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    Wall Art- FAQs

    How to decorate a home using wall art?

    Using wall art is one of the best ways to decorate your home and add a new twist to it. On Pisarto, you can explore a splendid variety of wall art entailing beautiful wall painting, mesmeric framed art, etc.

    Whether you are a connoisseur of traditional art or modern wall art like abstract or 3d artwork, Pisarto has it all. So, choose the ideal abstract or 3D wall art that matches your aesthetic, goes with your decor and beautifies your home effortlessly. Read More

    Which is the best wall art available on Pisarto?

    On Pisarto, you will come across an assortment of wall art in various hues, designs, and patterns to cater to diverse tastes and suit different spaces.

    Some of the best wall art available on Pisarto include handcrafted wall frames, Kalmakari key holders, wall art paintings comprising digital art and handmade paintings,  metal wall hangings, wooden wall art for the living room, kitchen wall art, and a lot more.

    How to choose the right wall art for the living room?

    For choosing a suitable wall art for the living room, first, you need to ascertain the theme. If you wish to give a traditional touch to your living room, you can go for framed art like Tribal Women Hand Painted Madhubani Fabric Wall Frame or wooden hand-painted wall decor, or wrought iron tribal abstract wall art.

    If you love contemporary, you can go for modern wooden hand-painted wall decor or digital wall painting that is available in various designs like birds, butterflies, monuments, etc. on Pisarto.

    Which wall art products are best for Kids' Bedrooms?

    Kids’ bedrooms should have fresh, vibrant, and peppy vibes. The best and effortless way to create a happy and lively ambience in kids’ bedrooms is to include beautiful, kid-friendly wall art that is available in plenty on Pisarto.

    Some of the best wall art products for kids’ bedrooms are hand-painted wooden art wall decor. These decors are available in various attractive designs of fish, butterflies, bugs, and much more, or digital wall painting in the designs of butterflies, birds, flowers, and beautiful vintage cars.


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