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    Relish Every Meal with Pisarto's Exquisite Table Covers

    Creating a beautiful tablescape starts with the perfect table cover. It can transform a simple supper into a Parisian bistro soiree or a holiday dinner into a scene straight out of a magazine. Having said that, Pisarto offers a tasteful collection of table covers online. We offer reliable pieces for everyday meals as well as eye-catching designs that set the mood for special occasions.

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    A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Table Cover

    The right table cover can subtly elevate the dining experience, offering an elegant backdrop. In the world of home decor, it acts as an integral piece of the aesthetic puzzle, complementing the room's ambience and your lifestyle. Consider the following tips to set the table perfectly with a suitable tablecloth:

    • Consider the Occasion

    For daily use, opt for a simple and durable dining tablecloth from Pisarto to protect the table from wear and tear. For festive or formal gatherings, select a design with more flourish or a sophisticated pattern that adds a celebratory touch for festive or formal gatherings. Choose a piece that does not overpower the table setting and is a perfect foundation for your serviette artistry.

    • Balance with Decor

    A table cover should be in dialogue with the room's decor. It should balance the existing elements, whether through colour harmony with wall art or a subtle pattern that echoes the texture of your placemats. Think of your table as a stage and the cover as the setting where the play of meals unfolds.

    • Fitting and Sizing to Perfection

    The size of your table cover is pivotal in achieving the desired look and feel. A well-fitting cover provides ample coverage without excess material that could lead to cumbersome folds or unintended mishaps. Consider the drop length to ensure that it complements the scale of your furnishings and allows for the seamless inclusion of table runners, creating a harmonious and inviting table.

    3 Care and Maintenance Tips for Table Covers

    Cherishing your table covers begins with dedicated care. By following these simple tips, you can ensure your table cover stays pristine for years to come:

    • Master the Clean Cycle

    Treat your table cover to a gentle wash cycle with mild detergent. Avoid hot water and harsh chemicals that could degrade the fabric's natural fibres and colours. After washing, shake out the cover to minimise wrinkles before line-drying in the shade.

    • Tackling Stains with Precision

    Tackle spills immediately by blotting with a clean cloth. Use a targeted approach for persistent or dried stains: a mix of lemon juice and salt for red wine or hydrogen peroxide for dark berries. Apply sparingly and rinse thoroughly before a full wash.

    • Iron Out the Details

    Ironing renews the fabric's crispness and resists future soiling and wrinkling. Set the iron on a medium-high setting and ensure the fabric is still damp. Use a pressing cloth to protect any embroidered details.


    Find Your Ideal Table Cover Online on Pisarto

    Be it a cotton tablecloth or table linen, the designs on Pisarto showcase artistic brilliance along with durability. They allow you to enjoy your meals without worrying about damaging the table surface, and they wonderfully contribute to the room’s aesthetic. So, browse our collection today, find the perfect piece, and place your order now!

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