Handmade Paintings


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    Deep Conversation 4' 10" X 3' 11"
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    An Autumn Blur 1' 10" X 1' 3"
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    Storm of Emotions (JS) 2' 0" X 3' 0"
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    Layers Abstract 4' 9" X 3' 6"
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    City of Dreams (PD) 1' 10" X 1' 10"
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    Shades of Fire 1' 1" X 1' 1"
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    Swimming Together 6'7"X3'3"
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    Blessings of Ganesha 3'3" X 3'11"
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    Tortoise Reflections 6'1"X3'3"
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    The Flower Collector 3' 0" X 2' 0"
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    Amidst the Rustic 3'11"X3'3"
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    Abstract Flowers 2' 6" X 1' 8"
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    Floating Rock 1' 0" X 1' 5"
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    Night in the Open Sky 2' 6" X 1' 8"
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    Blue Macaw 1' 8" X 2' 6"
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    Relaxation 1' 0" X 1' 6"
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    Golden Gate 2' 9" X 1' 11.5"
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    Dance of Dragons 3'11"X3'3"
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    Another World 1' 9" X 1' 2"
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    Handmade Paintings

    Painting is one of the most important form of visual arts, bringing in elements such as drawing, composition, gesture, narration and abstraction 

    Handmade Paintings are made by applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface like canvas, paper, cloth, silk, ceramic, wood, glass, pottery, metal or even a wall. The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush, but other implements, such as pen, knives, sponges and airbrushes are also used. Read More

    Handmade Paintings - FAQs

    How to take care of a handmade painting?

    Handmade wall paintings are one of the most delicate pieces of art that need to handled with utmost care. Here are a few tips that may come in handy:

    • While picking a spot in the house where your painting gets maximum views is important, make sure it is not hung under direct sunlight or in places where it can get damp.
    • Make sure the hooks it hangs on are strong so that it does not fall off in case you accidentally bump into it.
    • Clean the painting only when necessary, using a soft-bristled brush. You could even opt for a microfiber cloth. However, do not use any type of liquid agents to clean the painting.

    Where to buy handmade paintings?

    With the internet having taken us by storm, it only makes sense to buy handmade paintings online so that it may be hand-delivered to our home carefully. The benefit of purchasing a painting online on Pisarto, for example, is that you can view thousands of options before you narrow down on the one that strikes a chord with you. Moreover, buying paintings on Pisarto is cost-effective too.

    Which paintings are handmade paintings?

    It can be difficult to identify true handmade paintings from those given a similar appearance digitally. A few tips that would help tell you the difference are given below:

    • In most cases, the brush strokes and clear texture of paint in countless layers are visible to the naked eye.
    • A common method to detect a handmade portrait is to run your fingers along the surface to feel the buildups, brushstrokes, and swirls.
    • Another sign to look out for is that if a wall art is handmade, it will not have clear boundaries or borders as in printed art.
    • Also, look out for the signature and date that can indicate if the painting is handmade or printed.

    Who are some of the most famous artists of handmade paintings?

    Handmade paintings are a favourite among artists around the world - making it hard to pinpoint only a couple of famous artists in the category. However, here are two world-renowned global artists who broke sale records and have had exhibits in renowned galleries; and two Indian artists who put the country on the map with their exemplary works of art.

    • Takashi Murakami

    Takashi Murakami, a popular Japanese artist, is the current talk of the world art scene and known his for contemporary art style infused with Japanese culture. He calls his style as “super flat”, blending Japanese pop culture, that entails 2D imagery of manga and anime, with contemporary art.

    • Cecily Brown

    Cecily Brown is another famous artist born in London. Her work is a beautiful display of vivid, atmospheric depictions. She is also a contemporary artist who is known for the fragmented bodies and erotic positions she paints on canvas.

    • M.F. Hussain

    Closer to home, M.F. Hussain is an internationally recognised Indian artist of the 20th century. He painted bold and vibrant paintings in his interpretation of Cubist art that presented beautiful narratives.

    • Raja Ravi Varma

    Raja Ravi Varma’s handmade paintings got the world’s attention to Indian art and themes with his spectacular works in colonial India. He employed European academic art techniques in his artworks that revolved around Indian tradition and scenery. His series of paintings on Indian mythology are some of his most well-recognised works.

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