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I was looking for a good Buddha painting from a long time.. Finally my search ended at Pisarto when I found the mesmerising painting of Gautam Buddha at your site .. It was exactly what I was looking for.. And when I received the product, I was awestruck by the beauty of painting..

Thanks a lot

Sonali Ghosh, Kolkata

I love good paintings, those which say something. But more importantly, which appeal visually, beautifully. Found most of the paintings prohibitively expensive, beyond my reach. Moreover, getting access to good paintings is such a cumbersome process. Then, someone referred me to and I realized that they have a great collection, at great prices. The process of selecting and ordering was so simple and easy. Got a beautiful piece, which adorns my living room wall now.

Simanta Das, Dubai

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The effect of colour on the human mind and psyche is no secret to us. There are associations to colours and shades all around us, beginning with the changing of the seasons in nature itself. While pastels and cool tones are associated with summer, deep hues and warm tones bring to mind the quiet chill of winter. From the clothes we choose and the food we eat to the hues we surround ourselves with, colours play a lead role in our lives.

When initially setting up your home, one of the aspects that should be a pillar to all your colour decisions is narrowing down on the mood you are trying to capture. This will help you gain much-needed clarity about the interiors of your house and have a creative/aesthetic vision for them. After all, transforming a house into a home is painstaking work that demands meticulous care.

In this regard, paintings of different kinds can come to your rescue in bringing a new dimension to any space. The art pieces we have carefully curated from across the globe on Pisarto will easily inspire you and help you transform your home.

Whether you prefer glass paintings that cast their beautiful shades on the room in the sun or oil paintings that capture an emotion you want to surround yourself with, the choice is fully yours. Read on to know about the paintings you can buy on our platform.

Our Collection of Paintings Online are Sure to Enthral You

We have a wide range of canvas paintings that will captivate you and your guests. Here are just a few of our popular categories of exquisite, handmade paintings your home will love.

1. Modern Art Paintings

The appeal of contemporary art is its unique point of view. They are potent conversation starters which will enliven a room instantly. You can pick from oriental scenes of dancing women, a mysterious dance of dragons, musical instruments, face profiles and so much more.

2. Cityscape/Ruralscape Paintings

Every such wall painting on Pisarto exudes the vibe of city life or the serenity of a rural landscape. Their magnificence will transport you to your favourite holiday destination or the foothills of a faraway village with farmers working the land against a peaceful background.

3. Abstract Paintings

Imagination is a beautiful thing which can translate our aspirations, emotions, and memories into works of art. These paintings reflect the intangible aspect of our thoughts in an eloquent manner, which keeps the viewer coming back for more.

4. Landscape Paintings

Invite the natural beauty of a place into your home with these enchanting paintings. There are vibrant sunsets by the sea, eventful fishing boats at the shore, tropical palm trees, quaint villages by the ocean, a town by the river, golden fields and the likes to choose from.

5. Wildlife/Animals Paintings

You can now admire the grandeur of wild beasts in your own living room. Put up an optical illusion of zebras on a pastel-hued wall, and you have a strong, mesmerising focal point for your room. Celebrate your love for man’s best friend with a painting of an adorable canine in full colour or monochrome. The sky is the limit when it comes to decor options for your living space.

6. Floral Paintings

Any room in your home can benefit from a painting of flowers. They have the ability to instantly put a person at ease and create a welcoming ambience. It is also the easiest way to add a burst of colour to space with otherwise plain décor, so be sure to mix and match when you pick up various shades combinations.

Buy Paintings Online On Pisarto

If visiting art galleries isn’t your thing, you’ll be glad you ran into us online at Pisarto. You can now sit back, browse through and buy paintings online with just a few clicks. We collate the best works of art from artists all across India and the globe so you can find just the piece that will make a great addition to your interiors. Visit us today to pick the art that speaks to you!

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