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    Uplift Your Home Decor with Wall Accents

    When you move into a new place or revamp your home, it’s easy to forget about home decor elements leading to bland or boring decor. With smart wall accents from Pisarto, you’re sure to add that missing factor to your abode and create a perfect living space. Pick small, adorable figurines or statement ceramic and metal pieces, you’re sure to find your style of accent wall decor on our site. Read More

    Explore a Range of Wall Accents from Pisarto

    Your home decor reflects your personality, hence it is essential to pick the right kind of wall accents. Here are a few best-selling wall accents for the living room and other spaces.

    • 3D Accents: These are three-dimensional artworks that feature animals, tribal designs, abstract pieces, and much more. You can find these in metal, wood, ceramic, and other options. These items create a colorful accent wall and act as a conversation starter.
    • Frames & Mirrors: For your accent wall in the living room or dining area, you can pick a sequence of frames and mirrors created as one large piece. Alternatively, you can mix and match or go for classic digital art in a unique frame.
    • Jaali Art: This is a unique type of accent for a feature wall of the living room or other places. This has cut-work or carved motifs in metal or wood. Get a range of tribal, abstract, and minimal decor styles in this option. Many of these even have keyholders and wall racks for storage.

    Create a Picture-Perfect Home with Wall Accents

    Whether you’re looking for serveware or decor accessories, Pisarto has it all. But it is crucial to choose the right one to match your home. Here are a few style tips to enhance your abode.

    • Living Spaces: Your living room is the first impression of your home and by extension you. Hence, you need to dress it up beautifully with wall accents. You can have a series of frames with a single painting or pick a statement wooden wall accent above the sofa or seating space. If minimal is your style, choose a jaali piece with a mirror.
    • Bedroom: Make your private space cosy with a melange of ceramic accents. Pick colorful plates, figurines, and even religious pieces for your accent wall in the bedroom. Ensure that you also have personal pictures of your family and friends to balance the decor.
    • Bathrooms: A sanctuary of peace and relaxation, your bathroom also needs a touch of wall accents. Add a jaali or gilded metal accent mirror to the wall above your vanity. Match this with other bathroom accessories such as a rack, soap dish, and more.

    Buy Gorgeous Wall Accents from Pisarto

    Pisarto is the perfect online destination for everything art and decor-related. Hence, you will find a host of creative and unmatched wall accents on our site. We source and create only high-quality and well-curated products that will add an artistic stroke to your homes. The best part, you can browse online and get the product safely packaged and delivered to your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Get a range of wall accents from Pisarto today!

    Wall Accents - FAQs

    What is an Accent Wall?

    An accent wall is an interior wall where the wall’s design is distinct and differs from the other walls in the same space. Wall accents add personality to the room without doing too much. With the help of accent wall décor, you can easily add a refreshing touch and revamp your room.

    What are the Latest Styles in Wall Accents?

    The colourful accent wall is one of the latest styles in wall accents, which features a brighter or lighter coloured wall with a distinct pattern. The accent mirror wall is a classic style that stays timeless and helps add the illusion of a bigger area to any room. If you are the kind of person who prefers a rustic design, opt for a wood wall accent for that cozy, cabin-like feeling.

    Are Accent Walls Out of Style?

    Accent walls can never go out of style because they add a stunning display of personalisation and fine taste to any room. A feature wall in the living room featuring clean lines and a sleek display can make your space go from minimalistic to vibrant. Living room wall accents have been used for the past decade yet never appear to become out of fashion. Similarly, an accent wall in the bedroom can add a boost of colour that can give you calming and soothing vibes whenever you enter your personal space.

    Where Can I Buy Wall Accents Online?

    If you are looking for accent walls online, look no further than Pisarto. With a carefully curated collection, from a hand-painted Madhubani fabric wall frame as the accent wall for living room feature to a butterfly display for the balcony walls, we have everything you are looking for. Shop with us and have your home décor shipped to your home in 7 to 10 days.

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    wall accents Online with Price

    Wall Accents Collection Wall Accents Price
    Studio Design Patterns
    Rs. 2,989
    Studio Design 'Buddha Hand'
    Rs. 3,449
    Studio Design 'What Goes aRound Comes aRound'
    Rs. 2,414
    Studio Design 'Godna Art'
    Rs. 3,679
    Studio Design 'Trees are Life'
    Rs. 4,829
    Studio Design 'Panchtatva'
    Rs. 4,024
    Round Plate | Blue
    Rs. 850
    Round Plate | Yellow
    Rs. 850
    Round Plate | Geometric
    Rs. 850
    Round Plate | Stripes
    Rs. 850