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Paintings for Every Art Lover

Art is something that holds a lot of importance in each person's life, on levels that can often be subjective. Many artists over the years have created famous paintings that have defined art for the future as well as current generations. Whether you admire paintings on a purely aesthetic basis or are an ardent art lover who enjoys analyzing the creative depth of each painting, investing in your favorite pieces is the best way to portray your passion. If you are looking for beautiful paintings to take home, Pisarto's extensive collection is worth a shot.

Types of Paintings Available at Pisarto?

Pisarto is home to the artworks of many up-and-coming artists, all of whom have a unique style that will surely resonate with you. Here are the categories of paintings for sale to check out:

  • Landscape Paintings: This is a type of simple painting that portrays the scenic beauty of our natural surroundings in the world view. These include sunsets, mountains, valleys, etc. illustrated through vibrant hues.
  • Figurative Paintings: People are very complex creatures that are most well depicted on canvases. This is one of the best painting types that draw inspiration from real-life objects and human beings, giving this art a representational side.
  • Religious Paintings: One's faith in religion is a major part of their life. With religious paintings that often take a deeper look into the spiritual beings that are worshipped, you can bring a sense of peace into your home.
  • Abstract Paintings: Abstract paintings are a unique art form that does not directly portray existing things. They make use of multiple colors, shapes, and textures abstractly to symbolize various things that can be interpreted subjectively.

How Can You Use Paintings for Decor?

Painting art is easily one of the easiest pieces of home decor that will fit in with the appeal of your home and add some life to it. Here are some of the best ways to use paintings for home:

  • Landscapes are usually quite huge as a canvas painting so they fit the best in your living room. Put this wall painting above a piece of furniture with complimenting colors to add to the vibe.
  • Figurative paintings as oil paintings can often have a deep, personal side to them that you can put in your bedroom if the piece truly speaks to you. Hang it over your bedpost to ensure it has enough space.
  • Abstract art is best when put up on display to be interpreted in different ways, and an office is a great place to do that. Add your favorite abstract sculpture over your desk at your home office for a sophisticated edge.

Buy Paintings Online from Pisarto

Pisarto is a CRISIL certified online art gallery that aims to supply more and more art lovers with their favorite ones all across the country. Not only does this online gallery have multiple categories that you can buy paintings from, but it also features fresh talent that you can get your hands on. Shopping from Pisarto will introduce you to some of the best artists of our time so take a look at the paintings online and get started!

Online art gallery FAQs

What makes a painting so valuable?
Humans have used paintings to express themselves or to convey a message since the Stone Age. They have the ability to inspire and evoke feelings of strength, happiness, and more. Hence, they continue to be popular among art enthusiasts who treasure ones at home, museums and even on an online art gallery. There are several factors that make a painting valuable. Listed below are some of the important factors:
  • Authenticity - The first factor that determines the value of a painting is its authenticity. If you want to buy original art, you should be ready to splurge as original paintings are valued higher than copies.
  • Artist - The more popular the artist, the higher the painting value. Paintings by well-renowned artists like Picasso tend to sell for millions of dollars.
  • Provenance - Paintings also tend to be valued based on who owned it before and its place of origin. Paintings with a rich history are usually found in museums. But they can also be found at auctions or in an online art gallery for sale.
  • Condition - The condition of the painting plays a crucial role in determining the value of a painting. The value of the painting decreases if the condition is compromised.
What is painting in creative art?
Paintings hold an indispensable position in creative art. It serves as a mode of creative expression, letting transform their thoughts and feelings onto the canvas with beautiful paint strokes. It is also one of the most important and accessible forms of visual arts. Hence, as the world goes digital, you can even buy creative pieces of art for sale online
What are the different art styles?
Art comes in a plethora of styles, but some styles will never get old. Listed below are some of the most popular art styles:
  • Nature - This style of art draws its inspiration from natural elements such as landscapes, animals, gardens, and trees. Nature art tends to have a very calming effect.
  • Abstract - Abstract art uses shapes, forms, line, and colours to depict visual reality. It is one of the most popular styles of modern art form. Abstract art is most preferred by people who love contemporary art styles.
  • Impressionist - This style is considered to be the first modern movement in art, especially in painting. Under the Impressionist art style, light brushwork is used to paint ordinary subjects with a focus on realistically portraying the effect of light.
  • Surrealism - Surrealist art has garnered a lot of appreciation over the years. It is all about taking real places and subjects and placing them in unreal situations. This art style is perfect for those who have a preference for unconventional visuals.
What does online gallery mean?
An online gallery is an online platform or website that displays artworks. It is an online art gallery website for people who want to explore and purchase artworks. At Pisarto, we offer a vast collection of paintings, sculptures and other art decors for art enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for an abstract painting for your room or a sculpture for the living room corner, you can find it at Pisarto’s online art gallery. The process to buy art online gets incredibly easy and convenient at our online art gallery.

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