About Us

PISARTO is a tech-enabled pure play online art gallery and a market disruptor in the art space. For the longest time, paintings and artworks have been confined mostly within the four walls of traditional art galleries. Pisarto has taken the digital-first approach and was set up to fulfil two broad objectives:

  • Bring Global Art to the doorstep of art lovers at reasonable prices with trust and the assurance of quality;
  • Encourage & Nurture established and emerging talent by providing them a platform to showcase their work and reach out to a wider audience.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the products are shipped all over India.


In 2011 Pinaki bought his first painting. That is not so important, what is significant is that he had to wait for close to four years before he could afford to buy one. That got him thinking...

Soon he realized how the world of art is an enigma and immensely complex for most art lovers. Not to forget the price tag!

And thus, Pisarto was born in 2019 with a focus to simplify art and making it accessible.

To make this a reality, Pisarto relentlessly is in pursuit of:

  • Curating artworks carefully that appeal to a larger audience.
  • Building a community of artists and providing them a platform to reach out to art lovers directly, thereby making the price point attractive.

Welcome to the world of PISARTO! Happy browsing at www.pisarto.com