The Founding Story

Pisarto Founder Story
In 2011, Pinaki bought his first painting!

That is not so important but what is important is that he had to wait for more than five years before he could afford to buy one. That got him thinking...

Soon he realized how the world of art was complex and an enigma to most art lovers, to add to that how the supply chain made art unaffordable.

And thus, Pisarto was born with a focus to simplify art and making it affordable.

 It also offers a platform to talented artists to showcase their work and thereby offering an opportunity to improve the lives of emerging artists.

Pisarto Who we are

Who are we?

Pisarto is an online art gallery that offers a rich mix of paintings and artworks that appeal to a wider spectrum of art lovers. The artworks brought to you here capture some of the finest expressions and imagination of our artists on different surfaces using different mediums. 

Our Mission is to “Make Art Affordable” for all art lovers backed by an assurance of quality and trust.

To make this a reality, Pisarto relentlessly is in pursuit of:

  • - Curating the artworks carefully to appeal to a larger audience.
  • - Building a community of painters and procuring the paintings directly from them, thereby making the price point very attractive.

  • This enables Pisarto to fulfil two key objectives that it has set out to achieve – “Art for All” and “Making Art Affordable”.

    The paintings offered are all handmade and have been carefully curated from artists primarily from India and South East Asia. Our team of curators spend hours curating the artworks and working closely with the painters to bring to you works which are easy to comprehend and appreciate. Some of the artworks are experimental and we encourage our artists to try out new mediums. 

    You are sure to find works of art that suit your taste, wall size, room type and subject. Not to forget prices that appeal to your wallet!

    We are based out of Mumbai, India and deliver all over the country.