Candle Stand


    Leather Luxe Candle Holder Medium size
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Trifecta Candle Holder
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Spiral Candle Holder
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Luminous Disc Candle Holder in Gold and Black Finish
    Ships In 2-4 days
    The Broken Shell Candle Holder- 72-595-31-2
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Set of 2 Sparkle Glass Candle Holder
    Ships In 3-5 days
    Set of 2 Sparkle Glass Pedestal Hurricane Holders
    Ships In 3-5 days
    Set of 2 Sparkle Glass Candle Holder with Metal Stand
    Ships In 3-5 days
    Handcrafted Wall Hanging Candle Holder - Set of 2 (5.5x2.5x8.5")
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Wall Mounted Candle Stand with Madhubani Tile
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Wall Mounted Candle Stand with Madhubani Tile
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Wall Mounted Wooden Candle Stand with Tribal Art
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Candle Stand Rose Gold
    Ships In 7 days

    Buy Candle Stand Online in India at Best Price – Pisarto

    Crafted Radiance: Discover the Pisarto Candle Stand Range

    Candle stands are more than just accessories; they are a way to add warmth, dimension, and ambience to any room. Whether you are aiming for a minimalist vibe or a vintage-inspired decor, the right candle stand can make all the difference. The candle stand collection on Pisarto understands this need and offers a candle stand collection that caters to this demand.

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    3 Common Types of Candle Stands on Pisarto

    Each candle stand on Pisarto is crafted with a touch of sophistication and cultural richness. Made from high-quality wood or metal, they come in unique shapes and sizes. Given below are three distinct types of candle stands we offer:

    • Pillar Candle Stands

    Similar to candle stick holders, these stands come with a sturdy pillar-like design. The ones on Pisarto showcase traditional artistry with hand-painted accents and symbolic designs. With classic embellishments such as jute ropes and tassels, they add a rustic charm to your decor. Some designs even feature small glass candle holders.

    • Wall-Mounted Candle Stands

    These stands feature one or more candle holders, saving space while decorating your walls. Featuring Madhubani and other ethnic motifs, the collection signifies India's rich history. These candle stands can offer fantastic mood lighting in dining rooms, hallways, or bedrooms. Even the shadows cast by these candle stands in darker spaces add to the aesthetic. 

    • Taper Candle Stands

    These stands are known for holding long and slender candles with a conical tip. Available in geometric designs, they lend a modern touch to your space. Pisarto’s range features pieces with a metallic finish that exudes a subtle shimmer. They are great alternatives to decorative candles, as they can add height and structure to a space, serving as a focal point in room decor. 

    How to Choose the Perfect Candle Stand for Your Space?

    Candlelight adds warmth, ambiance, and a touch of magic to any space, and the right candle stand elevates it further. To find the perfect match, consider these tips:

    • Consider the Size

    Choose a candle stand that matches the scale of your space and furniture. Ensure its height complements your sight lines and does not obstruct the view when seated. A small, delicate stand may be lost on a large table, while a bulky, tall stand can overwhelm a compact setting. 

    • Match with Decor Style

    Align your candle stand with the room's aesthetic. For modern spaces, opt for minimalist designs. Larger spaces may benefit from ornate pieces with intricate details. Metal stands are better suited for vintage decor ideas, while wood or ceramic fits well with rustic or bohemian interiors.

    • Functionality and Safety

    Beyond looks, practicality is key. A stable base is crucial to prevent tipping. Consider candle dishes for easy cleanup. If you plan to move the stand frequently, look for options made from lightweight materials. Always place the stand away from flammable objects like curtains and bedsheets.

    Shop for Eye-catching Candle Stands Online on Pisarto

    Let Pisarto illuminate your home with more than just flickering flames. Our pieces light up the room and add visual appeal. Be it a tea light holder or candle stand, the listings we offer come from the most premium brands and entrepreneurs. They showcase excellent craftsmanship and artistic brilliance. You can also check out our diffusers and fragrances that add aromatic allure.

     Candle Stand FAQs

    • How to choose the right size of a candle stand for my space?

    You must consider the size of your space and the table or surface where the candle stand will be placed. For example, a taller piece is suitable for a larger room or table, whereas a smaller area benefits from a more compact design. Therefore, it is recommended to look for a candle stand online that complements your room's scale without overwhelming it.

    • Are candle stands suitable for outdoor use?

    Candle stands, particularly those crafted from durable materials like metal or glass, are often well-suited for outdoor settings. For instance, you can choose a glass candle holder to add elegance to outdoor settings, but it should be placed where it is protected from strong winds.

    • What types of candles work best with candle stands?

    The best candles for stands depend on the holder's design. Pillar ones, votives, or tea light holders are commonly used. You must ensure the candle fits securely within the stand to prevent accidents. For versatility, choose pieces that accommodate various candle stand decoration styles and sizes.

    • Can I use candle stands as a centrepiece for special occasions?

    Candle stands are perfect as centrepieces for special occasions, serving as an elegant piece with an ambient feeling. A well-chosen piece can enhance the decor of any event, from weddings to intimate dinners. For example, consider adding decorative candles to complement the stand and create a memorable setting. This will elevate your ambiance. You can even opt for diffusers & fragrances additionally to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

    • Do candle stands make good gift options?

    Candle stands make excellent gifts due to their wide appeal and functionality. They can serve as a thoughtful present for housewarmings, weddings, or any occasion that calls for a touch of warmth and style. Look for unique designs or candle holders that reflect the recipient's taste.

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