Landscape, Cityscape, Ruralscape Paintings

This category of paintings is the most popular and broadly covers nature, tree, forest, scenery, sunset, sunrise, cityscape, rural scape, roads and walkways. The beauty of everything natural is ... Read More

Landscape Paintings depict natural scenery in the art, which is why it is also referred to as nature paintings. Artists have been enamoured by her beauty and have tried to capture nature in all her glory through beautiful landscape paintings. Every true artist has been captivated and inspired by the magnificence and grandeur of nature. Nature paintings are also known as landscape paintings due to the depiction of natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees and other such elements which are arranged in a coherent manner. 

The fascination of the art world with sunset paintings is as long as the art form itself. Sunsets last only a few moments, leaving us asking for more. But then, art came up with a solution. It was to immortalize the visual through sunset paintings. Some of the popular pieces of a sunset as well as sunrise paintings come from the 19th century.

Artists from around the world swear by the earthy quality of our villages and clamour to paint various rural scenes. Paintings depicting rural scenes from culturally diverse villages across the globe are referred to as village paintings. Village paintings depict a rural scene from the everyday, simple life of village folk going about their day of farming, relaxing, and making a living for themselves. 

A cityscape painting is an artistic representation of urban cities and city life. These paintings depict various aspects of the cities such as the buildings, skyline, people, parks, and more. From panoramic city views to a close-up look at a crowded street, cityscape paintings capture a wide range of views.

Traditional beach paintings have a coastal view with one or more ships as the subject. But these paintings carry a unique spirit and an intriguing subtext of life that depict the majestic crashing of the waves on the shore, the warmth of the sand or the splendour of sunsets on the ocean's horizon. 

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Landscape, Cityscape, Ruralscape Paintings Collection Landscape, Cityscape, Ruralscape Paintings Price
Jharukhas of Past
Rs. 16,768
An Autumn Blur
Rs. 15,396
Fading Vibrance
Rs. 14,710
Greyscale Fovea
Rs. 16,082
Solitary Witness
Rs. 14,710
Rocks and Ruins
Rs. 14,710
Rs. 14,710
Alley of Bygones
Rs. 14,710
Misty Sundarbans - 6
Rs. 42,683
Misty Sundarbans - 8
Rs. 45,884