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Pisarto is all about art. You have to look no further if it is an exquisite painting that you require for your interiors. Whatever be the room or space, we have the perfect match in the form of the right color combinations and artistry. We provide the best of oil/ paintings and penned art work. These pictures can set the ambience in your rooms as per the emotion that you would prefer to be associated with them. You just have to check in to pisarto.com to see the myriad shades and shapes that you can opt from.

The site provides you the opportunity to browse through its catalogue of artistic splendor, select the ones that caught your heart, and buy them directly through the shopping cart. Depending on the size and shape of your rooms that you want the paintings for, you can opt from vertical and subjects that the paintings are set in. An example of this is the Buddha, portrayed through different figures captured in a variety of textures. Another collection is the Figurative art work with paintings like the '3 Ballerinas', 'Bond of Friendship', and 'Vanity Girl'.

If it is a choice of shade that you love, then the Black and Dark Shades, Multi-color, Yellow/Golden or any piece in the listing can definitely be a great purchase. You can sift through these breathing works to find the ones suited for your bed room, dining room, hallway, living room. There are also images meant specifically for offices. Even if you feel confused about your choice, there is the price factor too listed out clearly for you to make your deal. The paintings are priced from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50,000 and above. Thus, you have all the necessary directions in the website itself to guide you in your search for that ideal mood enhancing accompaniment for your interior decor.

The paintings provided through pisarto.com are true gems of artistic peaks. They speak to you directly through the colors and mood & emotions captured. They can blend into any occassion or atmosphere. Each of the paintings has been crafted with a clear set of themes and is perfectly molded for the specific categories that you can find in the website. These art works can change the way the rooms feel like. Whether you are living with them or doing business in their presence, they will never be off the mark. The finely finished paintings can always be your constant companions, emanating positive energy.