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    Emir Decorative Wooden Wall Shelf (23in x 6in x 6in)
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    Floating Teak Wall Shelf for Powder Room - Set of 2 (18.5x3.2x4.1")
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    Handcrafted Wall Decor Jharokha in Sunset Orange
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Tribal Wooden Wall Rack
    Ships In 5-7 days
    Studio Design 'Aapni Rani Hum Hein!'
    Ships In 5-7 days
    Travis Blue Bicycle Wall Magazine Rack (18in x 8in x 32.5in)
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    Wall Hanging Shelf Open Back, Chain Pattern on Corner, Macrame
    Regular price Rs.1,000 Sale price Rs.447
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    Wall Hanging Shelf Open Back Partial, Chain Pattern, Macrame
    Regular price Rs.1,000 Sale price Rs.447
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    Wall Hanging Shelf Diamond Triangle
    Regular price Rs.1,000 Sale price Rs.589
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    Wall Hanging Shelf Curvy Double Lane
    Regular price Rs.1,000 Sale price Rs.614
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    Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf, Leaf
    Regular price Rs.2,000 Sale price Rs.967
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    Wooden Wall Rack
    Ships In 5-7 days
    Wooden Wall Rack
    Ships In 5-7 days
    Wooden Wall Rack
    Ships In 5-7 days
    Wooden Wall Rack
    Ships In 5-7 days
    Wooden Wall Rack
    Ships In 5-7 days
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    Rishya Decorative Wooden Wall Shelf (23in x 5in x 5in)
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    Elephant Decorative Wooden Wall Shelf (11in x 7in x 10in)
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    Wall Decor Handcrafted Wooden Shelves - Set of 2 (6.5x5x7")
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    Aesthetic Wall Racks & Shelves: Organise, Decorate, Save Space

    Love the aesthetic appeal of neatly displayed books, planters, photo frames, or trophies from home improvement magazines? You can achieve the same in your own house! A brilliant way to organise and display is by investing in sturdy yet sleek wall racks. Home decor as well as organisers – they do both jobs. So, if you want to buy some interesting wall racks to turn your kitchen, living room, or dining area into tidy spaces, we have the best range at Pisarto.  Read More

    Pisarto carries exquisite wall rack designs that seamlessly blend with your home furniture and decor. So to declutter your space while also displaying precious keepsakes, you must check out Pisarto’s selection of wooden wall racks. These shelves are durable, functional, and classy, making them a worthwhile investment for any home.

    Buy Wall Racks Online: A Practical Shopping Guide

    When it comes to shopping wall racks at Pisarto, there are so many options. From simple and elaborate to modern and traditional designs, our range is truly versatile. But you need not get confused. We are here to help you pick the best wall mount rack and make your shopping experience fun and convenient. We have listed down a few factors you should consider when selecting this kind of home decor cum organiser.

    1. Material: The type of wood and its nature plays a significant role in the overall performance of a wall rack. It is important to check the material as each one is different with distinctive characteristics, properties, and finishes.
    2. Design: Function and aesthetics are equally essential in decor pieces. Whether it is for your hall, bedroom, kitchen or balcony, choose a wall rack design that complements the existing theme of the space. First, think of the area you want to place it in and then choose the design accordingly.
    3. Size and Shape: When choosing the design, look at the shape and dimensions closely to ensure that the wall rack will fit the area you plan to mount it in. If you have a smaller space, you can opt for two- or three-tiered shelves with a compact design. Otherwise, you can go for cabinet-style wall racks that offer extra storage.

    Add Wall Racks to your Home Interiors in Stylish Ways

    Placing a wall rack in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room at the right spot might seem challenging. But not at Pisarto! With our styling guide, You can make use of these tips and tricks to style wall hanging racks or any other shelf in minutes:

    1. For the living room, you can place a wall mounted book rack and organise your books, little statues, or succulent planters. Use different sections of the rack to create a vintage vibe.
    2. Display your spices with pride on the spice shelf of a kitchen wall rack. Place all the containers in an organised way, so it is convenient for you to catch hold of the secret spices while cooking.
    3. Give the study or your bedroom an earthy feel with a wall mounted rack. Style it with some potted plants, candles, and a couple of magazines.

    Buy Wall Racks Online at Pisarto

    Whether you want wall racks for shop, home, or office use, Pisarto’s diverse collection of wall shelves is going to leave you in awe. So buy the smartest decor piece for your space and make it functional, organised, and picture-perfect. Browse through the different designs today at the Pisarto website and get yourself wall racks that fit and suit your interiors. That’s not it. We also got paintings, digital art, murals and whatnot. Discover and shop amazing decor accents at Pisarto now.

    Wall Racks - FAQs

    How to Install a Wall Rack?

    There is no better feeling than installing things yourself, which is why we are here to guide you on how you can install a wall rack. When installing a wall rack shelf, visualise the items you may place on them to evaluate the weight that they will be bearing. Then locate the wall’s studs and fasten your bedroom or kitchen wall rack securely on the supportive brackets to ensure durability.

    What is the Weight Capacity of Wall Racks?

    Whether it is a wall rack for the kitchen or the living room, each wall rack holds different weight capacities. It is crucial you read the description of the wall rack design you are interested in. You must consider the weight capacity, which will be mentioned in the specifications. Do not exceed the weight capacity.

    Tips to Buy a Wall Rack?

    Whether you are buying a wall rack for a bedroom or living room, it is advised to check the material, as each type of wood has a distinct finish and properties. Another element to consider is the design and if it compliments your interior aesthetic. And lastly, if you are purchasing wall racks for storage, make sure the size and shape is a compact design to support the weight of the items you intend to store.

    Types of Wall Racks?

    Wall racks are mainly divided into two types that serve the purposes of either storage or display. All our wall racks boast a beautiful, vintage aesthetic, some are made for minimum storage, such as the one meant to be a key holder.

    Get Wall Shelves for Optimum Storage

    Besides offering storage, hanging shelves also act as wall decor. If you are looking for wall shelves for your house, head over to Pisarto, one of India’s leading shopping websites for lifestyle and home decor. The right wall shelves blend seamlessly with your room decor and enhance the functionality of the space. At Pisarto, you can find shelves that tick both boxes. No matter what your requirements are, Pisarto’s wide collection of storage racks has something for everyone! 


    What are the Different Types of Wall Shelves?

    Based on their usage, wall shelves can be divided into various types. Listed below are a few types of shelves you can find at Pisarto:

    1. Wall Ledges: Built-in wall ledges blend well with the existing decor of your room and lend the space a smart, modern touch. You can use ledges to display photographs, table clocks, collectables, and other knick knacks. Wall ledges can also fit perfectly into the corners of a room, allowing you to upgrade your storage without taking up a lot of horizontal wall space.
    2. Wall RacksWooden wall shelves or racks are great for storing books, figurines, and other decorative items. On the other hand, wrought iron racks offer optimum storage for kitchen and dining areas. Wall racks are sleek and space-efficient, which makes them a great option for compact houses.
    3. Asymmetrical Shelves: These are your best bet if you want decorative wall shelves for the living room. Asymmetrical shelves come in different colours and designs and can both standout or blend in, depending on your room decor. At Pisarto, you can find asymmetrical shelves with attached key holders or storage hooks for maximum storage.

    Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Hanging Shelves

    When choosing a hanging shelf, take into account the following factors:

    1. Durability: Depending on how you plan to use the hanging shelf, you must assess its durability. Think about which room you are getting it for, how many people would use it, and approximately how much weight you want the shelf to carry. These pointers will help you pick a shelf that is best suited for your storage requirements.
    2. Material: Wall shelves can be made of plastic, wood, wrought iron, and various other materials. While wooden shelves are more durable, plastic and wrought iron shelves are more resistant to water and dust. Pick the right material based on where you would place the shelf and how you plan to use it.

    Shop for Hanging Shelves Online at Pisarto

    Pisarto offers you a wide collection of home decor items at an affordable rate. From wall-mounted shelves to wall racks, you can find all kinds of hanging shelves at Pisarto! You can place an order with just a few clicks and get the items of your choice delivered right to your doorstep. Moreover, Pisarto also offers free shipping and quick delivery across India. Visit the website today to purchase high-quality hanging shelves for your house!


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