Diya & Tea Light Holder

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    Brighten Up Your Home With Diya & Tea Light Holders

    You do not need the festive season to brighten up your home with diya and tea lamp holders. Lights, lamps, and string lights are an inextricable part of each home. With a stunning collection of diya lamps and tea light holders at Pisarto, you can brighten up every corner of your home and make it feel festive all year round. We curate the finest diya stands and tea light holders, so your place can feel like a vibrant getaway from the rest of the daily hassles. Discover our stunning range of diya light and tea light holders today. Read More

    Diya & Tea Light Holders at Pisarto

    We offer a beautiful range of diya and tea light holders to brighten up your home, including:

    1. Tea Light Holder: Lighting up tea lights in duller corners of our spaces can create a delicate and beautiful display that can brighten up any room. With our unique, bold tea light holders available in brown and blue hues, you can enhance your space with an elegant display. Enjoy the stunning display of light in your new tea light candle holder.
    2. Diya Holder: Traditional diyas are a beautiful form of lighting in Indian houses, and with our stunning diya holders, you can light up your space in a beautiful and conventionally celebrated way. Opt for our set of 4 diyas and tea light holders and place them on your coffee table for a stunning display of home décor.
    3. Tea Light Stand: Elevate your tea light display with our tea light candle holder stands for a beautiful, elegant vibe. They are an incredible alternative to lamps because they provide an alluring illusion. They are also an excellent gifting idea for your loved ones.
    4. Diya Wall Hanging: Our wrought iron diya wall holders are a popular diya trend for displays this season. Easy to light up and place your diyas in, they give a stunning and alluring appearance on the wall and are a very safe option to display the diyas as they stay away from being fixed on the wall. You can also shop for diya online at Pisarto to add them to your diya and tea light holders.

    How to Use Diya & Tea Light Holders to Brighten Up Your Space

    When it comes to lighting ornaments, at Pisarto, there are several diya and tea light holders to choose from that are bound to become your new favourites.

    • If you are known to have a quirky and eccentric style, we suggest mixing and matching from our range of diya and tea light holders. With a variety of hues from browns, blues, greens, and tans available online at Pisarto, you can create a vibrantly lively display for your lights. To add a little more quirk to your home style, you can even put the diya and tea light holder on top of kids' toys, such as a taxi or bus, for a uniquely eccentric display.
    • If you tend to stick to neutrals and your home is the definition of minimalism, we advise you to stick to our stunningly wrought iron wall hanging diya and tea lights holder because they can take up a designated space on your wall and compliment every kind of neutral colour scheme and elevate it with its vintage and beautiful charm.

    Buy Diya & Tea Light Holders at Pisarto Today

    Light up your home with our stunning collection of diya and tea light holders for a beautiful display. Curated with you in our minds, our range is of the finest craftsmanship and the best of quality, available right at the tip of your fingers and shipped to your home in 7-10 days. Shop now to light up your homes today!
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    diya & tea light holder Online with Price

    Diya & Tea Light Holder Collection Diya & Tea Light Holder Price
    Wooden Tea Light Stand - Hollow - Set of 3
    Rs. 1,450
    T-Light Holder Wooden Round Hollow
    Rs. 1,350
    T-Light Holder Wooden Shapes
    Rs. 1,000
    Wooden Lantern with Glass
    Rs. 1,600
    Prism 104
    Rs. 700
    Wrought Iron Tribal Semi Circle Wall Hanging
    Rs. 3,449
    Copper Chevron T-Light Blue
    Rs. 970
    Copper Chevron T-Light Green
    Rs. 970
    Copper Chevron T-Light Mustard
    Rs. 970
    Copper Chevron T-Light Red
    Rs. 970