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    Standing Jalli Nandi - Single Piece
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    Dokra Beautifully Decorated Large Nandi Bull from Chattisgarh DS-00-998
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    Dokra Statue Elephant With Mahout DS-007
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    Dokra Beautifully Decorated Large Nandi Bull from Chattisgarh DS-00-997
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    Figurines - The Cultured Mini Statue

    Everyone loves to decorate their homes with fresh furniture and aesthetic paintings. Artistic sculptures and showpieces give the home decor a whole different meaning. Including these in our space truly makes homes a happy place to be in. At Pisarto, traditional and cost-effective art pieces and figurines will light up the area gracefully and make it feel more vibrant. It is undoubtedly a must-have in a stylish home. Read More

    Pisarto brings you small ornamental figurines in various forms like pottery, metal and handcrafted showpieces made with love and care. Our extensive collection of vintage figurines is for those who prefer natural vibes around them. Pisarto brings you a wide variety of animal figurines, all in one place. From metallic deer figurines to wonderful elephant figurines, we have it all. Also, Pisarto offers pieces like the glorious Buddha figurines and many more for people who love to admire traditional art pieces. Not just that, Pisarto also houses extraordinary lady figurines that showcase a powerhouse of craftsmanship behind these brilliant art pieces.

    Besides that, Pisarto believes in providing genuine and good-quality art pieces. It aims to make itself India’s e one-stop destination for original art., along with 100% authentic pocket-friendly prices.

    Different Kinds of Figurines  Available at Pisarto

    • Animal Figurines - These can be used as home decor, showpieces or along with sculptures. Pisarto has graciously beautiful Deer Figurines made from resin, ceramic, wood, and metal. The collection includes hand-crafted Elephant Figurines, which symbolise strength and wisdom. Apart from these, there are also Swan and Owl figurines available. Animal figurines at Pisarto are available in different styles and poses.
    • Miniature Human Figurines - These are small carved or molded representations of human figures. There are miniature lady figures that depict fashion trends and cultural influences. Pisarto brings you the most elegant types of lady figurines made from terracotta, like mother-child figurines, women figurines performing day-to-day activities and many more. We also have various figurines dedicated to Indian deities like Lord Buddha, Lakshmi and Ganesha and Shiva.

    Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Figurines 

    When buying figurines, here are some points to keep in mind:

    • Buying artistic items like figurines, Collectibles and other home décor items online can make one doubt the product’s originality. Getting a 100% genuine art piece can become the biggest concern. So, it is very important to ensure that your purchase is authentic.
    • Figurines are small sculptures, and it helps them to fit in easily without occupying much of your space. You can pair these with other home decor items like fancy showpieces, table sculptures, etc. Hence, it is important that you buy the perfect size and style of figurines from Pisarto that compliments your home décor style is important.
    • Figurines are cost-effective decorative items that you can gift someone. You can also invest in these to beautify your living space. When buying figurines online, make sure that you compare similar products to know if you are overcharged or paying a feasible price for your purchase.
    • Figurines are delicate objects, and one must be careful when transporting them. People who buy them admire figurines and love and adore them. When buying online, ensure the website delivers your products safely and has an easy return and refund policy to improve your shopping experience.

    Tips on How To Display Figurines as Home Décor

    • Display shelves can be used to showcase figurines creatively. You can group these according to themes, sizes and colours for an innovative look.
    • Curio Cabinets are classics that have refined glass display cases. They are an elegant display option that can keep figurines safe from dust and wear and tear. Consider displaying the most interesting or expensive figurines at eye level.
    • Table decor can be done using various figurines as a table showpiece and other table sculptures to give it a more sheen look and make your home more alluring. This provides a different way to showcase the figurines while adding depth to the home decor.
    • Floating shelves with backlighting create a more dramatic effect for the figurines. The subtle glow showcases detailed figurines and, in turn, creates an eye-catching display.
    • You can display and style figurines for festive occasions like Diwali, Lakshmi and Ganesh Chaturthi. Similarly, you can consider displaying miniature human figurines made from metal for birthday and anniversary celebrations.

    Figurines - FAQs

    1. What are figurines?

    Figurines are miniature sculptures that are modelled into different artistic figures like human forms, animals, etc. They are made from materials like metal, terracotta and wood. These are perfect for giving your home an aesthetic makeover.

    2. How can I incorporate figurines into my home decor?

    Including figurines in your home design may be a creative and amusing way to bring a visual appeal and add personality to your home. It allows you to display your interests artistically. One can use figurines as table showpieces on coffee tables, side tables, and consoles.

    You can incorporate various animal and human miniature figurines in your living room.

    3. Where can I find a wide selection of figurines for purchase?

    You can discover a wide selection of figurines available at antique stores, online marketplaces, and trade fairs. Pisarto’s collection includes captivating animal figurines like deer and elephant statues, as well as a variety of other options. In addition to animal figurines, we also offer metal figurines and miniature human figures, including lady figurines. These figurines serve as excellent home decor pieces.

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