Human Paintings


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    Final Journey (1' 1.7" X 0' 10.9")
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    Compulsion of Life (0' 8.4" X 0' 11")
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    Dead Colors (5' 3" X 3' 6.5")
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    Alignment (3' 11" X 3' 3")
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    The Duo (1' 5" X 2' 1")
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    Black Beauties (2' 8" X 1' 10")
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    Together (1' 0" X 1' 4")
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    Chappak (2' 0" X 2' 7")
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    Scared Innocence (2' 0" X 2' 6")
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    Strength (2' 9" X 3' 2")
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    Dreamer (2' 0" X 3' 0")
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    Divine Krishna (1'3" X 1'4")
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    Kone Sajano (3'0" X 4'0")
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    Neomodernism Gossiping (3'2" X 2'8")
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    Dodhimonggol (3'6" X 3'0")
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    Desire for Love (2'4" X 3'4")
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    Neomodernusm Selfie (3'6" X 3'0")
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    Asirbad (3'6" X 3'0")
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    Wandering Mind (2'6" X 2'0")
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    FAQs - Human Paintings

    1. What are human paintings?

    Human paintings are a form of art that depict the features of the human body. Such depictions involve a study and appreciation of the beauty of the body of a man or woman. 

    1. A human painting includes the physicalities such as the face structure, shape of the arms, legs, stomach, chest and other parts of the body.
    2. Human paintings may also depict the inner emotions through varied expressions. Read More

    2. Who are some of the most famous artists of Human Painting?

    The appeal of human paintings goes back centuries. Here are some of the most iconic human paintings made by renowned artists from all over the world:

    1. Mona Lisa By Leonardo Da Vinci: An art piece that took over twenty years to craft is regarded as one of the finest human paintings to exist. The realism showcased in the face of Mona Lisa has astonished several generations with how beautifully it has been crafted. People have often stated that Mona Lisa's eyes seem to look at them no matter what direction the painting is facing. Mona Lisa has thus ignited a sense of mystery among its many admirers.
    2. The Scream By Edvard Munch: A iconic painting created by this exceptional Norweigian Expressionist is The Scream. This abstract human painting is said to symbolise the universal anxiety by modern humans. The unique colour palette, combined with its widely discussed symbolism has made it the most famous artworks of modern times. 
    3. The Girl With a Pearl Earring By Jan Vermeer: This unique painting features the Baroque style and an exceptional usage of light. A beautiful woman with doe shaped eyes wears a large pearl earring.  He mostly depicted scenes of ordinary life, like many artists did in the era.

    3. Where can you place human paintings in your house?

    Human paintings can be placed anywhere around the house. In case, the painting features you or your family members, the bedroom or the living space would make for the ideal locations.

    Alternatively, a recreational room can feature human paintings with a relaxed colour scheme and simplistic lines if you are going for a minimalistic aesthetic.

    4. Why should you buy human paintings from us?

    Pisarto is home to some of the most exquisite human paintings available online. Here is why Pisarto makes for the ideal choice to shop for paintings:

    1. Variety: You can easily filter through a variety of options including religious, figurative, landscape, etc. 
    2. Quality: Discover the most exceptional human painting artwork using fine quality canvas and mediums, including acrylic and oil, all at one place.

    With a plethora of options available to choose from, you will never run out of decor ideas once you explore Pisarto.

    5. How can you paint a human painting?

    In order to craft your very own human painting, here are the steps you can follow:

    1. Find a picture to paint with proper lighting and shadows.
    2. Trace or draw the image onto a stretched canvas with a pencil.
    3. Once the outline is ready, start by painting on the darkest shadows. You can choose any medium you are comfortable with oil or acrylic paint.
    4. Now dab on the light shades and blend them with the darker shades to bring out the realistic effect.
    5. Seal the finally dried canvas with a premium quality varnish.

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