Sculpture - Classic for Every Art Lover

    Art is meant to be appreciated in multiple different forms since a thing so creatively deep can hardly be expressed in just one way. While some find the most interest in paintings, many others turn to sculpture for a truly engaging experience. Sculpture art consists of creating two or three-dimensional figures that can be shaped in either representative or abstract forms with meanings quite open to interpretation. The transition from ancient sculpture to modern has been an artistically promising one, all of which is beautifully reflected in Pisarto's sculpture collection. Read More

    Classical Sculpture Available at Pisarto

    Modern sculptures are versatile as they give you the freedom to let your creativity flow several forms. Here are some of the most popular types of sculpture available at Pisarto:

    • Wood Sculpture: One of the many qualities of a wood sculpture is its lightweight texture that allows for much finer details in the carving. It has a sturdy quality that makes for durable pieces in the long run. You can find these at Pisarto in alluring and minimalistic designs, colors that are a part of the innate texture as well as shades of wood.
    • Bronze Sculpture: Bronze is the most popular when it comes to metal sculpture art since it is very ductile and will last you a long time. This type of metal sculpture signifies nobility in art and has been popular since ancient times in sculptures of religious entities across all cultures. These are available at Pisarto in abstract and famous sculptures like the Buddha sculpture.
    • Brass Sculpture: Another extremely malleable alloy, brass can be easily carved into intricate moldings. It has a high resistance against corrosion and the sleek appearance makes it a great material to invest in when it comes to sculptures. Pisarto offers you a variety of handcrafted options under this category including figurative, abstract, etc. models.

    How Can You Use a Sculpture?

    Pisarto's range features fabulous wall sculpture art that makes it easier to incorporate sculpture in your home decor. Here are a few tips to ensure you make the best use of this wall sculpture:

    • As wood makes for light sculptures, it is ideal to keep these as your desk buddies on your office table. Also, you can keep these figurines on your bedside table to add to your decor.
    • Bronze sculpture tends to catch the eye of anyone who walks past so such a signature piece should be put up in your living room. Place it on your shelves with some succulents, books, etc. spaced out tastefully.
    • Decorate your study table by buying a Buddha statue online to welcome the feelings of calm and prosperity that the statue brings with it.

    Buy Sculpture from Pisarto

    Pisarto is the go-to spot for all those with a passion for art. This CRISIL certified online art gallery calls attention to the talents of countless up-and-coming artists, whose high-quality art is available at affordable ranges. Through its convenient delivery system, Pisarto aims to deliver genuine art to every art lover's doorstep throughout the country. So, get started!

    Sculpture - FAQs 

    What are the types of sculpture?

    There are many ways of classifying sculptures but the most prominent one is based on forms. Sculpture in the round, also called free-standing sculpture, such as statues, not attached (except possibly at the base) to any other surface, and the relief sculpture, which are at least partly attached to a background surface.

    What are the 8 elements of sculpture?

    The elements of sculpture can be defined as the aspects that are often used together to organise an artwork. They are as follows:

    • Line
    • Shape
    • Form
    • Tone
    • Texture
    • Pattern
    • Colour
    • Composition
    What are the benefits of keeping sculptures at home?

    In this day and age, where everything is just happening at a brisk pace, having a modern sculpture at your home can have a calming effect due to the magnetic appeal of the said artwork. 

    They can also add a sense of aesthetic vibe to a room and effortlessly express your entire personality to others. These artworks have a certain positive energy about them that cannot be matched by any other decorative items.

    Also, emotions are often associated with sculptures. Whether it is a memory or feeling, many can relate to these artworks on a personal level. Many a time, they also possess thematic elements that can serve as a major source of food for thought.

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