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Looking for bedroom wall decor or home wall decor that adds a touch of antique charm? Check out our living room wall decor ideas and transform your space today. Read More

    Shop for Stunning Wall Decor at Pisarto

    Adding wall decor to your space is one of the most convenient ways to upgrade your interior. Wall decor comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles and can be used for all rooms of your house. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of home decor items for your wall available at Pisarto and how you can pick the right one for your home! Read More

    What are the Different Types of Wall Decor?

    Based on the material, style, and functionality, wall decor can be classified into multiple categories. Some of the bestselling types of wall decor available at Pisarto include:

    1. Decorative Wall Plates: Wall plates make for excellent living and dining room wall decor. They come in bright, vibrant shades and patterns, adding a pop of colour to your space and revamping it instantly. These wall plates are usually made of ceramic or porcelain.
    2. Wooden Wall Frames: The ideal wall decoration items for bedrooms, wooden wall frames come with traditional Indian paintings, patterns, and motifs. Wood wall decor is great if you want to add a vintage touch to your space and are also easy to maintain!
    3. Wrought Iron Masks: Tribal metal masks are durable, sturdy, and stylish! Decorative masks are minimal yet eye-catching, which ensures they can be added to any corner of your home. You can use them as decorative items for bedroom walls, hallways, study rooms, and more.
    4. Decorative Key Chain Holders: Simultaneously stylish and functional, these are minimal pieces of decor. Best suited as living room metal wall decor, key chain holders are usually made of wrought iron and come in sleek designs.

    Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Wall Decor

    While wall decor items come in a variety of materials and designs, not all finishes are suitable for every room. So, keep the following things in mind to ensure you are picking the right decorative item for your home:

    1. Colour scheme: If you are using one statement piece of wall art, pick something that clashes with or contrasts the room’s colour palette. In this manner, the wall decoration would stand out and draw attention constantly. However, if you are mixing and matching several wall art and wall hangings, or creating a photo wall, stick to the existing colour scheme to lend the space a neat, cohesive look.
    2. Material of the wall decor: Go for wrought iron or other metallic decor items for outdoor walls, as they are more durable compared to canvas or cloth items. On the other hand, if you are decorating your kid’s room, choose durable, unbreakable materials to avoid any accidents or damage.

    Shop for Wall Decor Online at Pisarto

    From wall frames to wall hangings for the living room, you can shop for a variety of wall decor items online at Pisarto. Besides wall decor, we also offer several other decorative items you can use to revamp the look and feel of your house, such as candle holders, digital art, and more. What’s more, Pisarto also guarantees free, fast delivery to your doorstep!

    Wall Decor - FAQs

    Transform Your Home Into the Pages of a Magazine With Wall Decor Pieces on Pisarto

    Where can I buy high-quality wall decor items online?

    Pisarto - the leading online art gallery for home decor India fans. It is your one-stop shop for the best wall decor products.  A variety of affordable home and wall decor items are available.

    What Are Some Of The  Different Types of Wall Decor Items Available on Pisarto?

    The wall decors items on Pisarto are divided into two categories:

    • Wall Accents: The wall accents pieces on our site double as the perfect living room wall decor piece for your house. The wall accents on Pisarto are further split into three sub-categories: wall art, digital art, and clocks. Wall hangings, jaali murals, decorative masks, metal wall art, and distinct themed art pieces are also available at Pisarto.
    • Handmade Paintings: On Pisarto, you’ll find a wide range of breathtaking paintings by some of the most creative artists in the Indian art scene.

    Which are The Best Selling Wall DĂ©cor Products on Pisarto?

    Pop art pieces, abstract art pieces, tribal art, and decorative masks are the top sellers on our site.

    Best Ideas to Decorate Your Home With our Wall Decor Products

    Here are a few ideas to do wall decoration for your home with our products:

    • Go with Large Paintings: One of the best wall decor for living room ideas is to make the room stand out with an oversized painting, as they command attention while blending well with the rest of the aesthetic.
    • Play with Mirrors: Mirrors reflect light well and make smaller spaces look roomier while adding an extra level of illumination.
    • Add a Mural: Adding a mural that reflects well with you transports you to a different dimension every time you set your eyes on them. Our collection of jaali mural art can be a great addition to your space.

    Put Up Decorative Plates: Decorative plates often come with a rich colour palette and add much-need pop. Browse through our decorative plate collection and choose one that catches your attention.

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