Fish Paintings

Fish Paintings - Aquatic Life Form Flourishes in Art

As a subject, fishes have made their presence felt in art since the prehistoric days. Their representation in wall paintings has helped our generation understand life as it was back then. With time, fishes took the form of religious symbols in the early Christian era. It was majorly during the Renaissance that realistic fish paintings came into being, thanks to the advent of the printing press. 

By the 20th century, many prominent artists across the globe have tried their hand at fish paintings. While many of these modern art paintings had a sense of realism to them, there are quite a few abstract fish paintings that have been popular for their use of symbolism. 

The Collection of Fish Paintings on Pisarto

The fish painting collection on Pisarto features artworks from a varied range of styles. Prominently featuring works from India and Indonesia, these fish inspired nature paintings to showcase an interesting use of colouring styles to convey both realism and well as abstractness. Hence, these paintings would make for a pretty sight in any household or office. 

Distinct Themes in Fish Paintings

On further delving into the themes showcased within the fish painting collection on Pisarto, here are some prominent ones that you will come across on the platform. 

  1. Symbolism - Art lovers worldwide have begun to appreciate symbolism on a larger scale. The idea of exploring meanings within paintings makes for an interesting experience altogether. Also, this phenomenon is just not restricted to a single subject in art. There have been considerable instances where animal paintings have given a voice to the artist’s powerful thoughts. 
  2. Stylised realism - While hyper-realist imagery can now be created with digital tools, the charm of realistic fish paintings with the stylish effect of colours and strokes is irreplaceable. For example, paintings of koi fish in a pond when putting to paper, takes on a visually striking presentation, due to the artist’s distinct style. 
  3. Abstractness - In such fish paintings, the interpretation is left to the viewer. However, the experiments in visual styles are surely eye-catching in this painting theme. Many a time, the use of colour in such paintings are known to stand out in the eye. 

Buy Fish Paintings on Pisarto

So, whether you are an art enthusiast or just looking to uplift your home decor, you are sure to find your desired pick in the fish painting collection on Pisarto. Apart from artworks inspired by aquatic life, the platform also features varied options such as Buddha paintings, cityscape paintings, figurative paintings, and mythology-inspired artworks, among other options. 

As for deliveries, Pisarto delivers paintings to all Indian pin codes and orders above Rs 7500 are shipped for free. In case you are looking to buy artwork in bulk or your workplace, avail the option of bulk and corporate bookings on the website. With such amazing services on board, you have all the reasons to indulge the inner art lover in you and explore the eye-pleasing collection of fish paintings on the platform. 

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Fish Wall Paintings Online with price

Fish Paintings Collection Fish Paintings Price
The Midas Touch - 2
Rs. 57,960
Moonlit Meeting
Rs. 43,470
Hungry Fish
Rs. 43,470
Marine Beauties
Rs. 18,372
Fish in a Relay
Rs. 11,965
Dancing Fish
Rs. 16,127
Corporate Fish Race
Rs. 51,663