor from Pisarto

    Pisarto is an art and lifestyle CRISIL-certified shopping store. Paving the way for your most creative desires, every product we offer is made of high-quality materials. You can now shop for your favourites at affordable prices and have them delivered in an instant with their easy delivery services. Get started!

    Table Decor - FAQs

    Transform Your Dining Area with Breathtaking Decor Items

    What Are the Different Types of Table Decor on Pisarto?

    Pisarto has a unique collection of table decor items for you to choose from. These range from three-dimensional sculptures, figurines, bottle art made of wood, and quirky collectables.

    What are some of the Living Room Table Decoration Ideas?

    There are dozens of ways you can play around with table decorations to create a cosy and comfortable space that’s a true reflection of yourself. Let’s look at a few ideas:

    • Add a Candle: Placing a candle on your living room table is a quick and easy way to add personality to your dining space. Go for a scented candle that comes in fancy glass jars or look through our candlestand collection to find something that suits your needs. 

    • Place a Sculpture: Your living room area can be the ideal location to place all your souvenirs from your latest travel. Got an intricately carved sculpture? Place them on the dining table. Don’t have one? We have got you covered!

    • Get Specific: Love cars, boats, chess or got an interesting hobby? They are probably the dining table decorative items missing from your house. 

    What Role Does Table Décor Play in Home Decoration?

    Table decor is crucial in enhancing the mood of your house. It tells people about your likes and interests at a glance. It can help create a great bond as you get to know people in your family better.

    How much do table décor items cost at Pisarto?

    Pisarto is the best name in the home decor India space as the table decor items on our site are feasibly priced for which you do not need to break the bank. You can find products starting from Rs. 450 and ranging up to Rs. 2.1 lakh. To add to this, our best-in-class packaging and shipping practice and flexible return policy make us a great destination if you’re looking for options to revamp your homes.

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