Wall Decor


    8" Black Rose & Floral Ceramic Printed Medium Wall Decor Plate
    Ships In 2-4 days
    8" Navy Blue Camel & Floral Ceramic Printed Medium Wall Decor Plate
    Ships In 2-4 days
    8" Navy Blue Floral Ceramic Printed Wall Decor Medium Plate
    Ships In 2-4 days
    8" Coral Floral Ceramic Printed Medium Wall Decor Plate
    Ships In 2-4 days
    10" Navy Blue Floral Ceramic Printed Wall Decor Large Wall Decor Plate
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Larissa Stand Clock- 61-545-20-W
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Framed Table Clock- 60-268-18
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Pattachitra of Kalpavriksha on Tussar Silk PCP-T-087
    Ships In 2 - 4 days
    Pattachitra of Kalpavriksha on Tussar Silk PCP-T-086
    Ships In 2 - 4 days
    Pixel Pulse Table Clock- 74-513-25
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Sphere Time Keeper Clock- 62-228-14
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Timekeeper Shelves Wall Clock- 62-511-41
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Dual Essence Clock- 62-833-32
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Ringmaster Wall Clock- 62-046-31
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Bone-Framed Table Clock 62-032-20-2
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Penta Time Gold Table Clock 61-820-18-2
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Archway Timepiece Gold Table Clock 60-076-28-2
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Timeless Straps Table Clock 61-059-20
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Brass Todi
    Ships In 3-5 days

    Elevate Your Space with Exquisite Wall Decor from Pisarto

    Your home is no less than a sanctuary. What better way to infuse it with personality and style than by adding beautiful wall decor that compliments your taste? The right choice of wall art can transform any room into a vibrant, inviting space that reflects your unique taste and personality. 

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    When it comes to finding exceptional wall decor, Pisarto is a name that stands out. As the leading platform for art enthusiasts, we offer an extensive collection of paintings and wall accents designed to breathe life into your walls. Join us as we explore the diverse types of paintings available at our store and provide a guide to shopping for some of the best pieces online.

    A Guide to Wall Decoratives Available at Pisarto

    Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional art, Pisarto has wall decor items online that will captivate your senses. Explore the variety of options available below:

    1. Handmade Paintings: There is something timeless and captivating about these art pieces. Our collection boasts a wide range of handmade paintings in various styles, colour schemes, and techniques that can change the vibe of a room. Each piece reflects the skill and craftsmanship of the artists involved in creating these masterpieces.

    2. Figurative Paintings: This form of art has been a timeless and universally appreciated genre, capturing the beauty and complexity of the human form. Each piece adds character and depth to your walls. From realistic portraits to abstract representations of the human figure, our pieces are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or even private galleries.

    3. Wildlife Artwork: For nature enthusiasts and animal lovers, our collection is a true delight. These paintings bring the wild into your home, depicting majestic creatures in their natural habitats. From paintings to decorative masks, you can find quite a few interesting options.

    4. Wall Accents and More: Pisarto offers more than just paintings. To complete your wall decor, you can explore a variety of options, such as decorative wall plates, ornate frames, mirrors, and artistic sculptures. These elements can complement your walls, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Mirror wall hangings, for example, can make a space appear larger and brighter.

    A Guide to Shopping for Your Dream Wall Decor 

    Shopping for wall decor from Pisarto is a user-friendly and enjoyable experience. Allow us to guide you through the process below:

    1. Browse by category: Surf the platform for handmade, Figurative, wildlife, religious, and abstract art pieces to find one that resonates with your preferences.

    2. Filter and sort: Utilise the filtering and sorting options to narrow your choices based on size, colour, price range, and more.

    3. Get a Sense of How the Piece will Look: We give you the option to view how your selected artwork will look in your own space through the "Visualise on Wall" feature. Make use of it wisely.

    4. Proceed to Cart: Once you have successfully chosen one, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. We offer secure payment options for your convenience.

    Shop for the Best Wall Decor while Online Shopping at Pisarto
    With a diverse range of handmade, figurative, wildlife, religious, and abstract paintings, along with wall accents and key holders, you are sure to find the perfect pieces. Start your journey to stunning wall decor today by signing up to Pisarto and transforming your space into a work of art. Elevate your surroundings and bring your walls to life with our remarkable collection of paintings and accents.

    Wall Hanging - FAQs

    Revamp Your Space With Beautiful Wall Hangings

    What is a wall hanging?

    Wall hanging decorations are wall-mounted home decor that adds colour, texture, and style to your space. They are space-efficient and lend an instant makeover to any room of your house!

    Are Pisarto's wall hangings handmade or machine-made?

    Pisarto is one of the best platforms to shop for handmade wall paintings. You can find a wide variety of decor options to choose from based on your preferred aesthetic including macrame wall hangings, wooden wall hanging decor, paintings, and more!

    What are the different types of wall hangings available?

    Macrame wall hangings and photo frames, Godna wall art, and vintage wooden wall art are just a few of the types of wall hanging decor available on the Pisarto website!

    How do I choose the right size wall hanging for my space?

    While choosing the size of a wall hanging for bedrooms, living rooms, or home offices, consider the size of your room as well as the surface area of the wall that is empty. Technically, wall decor should take up approximately 60-70% of the largest wall of your room. Therefore, calculate the total area of the wall you want to highlight and pick the wall hangings accordingly.

    Where can I get wall hangings at the best price?

    If you want to shop for wall-hanging home decor at affordable prices, head to the Pisarto website. You can find an impressive range of wall-hanging showpieces at Pisarto; what’s more, the website also offers several discounts and deals all throughout the year to ensure there’s something for you regardless of your budget!

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