Serving Bowls


    Serving Bowl Wooden U Shaped
    Ships In 7 days
    Soup Bowl Ceramic Tribal Motif with Spoon - Set of 2
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Crunchies Curry Bowl (Beige)
    Ships In 3-5 days
    Salad Bowl + Server Set Wooden Tropical Green
    Ships In 7 days
    Ringo Snack Bowls with Round Tray - Two Set (Large) (6x6x2.5/ 4x4x3.5")
    Ships In 2-4 days
    12% Off
    Floral Blue Snack Bowl (Set of 2)
    Regular price Rs.1,799 Sale price Rs.1,583
    Save Rs.216 (12% Off)
    Ships In 5-7 days
    Serving Bowl Metal Bird - Light Blue - Set of 2
    Ships In 7 days
    Bowls & Tray in Wood Handpainted, Fish Handles - Set of 3 (11x5")
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Green Me Up Salad Bowl
    Ships In 3-5 days
    Serving Bowl Wooden Boat Small
    Ships In 7 days
    Serving Bowl Wooden Ribbed Large
    Ships In 7 days
    Morning Tuskers Soup Bowls w/Spoons - Set of 2
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Berry Bowl | Olive Green
    Ships In 3-5 days
    Serving Bowl Wooden White
    Ships In 7 days
    Hammer Nickel Nut Bowl
    Ships In 7 days
    Serving Bowl | Tender coconut
    Ships In 3-5 days
    Berry Bowl | Denim blue
    Ships In 3-5 days
    Berry Bowl | Ultramarine blue
    Ships In 3-5 days
    Serving Bowl | Crab
    Ships In 3-5 days

    Serving Bowls - The Catalyst of Every Memorable Feast

    Incorporating aesthetic serving cutlery helps us to place things in an organized manner while  giving them an attractive look. Serving bowls are very useful for displaying food items properly. They can be pretty as well as functional and can be used for serving purposes without the fear of food getting spoilt. Serving bowls can keep your food items arranged perfectly. Serving bowl sets can be used for snacks to soups and is easy to present food and pass on, especially in your fancy get-together. It is a must in your serveware collection to keep your food more arranged and visually appealing. Read More

    Pisarto has an unbelievable collection of serving bowls, trays and plates available in different shapes, styles and designs, from snack serving bowls to gravy-based items in wood and ceramics. Pisarto has a variety of modern serving bowls like beautiful dinner serving bowls, salad bowl decorative serving bowls with floral. In addition, Pisarto has a collection of other serveware like serving plates and platters. Don’t forget to have a look at the serveware, tableware and table linen collection on our website.

    Types of Serving Bowls Available at Pisarto

    We have a large variety of serving bowls available at Pisarto. They are handcrafted with love and are also artistic.

    • Snack Serving Bowls – These are used for presenting and serving delicious snacks and side dishes like wafers, nachos, accompaniments or soup. Pisarto has a wide collection of these bowls, like Wooden U-shaped serving bowls, soup bowls, curry bowls, salad bowls, etc. Also, buying a serving bowl set for snacks is an attractive option, especially if you have kids at home.

    • Decorative Serving Bowls – Used for enhancing your table decor and organising the food items nicely. We have a wide range of these serving bowls like metal bird bowls, floral printed bowls, and many more. Just have a look at the wonderful collection of serving bowls online at Pisarto.

    • Also, we have a bunch of other patterns and designs available under serving bowl sets like cake stands, fruit, soup, ceramic, and wooden bowls handcrafted with tribal art, and many more.

    Important Tips While Buying Serving Bowls

    There are a few things to remember while shopping for serving bowls that will help you choose the best ones for your requirements:

    • The first and most important thing is to select which material you want to buy. This is chosen keeping in mind your personal requirements, choices and your overall sense of style. If you want a stylish and yet easy-to-use and durable type of serving bowl, ceramic and glass serving bowls are a perfect fit. Similarly, if you wish for lightweight and daily-use serving bowls, then go for stainless steel options.

    • Now, choosing the right shape and size of the serving bowl that compliments and fits your space is very essential. Go for large serving bowls if you need to serve food for a huge gathering. Besides this, also think about what quantity and for what purpose you want to buy them. E.g., if you want them for family dinner or get-together, then you can go for the dinner serving bowl set. But if it is only for your snacking purposes, go for a serving bowl set for snacks.

    Recommendations to Use Serving Bowls to Enhance Your Home’s Look

    Beautiful serving bowls may improve the look of the surrounding where you place them. Here are some tips to incorporate these bowls into your table decor:

    • Attractive looking serving bowls enhance the overall style of your place. You could choose quirky and eye-catching serving bowls like U-shaped, boat-shaped or kadai shaped. This will add a texture and a sense of style to your space. You can opt for ceramic serving bowls, terracotta, glass or wooden serving bowls keeping in mind your requirements.

    • These bowls can be used for showcase purposes. Placed on coffee table or on separate shelves to add to the overall decor and give an innovative look.

    • The serving bowls can also be placed at the centre of your dining table or as an attractive item in your kitchenware to add a pop of colour and vibrancy to your place. Incorporating them with the table setting makes it easy to use them while hosting a get-together.

    • On a family gathering, serving bowls can be incorporated with matching serving plates and platters to give your serveware a more elegant look.

    Serving Bowls - FAQs

    1. What are Serving Bowls?

    Serving bowls are generally big and broad vessels used as serveware to present food at regular meals and family get together or even at festivals. They are serving cutlery designed to contain and display a variety of food items, including salads, snacks, fruits, vegetables, and other side dishes. Bowls for serving are available in numerous materials, including wooden, ceramic, glass, terracotta and stainless steel. Where can I buy a variety of serving bowls online?

    There are various online shopping applications like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. These shopping platforms have a large variety of serving cutlery, like serving plates and platters along with serving bowls to suit your fine dining space.. Besides this, serving bowl sets online can be bought from our website Pisarto. At Pisarto, we offer a wide range of traditional as well as modern style serving bowls. From wooden snack serving bowls to decorative serving bowls for soups, you name it, and Pisarto has that to offer.

    1. Which type of bowl is best?

    The most durable and commonly used type of serving bowls is ceramic and stainless steel. Ceramics can hold on to the heat well, which keeps food warm. Also, they are available in different patterns and designs to complement your table decor. Stainless steel serving bowls can be used in outdoor gatherings as they are lightweight and easy to clean. Lastly, glass bowls add beauty to your table decor as they are transparent and look pretty appealing.

    1. Are serving bowls microwave-safe?

    Not all serving bowls are microwave safe. Some glass and ceramic serving bowls are microwave safe. Other than these, the wooden, plastic and stainless-steel serving bowls are reactive to heat and can cause serious damage if they are microwaved. If you are using glass and ceramic bowls, it also requires you to follow certain safety rules. Ensure that the glass bowl is not cracked, damaged or very cold, as it can cause breakage.

    Apart from serving bowls, you should surely have a look at a wide variety of tableware and decor products we have at Pisarto like beautiful cake stands, handcrafted serving plates and platter and eye-catching table linens, and many more. Shop for amazing options for home decor items as well such as attractive wall art ranging from handmade paintings to digital art. Not only that, Pisarto has products ranging from fashion and lifestyle to home furnishing and dining. So, what you are waiting for? Go and check the website for the best aesthetic products with a sense of purity always guaranteed.

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