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    Use Candle Holders to Upgrade Your Home Decor

    Candle holders are a good choice if you're looking for useful home decor. Besides serving as home decor, they add a bright touch to your space. What’s more, certain candle holders can also be used to diffuse aromatic oils and scents. If you are wondering where to find the best candle holders, look no further - from candle stands to diffusers, you can find it all at Pisarto! The website has a diverse collection of candle holders for you to choose from. Continue reading to discover more about the candle holders that Pisarto has to offer. Read More


    What are the Different Types of Candle Holders?

    Candle holders come in several shapes, sizes, and styles. Plus, they can be made of different materials, such as clay, glass, metal, crystal, and more! Some varieties of candle holders include:

    1. Votive Candle Holders: Votive candles are small pieces that can either burn on their own or be placed in holders. These holders are usually made of glass and look good as dining table decor, in living rooms, etc.
    2. Tea Light Candle Holders: Tealights are small in size and can be used to create different decorative shapes and patterns. Use several candle tea light holders to light up your entire house and add a classy touch to your space. These holders are a great decor option for Diwali and other similar occasions!

    Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Candle Holder

    Based on where you want to place your candle holder and how you plan to use it, there are certain aspects you should consider before buying one. These include:

    1. Choose a suitable material: Opt for metal candle holders for dining areas to minimise the risk of accidents. The same goes for bedside tables as well. For the rest of your bedroom and living room, you can pick clay, glass, and crystal candle stand depending on what blends best with the room’s overall decor.
    2. Assess your home decor: Pick a candle holder that complements your aesthetic. No matter how good the design is, if a candle stand holder is too large for your space or offers too drastic a visual contrast, it might look odd. Remember to assess how well the material and style of the candle holder match the existing furniture and decor before investing in it.
    3. Pick the correct type of holder: Depending on how you want to highlight the space, choose the right kind of candle holder. If you want something large and dramatic, pick a candelabra or a taper holder. On the other hand, if you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, sleeve and tea light candle holders are your best bet.

    Shop for Photo Frames Online at Pisarto

    Be it candle holder stands, or tealights, you can shop for a range of home decor items at Pisarto. Visit the Pisarto website to go through hundreds of options and place an order with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can receive free door-to-door delivery of your order. Head over to Pisarto to upgrade your house with affordable, high-quality items today!

    Candle Holders - FAQs

    Upgrade Your Home Decor With These Candle Holders

    What is the Appropriate Size of a Candle Holder?

    Depending on your room, the right size of a decorative candle holder should be anywhere between 7-8 inches in diameter. You can also use large hanging candle holders - known as candelabras - to transform the decor of a spacious living area.

    Which Type of Candle Stand is the Best?

    There are several candle stand designs you can choose from, based on which room you want to place them in! Metal candle stands can add a vintage touch to your bedroom, while glass candle stands are better suited for living rooms or study areas. We recommend using a compact candle stand for dining tables or seating areas so that you do not accidentally knock it over. Finally, tea light candle decoration ideas are perfect to brighten a small corner of your house.

    You can buy a variety of differently sized and designed candle stands online at Pisarto!

    What Is A Diffuser?

    Diffusers are also known as aroma lamps. These are used to diffuse liquids such as essential oils, as the name implies. The oils evaporate into the air and lend the space a cosy, fragrant feel. While scented candle holders cover a limited area, the fragrance released by the diffuser covers a wider space. That is why it is recommended to pair them together for larger rooms.

    Buy Aroma Oil Diffusers Online at Pisarto

    From candle holders and tea light decorations to aroma oil diffusers and metal candle holders, you can shop for all of them online at Pisarto! We offer a wide collection of home decor items at an affordable rate. This way, you can amp up your living space without any hassle right from the comfort of your home. Order aroma oil diffusers from Pisarto today!

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    candle & candle holders Online with Price

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    Ocean Room Mist
    Rs. 1,185
    Royal Rose Room Mist
    Rs. 1,185
    Floral Lavender Room Mist
    Rs. 1,185
    Ocean Mist Reed Diffuser
    Rs. 1,465
    Citrusy Cosmos Reed Diffuser
    Rs. 1,465
    Floral Lavender Reed Diffuser
    Rs. 1,465
    Valentine's Ocean Mist Soy Big Candle
    Rs. 1,065
    Valentine's Royal Rose Soy Big Candle
    Rs. 1,065
    Valentine's Classic Duo Set
    Rs. 1,740
    Valentine's Ocean Mist Soy Wax Melts
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