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    Decorative Hanging Lights For Your Home

    What are the different types of Wall Hanging Lights?

    The different types of wall hanging lights include lantern lights, strip lights, LED lights, swing lights, atom wall lights, wreath light, and orb lights. You can also purchase hanging diya and tea light holders made of metal, clay, or glass.

    How do I choose the right size of Hanging Lights for my room?

    The right size of hanging lights depends on the width and height of the room. Be it candle holders or lanterns, you just need to add the length and width of the room. The number you get should ideally be the diameter of any hanging lights you put up in the room. Read More

    How to use Hanging Lights to create ambiance in a room?

    Warm lights are the best way to enhance the ambiance in your room, so hanging lamps or lanterns for home decor with warm-toned lighting can seamlessly create a cosy ambiance. Besides that, you can also use aromatic oil diffusers to create a soothing aroma that adds on to your room’s ambiance!

    What are the different shapes of hanging lamps available at Pisarto?

    At Pisarto, you can find a variety of hanging lights, lamps, and modern lanterns for home decor. These come in various shapes, such as orbs, cylinders, domes, triangles, and round and rectangular lights. Differently-shaped lantern decorations help create an eclectic and attractive look for your house, so mix and match various hanging lamps to find the perfect home decor!

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    wall lights & lantern Online with Price

    Wall Lights & Lantern Collection Wall Lights & Lantern Price
    Wrought Iron Triangle Lantern
    Rs. 3,249
    Wrought Iron Square Lantern
    Rs. 3,249
    Wrought Iron Circular Lantern
    Rs. 3,249
    Wrought Iron Hexagon Lantern
    Rs. 5,249
    Wrought Iron Cylindrical Dome Lantern
    Rs. 4,999
    Wrought Iron Rectangle Lantern
    Rs. 5,625
    Atom Wall Lights
    Rs. 2,979
    Wreath Wall Lights
    Rs. 3,999
    Orb Wall Lights
    Rs. 2,979
    Prism 104
    Rs. 700