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Staple Watercolour Paintings for Your Home

 Watercolour paintings are one of the oldest styles of paintings that ancient humans first made in caves. Despite their early origins, watercolours become a prominent part of history post the Renaissance period. 

Earlier, artists regarded watercolours primarily as a sketching tool for creating quick and informal style paintings. But eventually, they saw the beauty of watercolours and used them as a medium for depicting the aesthetic of various subjects on canvas.

Reasons Watercolour Paintings Gained Popularity

Watercolour is a tricky medium, but if done correctly, it can create versatile and eloquent paintings that look nothing less than artworks made by celebrated artists. Here is a curated list of reasons why people buy these paintings: 

  • Quality pigments ensure the longevity of the paintings. They also fade less and guarantee that the paintings look good even after thousands of years. For example, people paintings created by the famous Leonardo da Vinci, Grant Wood, and Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, still remain the most durable paintings in art history.
  • Many watercolour paintings are made on acid-free surfaces and do not yellow. For example, watercolour scenery paintings bought from our website will not yellow even after many decades. 
  • Many times, watercolour paintings contain brush hair, artists’ fingerprints, and brushwork that creates luminosity, a tactile living surface or a feeling of space and depth. People know that these are unique artworks that cannot be recreated on canvas again. For example, watercolour religious paintings are the most sought-after by Indian homeowners as they help brighten up interiors.

Tips for Decorating Your House or Workplace With Watercolour Paintings

 Are you looking for watercolour paintings that would refresh your living or workspace? With the following interior decor tips, you can do it with ease and decorate your home or office like a pro: 

  • Add Greenery - Position your favourite watercolour paintings directly next to a tall, potted plant and make your space look more dynamic. Consider hanging horse paintings on a plain, white wall to give the ambience a boost. You can also opt for Buddha paintings that will spread calm and peaceful vibes in the room. 
  • Sculptural Sconces - You can add some colour contrast to your walls with vibrant, textured watercolour paintings and sculptural sconces. If you are an animal lover, you can opt for hanging paintings of domestic animals.
  • Style up With Antiques - For a rustic feel, you can hang your favourite watercolour painting along with some antique pieces for a more modern home decor style. Go for antiques that give the room an eclectic feel. For example, watercolour paintings, when paired with antique porcelain or earthenware, will amp up the style of your modern home.

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      On Pisarto, shop for a variety of watercolour paintings online from talented artists and add positive vibes to your home or office. Whichever painting your choose, Pisarto offers quality artworks from well-known artists from around the world. So, head over to our online store, and get a variety of watercolour paintings delivered right to your doorstep. Decorate your home or office with a variety of artworks and be part of the art community. 

    FAQs - Watercolor Paintings

    1.How would you describe watercolour paintings?

    Watercolour paintings are a primitive type of artwork that allows artists creative self-expression. The term 'watercolour' denotes a medium of art and painting where water-soluble agents are bound with different colour pigments. Many artists consider watercolour paints as versatile and flexible. This is because artists get the creative freedom to portray beautiful still life images, portraits, and landscapes in their artworks. 

    Watercolours became popular among the masses due to various fascinating qualities, including transparency, the vividness of shades, and cost-effectiveness. Regular white or acid-free papers play a pivotal role in making watercolour paintings look spectacular. It helps artists determine the quality of artwork through its content, production, texture, and weight. 

    2.How do I start watercolour painting?

    To start on your watercolour painting, you need to pick up an easy subject with minimal elements. As a beginner, watercolour paintings of landscapes are most preferable. Pick an easy landscape subject and follow our simple watercolour painting guide:

    1. Make a quick and loose sketch of trees and mountains as your main subject.
    2. Use a flat brush to wet a six-inch square of paper. To pick up excess water from the surface, use a paper towel and blot it gently.
    3. Use cobalt blue colour to paint the sky in a light hue.
    4. A few brushstrokes of green and ochre colours will help you in defining trees in the background. 
    5. Paint the ground with a big brush of ochre pigment and carefully blend it with others.
    6. Define the watercolour painting with medium brushstrokes of a mix of ultramarine, burnt sienna, quinacridone gold, and ochre colours. 
    7. Paint the mountains with winsor violet and use perylene maroon for tree trunks. 
    8. Add burnt sienna on the foreground for a warmer effect. 
    9. Cast shadows of your subjects with a mixture of ultramarine and water, and make them look transparent and colourful.
    10. You can correct the shapes of objects in the painting, such as trees, mountains, and the ground with relevant colours.
    11. Finally, give a final touch to your painting by adding a couple of strokes of the same colours for a smooth look. 

    3.How long does a Watercolor Painting last?

    Watercolour paintings can be durable for an extended period with proper maintenance and care. The paintings start to fade in the absence of quality paper, robust pigments, proper framings, and less light exposure. 

    1. Colour pigments are the essence of watercolours paintings. If poor-quality pigments and dyes are used in paintings, your artwork will fade in no time. 
    2. Acid-free papers are most preferable, as they do not easily turn yellow over time. The colour of watercolour paintings changes when mixed media made from cardboard or newspapers are used as a surface.
    3. High-quality frames are recommended for use with watercolour paintings. Using an acid-free frame will ensure you prevent natural elements from affecting the paintings. 
    4. Avoid hanging or keeping watercolour paintings in direct light; even quality colour pigments can begin fading. Your watercolour paintings are at higher risk of having their colours drained when exposed to intense sunlight.

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