Still Life Paintings

Still Life Paintings - Art, Composition, and Symbolism

Still life paintings refer to artworks that feature a presentation of inanimate objects. These subjects can be natural objects such as fruits and flowers or manufactured items like books, furniture, etc. 

What is Still Life Painting?

Still life paintings can comprise of realistic or abstract presentation, influenced by the style and theme envisioned by the artist. With time, this style of painting has grown to be incredibly popular among artists for a number of reasons. To name a few, this painting style gives the artist immense control over the subject, the lighting, and other aspects of the artwork. 

While the subject of the paintings may come across as simple, everyday objects and the perspective of the artist makes all the difference in the end result. The colours, shape, and point of view of these objects in a still life painting are what makes them special and eye-catching. 

A good example of such an artwork would be French artist Paul Cézanne’s still life oil painting Le panier de pommes, better known as The Basket of Apples. This artwork made quite a buzz in the art circuit for its disjointed perspective. 

History of Still Life Paintings

The origins of still life paintings can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Greece. Egyptians painted everyday objects and food items in temples to appease the gods. They also painted them in tombs to satisfy the deceased in the afterlife. Whereas, Greeks incorporated still life subjects into artworks on vases, walls, and even mosaics. 

However, still life painting became a mainstream art style in post-renaissance Europe where art enthusiasts sought opulent and highly detailed artworks. Since then, the art style has grown leaps and bounds in terms of styling as well as popularity.  

In the modern era, American artist Andy Warhol was one of the most prominent artists to create still life art. His most famous still painting is Campbell's Soup Cans (1962) which continues to be one of the defining pieces in pop art. 

Prominent Ideas Seen in Still Life Paintings

With time, numerous ideas have been explored through still paintings. To give a perspective into its popularity, here are some of the prominent ideas and themes that have been expressed through still life paintings. 

  • Realism - By painting still objects with impeccable realism, still life paintings help us see everyday objects in a whole new light and appreciate them. That way, these artworks compel us to find the beauty in the minutest aspects present around us in life. For example, a still floral painting can leave you in awe of the beauty bestowed upon us by nature. 
  • Symbolism - Just through the choice of colours, the perspective of representation and other similar aspects, the painter can relay a lot of information via abstract paintings. For example, through the mere reflection on a lantern, you could illustrate ideas of self-reflection. An artwork featuring a lock and a key can serve as a metaphor for close-minded perspectives. The possibilities are endless, with still life paintings. 

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