Ship, Sea, Beach Paintings


    The Artistic Depths of Beach Paintings 

    Beaches are a go-to destination for many who like exploring the ambience of the place, its beauty, and tranquillity. People love to refresh the aforementioned features of this location with either their favourite souvenirs or beach paintings. 

    For many, traditional beach paintings have a coastal view with one or more ships as the subject. But these paintings carry a unique spirit and an intriguing subtext of life that depict the majestic crashing of the waves on the shore, the warmth of the sand or the splendour of sunsets on the ocean's horizon. Read More

    Why People Have Beach Paintings At Homes?

    Beach paintings have been popular among collectors for two basic reasons, including the visual feeling of relaxation and the meditative silence. But more prominently the popularity is attributed to the paintings’ beauty, its versatility, and visually communicating the subject with subtle details.

    Ways To Decorate Your Homes With Eye-Pleasing Beach Paintings

    Are you looking for refreshing your home interior with beach paintings? You can easily do it with some of the home decor tips and collection of beach, landscape, and sunrise paintings.

    • Large-Scale Beach Paintings
      An oversized beach painting will make sure to set the aesthetics and tone of your room. For example, consider hanging a calm beach painting in your living room for a more appealing and peaceful ambience. Whereas, raging sea paintings for your bedroom would be of great choice.
  • Hang the Painting At An Eye Level
  • For rooms with high ceilings, consider hanging beach paintings at an eye level. It will visually balance your room decor and create a midline to define the space. Whereas, for low ceilings, you can divide your walls into three quarters with measuring tape and hang your paintings in the upper quadrant above a side table or a couch. For an aquatic theme, consider hanging fish paintings on your walls.

  • Salon-Style Art Gallery
  • With a multitude of paintings (with different subjects and dimensions) when clubbed together could create an amazing salon-style art gallery. This style is one of the most admired and adored in different spaces. For example, a variety of paintings, including a beach, landscape, or summer season paintings, will make sure to look good when squeezed together on a wall.¬†

    Shop For Beach Paintings on Pisarto 

    On Pisarto, you can find a variety of beach paintings from talented artists that suits your home decor. Apart from beach art, you can also pick other colourful and popular style of paintings from the platform. 

    For kids room, we have a variety of abstract rainy season paintings with calm colours. Whereas, you can go for animal paintings with soothing hues that can be strategically placed with indoor plants in your home. Also, consider opting for village scene paintings to refresh your memories of your native places. 

    Whichever painting you may choose, Pisarto guarantees to deliver artworks to all Indian pin codes. So, go ahead and sign up to Pisarto right away to get your hands on some beautiful paintings online. 

    Indian Paintings FAQs

    1. What is a beach painting?

    Beach painting or ocean painting portrays the picturesque oceans, backwaters, and beaches. These paintings capture the true beauty of water, sun, sand, and nature through delicate brushstrokes. Be it the majesticness of a storm in the ocean to the stillness of the sea at dusk; these paintings capture everything. Most of the beach paintings also include boats, ships, and the seashore.

    2. How to paint a beach painting?

    There is something incredibly serene about sea paintings. The sun, sand, and sea evoke feelings of calm, tranquillity, and happiness. Even though it can be a bit challenging to capture the true emotions that encapsulate the sea and its surroundings, it is not impossible.

    The best way for beginners to create beach paintings is to opt for a basic and simple style. You can start by including the sea, sky, and the shore. Once you have mastered the basics, you can add details such as the sun, boats, palm trees, and more. Listed below are some instructions on how to paint serene seascape paintings:

    • Start by painting the sky in a light blue colour.
    • Mix the blue paint used to paint the sky with white paint. Use this mix to paint the next layer below the sky.
    • Next, paint the sea in a dark blue colour. Use cyan as a transition colour for the next layer. The sea should be painted so that it transitions from dark to light colours.
    • Use white paint between the shore and the sea to give a very soft blended look.
    • For the shore, use a light burnt sienna colour to depict the same. You can mix the colour with white paint to get the perfect shade of sand.
    • Paint clouds on the sky with white paint through thin feathered brush strokes.
    • Lightly paint over the dark part of the sea with teal blue to give the sea some depth.
    • Draw a faint white line on the shore with white paint and feather the paint out towards the ocean to depict the waves. An angled or flat brush works best for this.

    3. Which are some of the most famous seascape paintings?

    Seascape paintings are popular for the way they capture the calm waters and their surroundings. Over the years, there have been many seascape or beach paintings that have made history. Listed below are some of the most popular seascape paintings by artists:

    • William Turner - The Fighting Temeraire
    • Joaquin Sorolla - San Vicente Cape
    • Claude Monet - Impression, Sunrise
    • Ivan Aivazovsky - Seascape
    • Katsushika Hokusai - The Great Wave
    • Albert Bierstadt - The Wave

    4. Where should you place a beach painting in your house?

    You can adorn any part of your home with beautiful beach paintings. You can hang it over the mantle in the living room or over your bed in the bedroom. A beach painting invokes a sense of tranquillity. Since it draws in positive energy and offers a calming vibe, it is best placed in a common area.

    5. How do you paint seascapes with acrylics?

    Acrylic paint is a great option for seascape and beach paintings. The first step to painting a beach with acrylics is choosing your inspiration. Once you have your inspiration for the picture, dampen the canvas and start painting. Use a large brush for the best effect. For the appearance of calm waters, use softer colours and use deep colours to depict rough waters.

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