Utility Box & Trinket Tray


    Utility Box & Trinket Trays: The Missing Piece in Your Decor

    When it comes to getting your home decor professionally done, it is all well and good until maintenance becomes a task. If you live with multiple people or even alone, the constant mess made by small items like jewellery, change, etc. is difficult to manage without crafty accessories like a trinket tray. These trays are created in various sizes and are often used as decorative ceramic trinket dishes throughout the house and offer benefits that are more than merely visual. Read More

    If your home is missing a beautiful trinket tray, Pisarto's latest collection is where you need to look!

    What are the Types of Trinket Trays Available?

    From minimalist items to extravagant ones, you can find a wide range of choices at Pisarto. Here are some fun trinket dish options you should take a look at:

    • Dipping Plate: This category features various dipping sauce plates and trays that will surely be a fine addition to your home. These are made of high-quality trinket tray ceramic stoneware that is incredibly durable and lasts you a lifetime without any issues. You can find these in colours like denim blue and beige embellished with small honey bees, kingfishers, etc. at the side to give them a rustic look.
    • Wall-Hanging Ceramic Trinket Tray: As far as uniqueness is concerned, this category at Pisarto guarantees heaps of it. Also made of high-quality ceramic stoneware, these mini trinket trays are designed in the shape of a woman at rest. This also doubles as a wall hanging that you can use to elevate your walls on any occasion.

    How Can You Use a Trinket Tray?

    Trinket trays are not at all complicated to use. By getting rid of unnecessarily clutter around the house, they will make your decor even more aesthetically appealing. Listed below are some of the ways you can use your trinket tray:

    • The most obvious use of a trinket tray is for your jewellery and other tiny belongings like cash, keys, fridge magnets, etc. that you can store easily instead of constantly misplacing them. You can also use them as a toothpick holder and drop some of these along with other essentials in this tray.
    • Another fun way to use them is with your small plants. You can place the plant in your tray and water it daily without worrying about making a mess as the tray will collect any water seeping out of the pot with ease.
    • You can also use trinket trays to serve small dipping plates, starters and such at parties. This will keep your guests impressed by your unique presentation skills without a doubt.

    Trinket Tray Online India Shopping at Pisarto

    Pisarto is India's biggest online art gallery and accessories, aiming to bridge the gap between art and artists. In this store, you can find a variety of finery that will fit right into your decor and make it more tasteful. Pisarto delivers throughout the country and you can have your favourite home decor and lifestyle products delivered to your front door, right away. So, start shopping!

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