Watercolor Paintings for Art at its Finest

When looking at different paintings, it is always the life-like resemblance to certain objects or a sentimental interest that draws you in. In the art world, a painting style that leaves such a lasting and stunning impression is watercolor paintings. A watercolor painting is known to add a vibrant edge to every artwork.

With Pisarto’s latest range of beautiful watercolor paintings, you can incorporate the best of art into your home decor and elevate the look of your space. Check out this collection of complex to easy watercolor paintings to take your pick!

What are the Different Simple Watercolor Paintings on Pisarto?

Our collection of watercolor drawings features a large variety of options in terms of surface, size, subject, and more that you can choose from. Here are some of the best water paintings you should take a look at:

  • Watercolor Landscape Painting: This section includes detailed depictions of village or city life featuring natural elements like trees, mountains, rivers, watercolor painting flowers, and more. With the allure of watercolors, these paintings are a delight.
  • Bird Watercolor Painting: Portrayals of bird and animal life are one of the most beautiful things any artist can put on a canvas. This range presents creative renditions of elephants, swans, reindeers, horses, fishes, and more.
  • Watercolor Portrait Painting: A portrait refers to a painting that features a human, reflecting the complexities of human life. Pisarto offers you an insightful collection of paintings of the female body, people-oriented households, religious figures, and more.
  • Abstract Easy Watercolor Drawing: Abstract paintings are mainly up to the interpretation of the admirer, featuring shapes and colors that are often random. This Pisarto section offers you a look into various worlds through an abstract lens.

Where can You Use Watercolor Paintings?

Our watercolor scenery paintings will add some life to your decor. Here are a few fun ideas to make the most of your favorite nature watercolor painting:

  • Put up a watercolor painting of scenery in your living room for a breath of fresh air. This will also add a pop of color, especially if your interiors are neutral.
  • Go with a wildlife canvas painting for your kitchen. This is a fun and classy subject to hang up in your cooking space.
  • Opt for a portrait painting in your home office or a study room for a sophisticated edge. Opt for dark colors to maintain a classic vibe.
  • Abstract watercolor paintings will go quite well with your bedroom interiors. You can take inspiration for colors from your home decor.

Shop for Beautiful Watercolor Paintings at Pisarto

Our CRISIL-certified online art gallery is one of the most popular ones in India, aiming to bring art lovers closer to authentic art in this age of digital art. Featuring different artworks like sculptures to paintings, this gallery offers all that you are looking for. Take a look at the recent range of watercolor paintings from up-and-coming artists and get your hands on your favorite!

FAQs - Watercolor Paintings

What are some of the most beautiful watercolor paintings?

There have been many great artists in history who have made beautiful watercolor paintings. Some of the best ones include Flamingo by Olechka, Watercolor Art by Barbara Bernat, Watercolors by Marc Allante, and more. These are artistic depictions of watercolor painting flowers, wildlife, etc. You can also take a look at some of the best watercolor paintings by up and coming artists on Pisarto.

How to protect watercolor paintings from fading?

These are some important measures you can take to protect your watercolor drawings from fading over time:

  • Keep your easy watercolor painting out of direct sunlight by applying a sheet of filtered glass or acrylic on top of it.
  • Spraying on multiple coats of varnish (gloss) on simple watercolor painting also works.
  • Ensure the mat board of the watercolor painting scenery is acid-free to keep the paints from discoloring over time.

How would you describe watercolor painting?

Watercolor paintings are essentially a creation of paints suspended in water-based solutions. Watercolor landscape paintings, sceneries, etc., are some of the most inventine paintings depicted through a unique, soft medium that pulls the onlooker into each portrayal. You can take a look at such beautiful watercolor paintings on Pisarto, featuring new and talented artists from across the world.

Where can I buy watercolor paintings online?

You can buy watercolor paintings online on Pisarto—a CRISIL certified online art gallery that aims to bridge the gap between authentic art and art lovers. The available collections include a variety of categories, including nature watercolor paintings. You can also buy imaginative watercolor portrait paintings in different mediums such as oils, acrylics, etc. Any watercolor scenery painting from this range will be right at home on your walls, elevating the interiors of your house.

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Watercolor Paintings Online with price

watercolor paintings Online with Price

Vintage Town
Regular Price Rs. 28,277 Sale Price Rs. 26,156
Horse Series - 3
Regular Price Rs. 27,057 Sale Price Rs. 25,027
Fishing Boats
Regular Price Rs. 22,942 Sale Price Rs. 21,221
Dancing Trees
Regular Price Rs. 22,942 Sale Price Rs. 21,221
Talking Trees
Regular Price Rs. 22,942 Sale Price Rs. 21,221
Old Town
Regular Price Rs. 22,942 Sale Price Rs. 21,221
In the Shadows
Regular Price Rs. 21,723 Sale Price Rs. 20,093
Forest House - I
Regular Price Rs. 20,198 Sale Price Rs. 18,683
Deserted Old Town
Regular Price Rs. 20,198 Sale Price Rs. 18,683
Resting Boats
Regular Price Rs. 20,198 Sale Price Rs. 18,683