Decorative Candles


    Add Personality to your Spaces with Pisarto Candles

    Choosing the right decor items to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home is essential. One decor item that has stood the test of time to lend that perfect touch is aesthetic candles. The demand for both authentic and artificial candles has grown tremendously when people began to see how well and creatively they could use these visually appealing pieces in not just one but several ways. Read More

    Discover a New World of Scented Candles on Pisarto

    While choosing scented candles for your haven, these are a few things that should be kept in mind. The right choice can add significantly to the calm as well as creativity of your home. Scented candles made for homes not only add to the captivating look but also create a peaceful ambience. Some options for you to explore include:

    • White and Pink Floral Designer Hollow Square Candle: You can place these handmade decorative and sweet-smelling pieces anywhere in your home. These candles feature floral designs along with a host of soothing colour palettes.
    • A Set of 3 Teal Moroccan Designer Scented Pillar Home Decor Candles: If you are looking for a complete set of pleasant-smelling pieces, this makes for the perfect pick. The bright colour and collective look can truly change the look and feel of your spaces.
    • Teal Blue Dragonfly Designer Scented Large Pillar Light: If you are looking for a bright piece that offers great illumination, you must buy this decorative candle online. Visually, we can guarantee it will exceed your expectations.

    Apart from these, you can also explore other options if you are looking for small candles or artistic ones; Pisarto has plenty of options to please just about anyone’s tastes.

    A Guide to Beautifying Your Spaces with Candles Online

    Styling your home is no piece of cake. Here are some things you can consider when styling and selecting the right set of scented candles and other decorative items for your home. 

    1. Ensure the placement of your scented candles is such that the chances of catching fire or burning are substantially less. For example, place candles away from areas that may be in the vicinity of children and any electronic devices. 
    2. You can enhance the beauty of any corner by arranging a table with a collection of candles of various heights on a glass tray or plate. This not only adds a lot of light but also creates a display piece that can truly uplift the look of a simple space.
    3. Another wonderful way to use candles is to place them in uniquely-shaped trays along with some faux and natural flowers to create a fascinating floral display.
    4. You can also get your hands on some beautiful candle stands and plop some pillar ones over them to create an appealing aesthetic corner. You can also put these in the centre of your dining table and have a wonderful meal with your family.

    Pisarto: The One Stop For Your Decor and Candle Needs

    Styling your home a certain way is personal and a reflection of how you feel about it. So take your time deciding what you wish to do and while you are at it, take advantage of exploring other decor items like fridge magnets, toothpick holders, trinket trays, kid's toys, fancy candle stands, and more on Pisarto.

    Decorative Candles - FAQs

    What are decorative candles?

    Decorative candles are designed and crafted with an aesthetic appeal in mind. They are meant to serve as home decor items and enhance the aesthetics of a room. Decorative candles come in various colours, shapes and sizes. You can find options on Pisarto featuring captivating patterns, details and textures. Alternatively, shop for scented candles online that are intended for lighting up spaces, elevating the ambience several folds.

    What are the different types of decorative candles available in Pisarto's collection?

    Pisarto offers some of the best scented candles in various colours, shapes and designs. Choose them according to your aesthetic; try Moroccan patterns for a bohemian vibe and floral motifs to create a relaxing or romantic ambience. Browse through different home fragrance candles like lavender and vanilla. These are known for their calming and soothing properties. Other unique items in this category include decorative bowls, designer hollow shapes and scented pillar candles.

    How can you use decorative candles to create an inviting and cosy atmosphere in your home?

    To create an inviting and cosy atmosphere in your space using decorative candles, make sure to place them in areas like the dining, living or bedroom. Group them together in different sizes and heights on trays or candle holders. Create a relaxing ambience by using ones with different scents as table decor.

    How can these decorative candles keep a positive atmosphere in the home?

    For starters, the warm glow of candlelight promotes comfort and relaxation. Fragrance candle has several benefits on our mood; for instance, lavender calms and reduces stress, while vanilla evokes warmth and comfort. The combination calming scents and decorative candle stands helps leave a positive ambience throughout the house.

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