Indian Theme Paintings

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    Stay True to Culture with Indian Paintings

    India is one of the most culturally rich countries across the globe and the same is apparent in every aspect of the country. From clothing to cuisine and diversity to most importantly, art, you can find a uniqueness to it that can only be seen in India. Indian art paintings are a major category in art that include beautiful depictions of culturally significant events or even day to day occurrences in the country itself. Read More

    Featuring some of the best paintings online in India, you can now browse and shop for your favourite ones at Pisarto.

    Indian Paintings for Every Indian

    As an admirer of Indian culture, one can have interests in a number of fields of Indian beautiful paintings. Here are some of the best ones you can check out:

    • Indian Traditional Paintings: India has a number of styles that can be clearly seen in many old Indian paintings like Madhubani, Warli, Kalighat, Gond, Patachitra and many more. Just like digital art, you can find a modern take on these paintings at Pisarto.
    • Modern Indian Paintings: Art today has a lot of modern takes that can be seen in Pisarto's collection of Indian paintings. These include still cityscape paintings, greyscales, substance abuse images and such.
    • Indian Abstract Paintings: Abstract art is always open to interpretation and Pisarto features a number of beautiful pieces from Indian artists. With hidden messages of the country's soul merged into the colours, these paintings are one of the best Indian paintings available.
    • Indian Miniature Paintings: As the name suggests, this is a traditional art style of depicting detailed stories on very small portraits. The intricate brushwork in these handmade paintings is a sight to behold and Pisarto offers the very best ones in watercolour.

    Style Your Home with Indian Paintings

    Adding a few pieces of Indian paintings in your home is the best way to feel more connected to the culture. Here are a few fun ways you can style your interiors with them:

    • Ancient Indian paintings should be displayed in your living room, right above your seating area to add some personality, this will surely act as a statement piece.
    • Modern paintings will act as the perfect decor for your kitchen with some fruit bowls and vases as decor items to tie the whole thing together.
    • Abstract paintings can be a delight to have in your bedroom, above the bedpost, especially if they match the colour scheme of your interiors and bedding.
    • Miniature paintings, along with some fun inspirational quotes will create the perfect mood board for your home office or study space.

    Buy Paintings Online India from Pisarto

    Regardless of what your preferences in art are, Pisarto has just the thing for you. From sculptures to paintings, this CRISIL certified online art gallery will supply you with your favourites all across India. Featuring new talent that opt for a painting as their medium of expression, you can now find beautiful art very easily, at your leisure.

    Indian Paintings - FAQ’s

    Where to get Indian paintings online?

    Pisarto is a great online art gallery for you to buy paintings online in India. It provides buyers with famous paintings of India at attractive prices. A platform for established and emerging artists to showcase their work and reach out to a wider audience with their Indian traditional work. You can get Indian cultural painting to your doorstep as Pisarto ships across India and has a very simplified art buying process.

    Which are the best Indian paintings of all time?

    There have been many famous Indian paintings throughout the years: Dandi March by Nandlal Bose, Bharat Mata by Abanindranath Tagore, Three Pujarins by Jamini Roy, Brahmacharis by Amrita Sher-Gil, and more. You can find more than 100+ artists and 30+ categories of best Indian paintings online at Pisarto. Browse the collection to pick ancient Indian paintings. You can also choose from a wide range of paintings by modern Indian artists.

    What do Indian paintings depict?

    There are various types of Indian paintings, and each one of them is rich in depicting our culture, ethics, and landscapes. Over the years, the style has evolved a lot, but you can find all varieties of ancient Indian paintings online at Pisarto. You can also find modern Indian paintings, depicting nature, sunrise, sunsets, landscapes, religion, traditions, folklore, and more. 

    What are the types of Indian traditional paintings?

    Some of the most popular types of Indian traditional paintings are Madhubani Painting, Warli Painting, Kalighat Painting, Miniature Painting, and more. You can find all kinds of Indian folk art paintings online at Pisarto. Check out the carefully curated selection of global artwork that is offered by Pisarto to pick your favorite wall paintings online in India.

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