Mirror Frames

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    Revamp your Home Decor with Mirror Frames!

    A mirror reflects not just who is in front of it but also the aesthetic sense of its owner. Antique mirror frames can make your mirrors look elegant and effortlessly change the look of any space.

    You can shop for mirror frames - including magic mirror photo frames, wrought iron frames, and many more - from the comfort of your home at Pisarto. All mirror frames available at Pisarto are reasonably priced so that you can revamp your home without burning a hole in your pockets. Discover our exciting range of mirror frames right here. Read More

    Exploring the World of Mirror Frames 

    There are no hard and fast rules for buying a mirror frame. However, you must ensure the frames match the overall aesthetic and look of your house. Here are some mirror frames available at Pisarto that can blend with most home decor styles.

    1. Rectangular Iron Mirror Frame

    Designed with care and precision, a classic black mirror frame by Pisarto is perfect for living rooms and other large spaces.

    1. Rectangular Iron Mirror Frame with Dome

    Use a rectangular frame with dome to amplify small nooks, bathrooms, hallways, etc. These look best placed in the dining hall or living room.

    1. Elegant Mirror Frame

    Antique mirror frames make your pictures stand out by giving them an elegant look.

    1. Triangle Mirror Frame

    If you are tired of square and rectangular mirror frames, check this one out! With a distinctive composition and sturdy metal framing, this triangular frame fits well in most rooms and enhances the overall style quotient of your house.

    1. Glam-up Mirror Frame

    If you want to take your home decor a notch higher, use this round mirror frame to decorate your living area.

    Tips for Using Mirror Frames as Home Decor

    If you want to give your house a quick new look, style it with Pisarto's exclusive range of mirror frames. Our collection features options designed to add grandeur and glamour to your everyday life.

    A mirror photo frame can change the look of your room, especially if it is styled well. These mirror frames look elegant from all angles. Here are some styling tips you can consider while using mirror frames: 

    • Decorate it with other home decor pieces: Place a mirror at a height and add cabinets below it. Do not forget to decorate the cabinet with candles, plants, a sculpture, or lamps. This will light up the space while attracting everyone's attention and make every guest turn and gaze. 
    • Add artwork to enhance its beauty: Consider flanking mirrors with artwork, digital prints, or sconces. This will give your room an artistic and captivating touch.
    • Style it with other mirrors: Place three to five mirrors together to create a unique design. This look works better if the mirror frames are of different shapes, sizes and dimensions.

    Shop for Stunning Mirror Frames at Pisarto

    You will find all types of frames for mirrors at Pisarto. Explore our diverse range of the best mirror photo frames that would look great on their own or with accessories. Pisarto aims to make your living comfortable, luxurious, and affordable. If you're eager to know more about mirror frames or want to give your place a new look, visit Pisarto today! You will find a wide range of mirror frames designed exclusively to add glamour to your home and lifestyle.

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